Have you experimented with video marketing for the promotion of YouTube video but received no apparent results?

You are not by yourself.

Making videos can take a lot of work, and it can be challenging to consistently attract viewers and engagement.

This can be really demoralising.

Here are novel suggestions for you if you’ve exhausted all of your options and are on the verge of giving up:

1. Enhance the video content

The most tedious but essential step for promotion of YouTube video is this one. In this regard, video marketing is no different from other types of content marketing. The video’s continued popularity depends on ensuring its appearance in organic search results.

Make sure there is enough text content on the page because Google still significantly favours text content surrounding videos.

The SEO task entails the following when it comes to optimising the YouTube page that is home to your video:

  • generating a searchable term that you hope will help the video rank. To assist you, I created a thorough keyword research guide.

  • Include your term in the title and description of the video.

  • Creating a thorough video description

  • Creating at least tags and hashtags as the extra content for the video

Here is a checklist to assist you in making sure all the necessary details are in place for the promotion of YouTube video:

If you take the aforementioned actions and link to your video from your website, ranking your YouTube video page in Google is simple.

Extra advice: Format the title of the video as a question!

There are many potential uses for question research, such as in product development and market research. The actual strength of specialty question research, however, is in enhancing your content marketing effectiveness, particularly when it comes to raising content engagement.

The problem is that whenever a question is posed, people generally halt and begin to hunt for an answer. It is effectively utilised in advertising whenever a radio or television commercial begins with a query.

The same applies to content marketing as it does to video marketing. A good question can make all the difference in our overcrowded age of content overproduction and overconsumption since it will make more of your viewers intrigued enough to start watching a video in search of an answer.

One of the simplest ways for promotion of YouTube video to locate common questions on any subject is to use the Text Optimizer Content Suggestions feature. The programme helps you develop more focused content by using semantic analysis to extract related concepts and queries from Google search results pages:

Finding a well-liked question to use in the title of your video is a smart idea. You can also state it again and provide a succinct response in the video description. This will increase the likelihood that your video will be selected for a highlighted clip.

2. Make use of live videos

Live videos are quite captivating. When you are streaming your videos, your audience can send you text messages with questions and comments.

You can use live videos in a variety of ways into your current video marketing strategy:

  • You can share upcoming events on social media.

  • Live interviews with influential people are possible.

  • Another suggestion is to host live events to announce or commemorate your new endeavours or television programmes.

  • You can utilise live videos to advertise and demonstrate products.

The following are the top two video streaming platforms you can use for the promotion of YouTube video:

  • A live feed on YouTube

  • on Facebook

The good news is that live streaming on either platform is now made simpler by a tool. Streaming your video to Facebook or Youtube is a convenient feature of Click Meeting. With the platform, you can live-stream your webinars while using the recorded version in your library.

3. Encourage your team to share your videos

Collaboration in marketing is by far the most effective marketing tactic, particularly in the competitive world of content marketing. Collaboration boosts innovation, employee morale, and creativity.

Every aspect of a video marketing campaign can benefit from marketing collaboration:

  • For creating video content

  • development of video content with others

  • for promoting video content

Encourage your entire workforce to interact with your company’s video content (like, comment on YouTube, embed video in newsletter, etc.) and spread the word about it on social media to do promotion of YouTube video. The ideal option is Coschedule, which offers a shared workspace for your entire team to concentrate on maximising each video promotion:

  • Link several social media platforms to spread awareness of your video content on all of them.

  • Add many users for all of them to be able to contribute to all or any of your personal and brand assets

  • Use checklists to streamline the procedure and make sure that everyone on your team is aware of what needs to be done to promote each video.

To keep everyone updated on the release date and marketing objectives of new videos, your team members can build campaigns, share comments, and engage in commenting conversations.

For cross-channel, collaborative social media marketing, I utilise ContentCal. It allows all team members to submit social media updates, which the management can then approve (or alter) and then distribute across the calendar.

You can also keep track of all the little duties connected with the promotion of YouTube video using ContentCal’s “Campaigns” feature. These are the duties I often perform there:

  • Make unique visuals to promote the video on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  • Using Wave or Canva on Facebook

  • update a company’s Facebook page

  • Use at least ten relevant hashtags when posting to a brand’s Instagram account.

  • Publish to the brand’s Twitter page utilising one relevant hashtag.

  • Schedule more Tweets alternating hashtags and (when applies) tagging people and brands featured in the video

  • Viral Content Bee: Add video URL

  • Share the video’s URL on your social media sites for being able to do promotion of YouTube video for your channel.

  • (Those you added to Coschedule)

  • Request likes and comments from our private Facebook and Skype groups by posting the video’s URL there.

  • Make a comment on a video using your personal YouTube account.

  • Create a video using the Flipboard magazine we offer.