Fjords have been a leading Scandinavian furniture manufacturer for over 70 years. Fjord furniture contains unique, modern Norwegian designs inspired by the culture’s nature, history, and ancient traditions. Treehouse Interiors is your source for Fjords Recliners in Kelowna.

The recliners designed by Hjellegjerde Fjords use innovative technology and functionalism to make your everyday life easier. The recliners are crafted to provide full body support for proper blood circulation and relaxation using a combination of Scandinavian design and NASA science. Fjords functionality is customized to suit your ergonomic needs and support your body’s requirements for rest and movement.

Top Of The Line Ergonomic Luxury Fjords Recliners

The time you spend relaxing is vital; your body needs a break from burgeoning activities and careers. Adding moments to yourself is a regimen easily done with the comfort of a Fjord recliner. Your living space should be treated as a personal sanctuary; adding a functional, relaxing piece of furniture can give you some much-needed peace of mind allowing you to decompress from the day.

Fjord recliners take a unique approach, providing a stylish, aesthetic look while offering a functional design. These recliners elevate traditional recliners offering a contemporary, relaxing design. Emotional well-being and physical help are the primary inspiration for the chair’s design.

The ancillary headrest provides incremental positioning with adjustable positions to accommodate your neck and head level while continuously ensuring ergonomic comfort and support at every other point. The headrest is replicated from the Fjords Flexi-Head pillow system. The cushions contain plush foam with rebounding endurance to create a densely padded seat and back support with a distinctive footrest and armrest. Your moments for relaxation will be cherished in this top-of-the-line recliner.


Make An Impression With Your Fjords Recliner

Fjords furniture is unmatched by other brands regarding comfort and enjoyment. The seats can be adjusted for a comfortable position. This recliner will pull the attention of guests, offering style and comfort. Fjords recliner can be customized to match the aesthetic of your home and complete your space. Innovative designers discovered a way to make the Fjord recliner more versatile and innovative by creating individual pieces, one for casual sitting and one for afternoon napping.

The chair will work continuously to reach each pressure point from your head to your toes. The footrest’s silhouette is designed to promote blood circulation in your legs, while the reclining function delivers favorable results, aligning your body to create lounge pleasure.

Experience Relaxation

The cushions provide a plunging softness showcasing Fjords unimaginable comfort levels, which they convey through each furniture piece. The 775 Bergen provides comfort along with other modern functions to optimize your relaxation time, including linear tufting accents, lasting malleability, a luscious surface, and a stately presence. Every aspect of your spine is protected with the Active Release System by automatically moving your neck in conjunction with the recliner’s angle.

Fjords Recliners in Kelowna

Fjord recliners use innovative, modern technology to provide a functional, comfortable recliner incomparable to any other. Find comfort in your home and enjoy the few moments where you can fully relax with this stylish piece that offers premium comfort features. Treehouse Interiors is your source for Fjords recliners in Kelowna; visit us today.