Ancient Eden

Muqing did not know why it was so closed that there was no trace of modern civilization. According to her previous travel notes, even the most indigenous tribes left in the primitive jungle of Africa have long been eroded by modern civilization, such as watches and so on. But here, what she had eaten was not even salty. She naturally knew how precious such sweetness was in a place where even the most basic salty taste could not be tasted. She licked it a little, smiled and nodded, making a delicious gesture, then closed her hand and pushed it back to her mouth. You hesitated, and then he stuck out his tongue and licked it a few times, and there was a low hum in his throat, which was the sound of satisfaction. Youyou licked the beehive without a trace of sweetness, and then left happily. Muqing ate the roast and found it more tender than he had ever eaten before. Over the past few days, she has become somewhat accustomed to chewing the weak meat mechanically in her mouth and swallowing it down her esophagus. After eating the wild fruit again, Muqing sat on the hide and listened to the noise outside. Then she felt that her legs were a little numb after sitting on the ground for a long time, so she lay down. She never dared to fall asleep. She was waiting for Li Mang to come back and guess what would happen next. 9 9. Chapter 9.. The sound outside gradually subsided, and only the sobs of the wind sweeping the jungle treetops were left in Muqing’s ears. A sound of footsteps came gradually, getting closer and closer. The curtain of the animal skin door was lifted,massage bathtub manufacturers, and a tall figure came in, and Muqing felt a gust of wind coming in with the animal skin that had just been lifted, with the peculiar smell of the jungle. Muqing bent herself into the shape of a shrimp, curled up her limbs and lay motionless, as if she had fallen asleep, but her ears were always watching the movement of Li Mang. She thought of the little fat girl she had seen around Li Mang tonight,endless pool factory, and secretly hoped that just now his two lonely men and widows, naked men and women, had gone to the woods on the edge and become a good thing, so that she might be able to sleep well tonight. But she was soon disappointed. She felt him lying beside her, and then he held a handful of long hair behind her. Her hair is thick and supple, and when her former colleagues joked that she could do shampoo advertisements, she liked it very much and always took care of it carefully. He seemed interested in her hair and kept kneading it, circling and loosening it in his palm. The problem is that he obviously doesn’t know how to control the force. Muqing’s scalp was pulled a little painful. She put up with it for a while, but finally she couldn’t help it. She turned over and pulled back her hair. Then she sat up and turned to stare at him. It was a little dark in the hut, but Muqing could still see his vague appearance by a few moonlights leaking through the cracks. He was lying beside her and looking at her as if he were surprised. Then very quickly, Mu Qing saw him stretch out a hand to him, endless swimming pool ,jacuzzi suppliers, pulled her to lie beside him, the hand immediately turned over, on her body through the clothes kept wandering. Muqing endured it again until she felt a layer of goose bumps on the surface of her skin that he had touched. Since it is bound to happen, it is better to start early or end early. But that’s what happened. She thought she was walking and accidentally fell into the latrine. Besides, the scratch on her waist hasn’t healed yet. She didn’t want a few more such scars on her body, and she didn’t want her only pair of underwear to be torn. Muqing pushed his hand away and took off his shirt, then his pants, then his underwear. Then he lay flat on his back with his legs apart and did not move. Seeing a shirtless woman was like eating and drinking water for him, she knew. Then, the adult women and men here at least know to cover up their shame. She was lying naked now, and even if the language was not clear, he should always know what she meant, right? He seemed surprised by her actions, looked at her for a moment, reached out his hand and pinched her chest a few times, and soon he was pressing on her. He was a little heavy, and he felt a little wet. Maybe it was just washed in the water? It didn’t feel good to run his rough hands all over her body, and her skin even hurt when he rubbed it harder. Slowly, like the last time, he put his head to her, and then leaned over to smell it. Muqing suddenly had a very strange feeling. She did not know what he was smelling, or was it a tradition handed down from their ancestors that men in this colony did this before doing such a thing? Embarrassed, she tried to close her legs, but he held them tightly in his hands. There was a sound in his throat that sounded like disappointment. Then he released her legs and, as he had done before, lay down outside her and went to sleep. Only this time, he moved her head to one of his arms, wrapped it around her, and continued to cover her chest with the other hand. He seemed to enjoy touching her there. At first, Muqing imagined that he was falling into the pit, so he was not very nervous. Now she was motionless, and her heart beat faster under the cover of his hand. What does this man’s action represent? What the hell is he smelling? When she woke up the next day, she found him gone. She was still lying naked on the hide, but her shirt was covering her lower body. Then she found something in a bowl beside her. It seemed that the honeycomb that Youyou had invited her to eat yesterday was broken off from it. Muqing was in a daze when the door curtain was suddenly lifted. She subconsciously covered her chest with her hand, only to realize that she had come in. Although relieved, but still a little embarrassed, hurriedly turned his back and hurriedly put on his clothes,american hot tub, then turned around and smiled at you. She pointed to the beehive in the bowl and asked if it had been sent by you. But soon she denied the idea, and with a surprise in her eyes, Muqing saw her stick out her little tongue and lick her lips.


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