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Affectionate President’s Heartless Wife

Several people quickly carried Han Gui, who had fainted, out. Han Pingxun closed his eyes feebly. The pain in his memory did not disappear with the passage of time. Instead, it became a slow poison. From time to time, the poison would break out once. Chapter 42 memories of the past (1). Several people quickly carried Han Gui, who had fainted, out. Han Pingxun closed his eyes feebly. The pain in his memory did not disappear with the passage of time. Instead, it became a slow poison. From time to time, the poison would break out once. The scenes of seven years ago now come to mind, and the love that made him crazy and desperate has tortured him for seven years. Seven years ago, Han Pingxun’s name was Han Ming. He was from Hanjia Village, Liyao Town, Kaitong County, the province. Liyao Town is a land of fish and rice. Liyao Lake irrigates most of the town’s land. People here make a living by planting rice and fishing. Seven years ago, it was completely closed and backward. At that time, Han Ming was doing aquatic business in the county town. Because of his flexible mind and ease in doing […] read more
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Hunting Country _ Dancing _ txt Novel Paradise

The population of the Byzantine Empire is ten times that of Odin, and its land is three times that of Odin, but it is at a disadvantage in the contest with Odin for a hundred years, and the Tema military district system is the biggest root! It is this backward and decadent military region system that divides the complete empire into countless individuals, making it impossible for the empire to concentrate all its national strength against foreign enemies every time it encounters difficulties, and at the same time, the huge repeated consumption and waste of national strength caused by the divided military region.. Such an idea angered the powerful military at that time. Tema military system is a special military administrative system formed by the Byzantine Empire a hundred years ago. At that time, the Empire unfortunately fell into an internal rebellion and civil war, and taking advantage of the weakness of the Byzantine Empire, the powerful enemy Odin and the nomadic people in the East took the opportunity to invade, and the Empire once faced a desperate situation of disintegration. At that time, the Emperor of the Empire, in response to this crisis, set up a new semi-militarized administrative […] read more
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Miraculous Doctor Farmer’s Daughter: Buy a Husband to Farm

Su Qing laughed heartily. General, madam, Chun Mao Hou has come and broken through the second door! Angelica dahurica shouted outside in an anxious voice, “Come, go into the yard!” Su Qinghuan thought he had misheard, Mu Chen is not the wedding night? Why did you break into the general’s office? Lu Qi stood up and wiped his body at random, and then he heard Mu Chen’s messy and hurried footsteps. Mrs. Su, help! Mu Chen shouted, in front of him to guide the way is Bai Su, so can all the way to this. Su Qinghuan’s heart sank: “Come in quickly!” Chapter 608 do not know whether to laugh or cry. Lu Qi grabbed a robe and put it on, and Mu Chen had already entered the door. Su Ching-huan went to the outer room and saw him holding the pearl in his arms. He was running and sweating profusely. He had lost his former calm and calm appearance. With fear and pleading, he said, “Madam, help her quickly.” Mingzhu lay in her arms, pale and sad, laughing more ugly than crying, and said feebly, “I didn’t expect to die on the wedding night!”! You’re a big liar! Su […] read more
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When the Social Fear Strategy Sick Jiao [Chuanshu]

“..” It’s better not to praise her. Qin Sisi is a little nervous. — Xun Jieyun was unexpectedly easy to talk to, and Qin Sisi persuaded him to go to the city of Luoyang to find Cui Yin’s residence. But his strange pupil is too eye-catching, Qin Sisi tried to burn the contact amulet, called Wuzhi Qi, gave him some cash, went to a small tailor shop to buy two sets of simple linen clothes, plus cut a long and thin cloth belt as wide as the eye. Qin Sisi was glad that the last time she went to buy furniture, she went to the pawnshop to get a lot of silver. Wu Zhi Qi quickly brought things, Qin Sisi after the change, looking at the search is allowed, the heart can not help beating drums. Yoon.. I bought it Do you want to change it? Xun Jieyun understood her intention and changed into a crow blue shirt. Qin Sisi lowered his eyes, looked at the cloth belt in his hand, and went down the hill to persuade him to tie it again. Down Pingfeng Mountain, it is already twilight. Qin Sisi deliberately picked just into the night, intending to […] read more
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Tomb of God _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

A pair of snow-white, glittering and translucent perfect lotus feet exposed in the river, dangling in front of Chen Nan’s eyes, immediately made him feel a strange feeling in his new heart, and he held it in his hand. Snow-white lotus feet tender, greasy, all in his hands, he felt soft, tender and incomparable, although in such a situation, but also have a soul-stirring feeling. Meng Keer was really surprised, ashamed, angry, and hated. Her feet kept struggling fiercely, which made Meng Keer spit a big mouthful of blood on the spot. In anger, she choked several big mouthfuls of river water and struggled violently in the water like drowning. Chen Nan took advantage of this opportunity to rush up quickly, first grabbed one of her slender thighs, and then pulled her down in front of her. Meng Keer struggled in horror, the injury in her body worsened again, she kept choking water in anger, and finally her consciousness gradually blurred, her hands dancing at random, and finally she was wrapped around Chen Nan’s body like a life-saving straw. Feel the dream of Keer in that soft body stick up, Chen Nan really want to laugh, did not want to […] read more
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Open a Restaurant Dressed as a Widow [System] –Xi Tu Mu Mu (Common name: Xi Tu Lan Ya Everything House

Teng Yu was slightly disappointed, but out of the tenet that the customer is God, he asked with a smile, “Does your son want to eat dogwood?” Before the boy could reply, the man nodded his head first. All right! Teng Yu gave each other a bowl with great enthusiasm. Bean jelly, and after that, she just stared at people and didn’t go. In fact, Teng Yu just wanted to ask about the taste. After all, she didn’t know if this thing was in line with the taste of the ancients. Although Chunyu felt good, she still wanted to find a few more people to confirm. The man: “… …” He braved Teng Yu that fervent vision pressure mountain to taste a mouthful, refreshing smooth tender, do not have a taste, just. In order to confirm that feeling, he tasted a few more mouthfuls, and after tasting, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Teng Yu. Childe, how does it taste? Teng Yu asked half suddenly remembered that this person is a mute, this is not to poke other people’s wounds? Busy remedy: “If delicious, you nod head, not delicious, you shake a head, OK?” “It tastes good, and it’s […] read more
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Forty thousand years of cultivation

Li Yao scratched his head and understood, but he was at a loss what to do: “Hunter, if you have any problems such as super conspiracy, crisis of extinction, saving the universe and so on, you can come to me to discuss, but this, this, the bullying between young men and women, ha, Yao Lao has no way. Although Yao Lao is a married man, it was my wife who took the initiative to pursue me.” So I still lack experience in this area. …… On the other side of the harbor, the champion also operated thirty or fifty psionic puppets, looking for them in the crowd. Although the appearance of Xiaoming and Wenwen is no different from that of the children saved by Li Yao, the unique brain wave rhythm makes the boxing champion find them out of the crowd at once. A cold steel puppet, imprisoned by the excitement of discovering his own kind, appeared in front of the two little ones and released a friendly spiritual wave at them. Hello, I am the boxing champion. We have already contacted each other in the Xinghai Battlefield just now. “Hello, boxing champion, I am Xiaoming, I am Wenwen, we […] read more
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Genius physiognomist _ punching _ txt novel paradise

Ye Tian put the little head of the young mink in the small bowl, but the guy just smelled it, moved his head away, and continued to hold Ye Tian’s fingers, not interested in the bowl of milk powder at all. Ye Tian suddenly remembered that the young mink had been allowed to eat the juice of the petals. He looked at Old Wu and asked, Uncle Wu, where is the petal of the snow lotus I found yesterday? It eats this stuff! Old Wu shook his head and said with some embarrassment, “That thing has been handed over to the management area. There is only one piece of small leaf and snow lotus left.”. You can’t always give it that stuff, can you? “This guy doesn’t want to eat meat, does he?” Ye Tian had a sudden idea. Lao Wu was startled by Ye Tian’s words. Hurriedly said: “Hey, I said Xiaoye, you can not give him something to eat, eat bad stomach will die!” ” “You’ll starve to death if you don’t eat anything!” “Ye Tian shook his head, take this little guy some no way, want to go back to buy some wheat R R essence and […] read more
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Illusion God

If Chris is allowed to sell, as long as he can get 40% of the cost, then he is already a successful businessman, can sell 100% of the cost, then he is a profiteer, but. To sell 1000%, it’s impossible to kill him! But I did it, and no one would believe me if I said it. This is no exaggeration, in contrast, I am nothing, those smart businessmen on the earth, even white water can be used to sell money, everyone drinks mineral water, is not this? It is said that. Even air can be sold at sky-high prices, hehe. In this world, there is nothing you can’t think of and nothing you can’t do. Ignoring Mario’s demented expression, I reached into my arms and took out the small leather bag I had already prepared and handed it to Mario: “Well, it’s not that I haven’t seen money, as for it?”? That’s 10 million. Take it. Mario dementia took the small leather bag, there are only ten amethyst coins, it is super convenient to carry, but you know, how many people have never seen amethyst coins in their lives! As an adult, Mario soon calmed down, took a deep […] read more
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Be obsessed with scheming

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival on the fifteenth day of the lunar month, the weather cooperated, and today the moon is bright and the stars are rare. The city is full of joy in the holy driving. In the evening, the emperor led his officials to offer sacrifices to the moon at the Star and Moon Platform in the east of Nan’an Garden. The Empress Dowager led the imperial concubines and ordered them to worship the moon God in front of the Dancing Moon Tower. Then the two banquets were held together, and the emperor gave a banquet to the ministers and relatives in the main garden of Nan’an Garden. The Empress Dowager gave a banquet and enjoyed the opera in Xiangyi Pavilion. The Empress Dowager was in high spirits. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, if the north had turned cold, the south would still be in midsummer. However, without the stuffy air of the summer moon, the cool breeze, the bright moon in the sky, and the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, there is a different scene. The southern opera is different from the northern school, and it has its own elegant scene. The queen mother looked with relish in […] read more
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