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As soon as Fu Minghua’s voice fell, Bai Shi opened her mouth and heard a’boom ‘in her mind. Her feelings of shame, embarrassment, anger and resentment came up, which made her wish she could find a crack in the ground on the spot. She never thought that Fu Minghua would not give her any face in front of so many people. The people sitting in the hall, even if few people stared at her, but Bai Shi felt unusually embarrassed. Her hands and feet were cold and she was shaking with anger. It’s just that she didn’t dare to make a noise before the end of Wu An Gongfu. So endure a belly of anger, forced a smile, turned a cavity of anger to Fu Mingna body: “did not hear the words of the empress?”? What are you still doing there? Fu Mingna was scolded so that her little face turned red. With a gift, she went out with Biyun. As soon as she left, Bai Shi’s face was sullen, and there was no smile at all, but no one paid any attention to her temper. After talking for a while, Fu Minghua ordered people to bring the gifts that had been prepared for a long time to the Shangyang Palace to reward them. Before the dinner, several young ladies could not hold on to their faces, and they were still a little angry. Yang Fuzhen at her side, whispering about today’s scene. She intended to look at each other for Yan Ji, but she did not necessarily understand each of these young ladies’ temperaments. So I prepared a gift earlier, and after today’s reward, everyone’s things are different. Some people are satisfied with the reward, while others are worse off. According to Fu Minghua’s orders, Yang Fuzhen intended to make trouble, and several young ladies had a dispute. The young ladies of Jiangzhou and Qinghe were more respectful, but among the Yuwen family that the empress had ordered, there was a Yuwen Qiniang who had a gentle temper and strong opinions. Together with the five ladies of Zhuangjian Gongfu, she coaxed the young lady of Caizhou Hou Fu and the daughter of the prefect of Shuzhou, who had had a dispute. The slave looked at them and found that they were all safe. Fu Minghua knew it in his heart. Of the two young ladies, she was not going to break up the marriage of’Yan Ji ‘in her dream. The young lady of Zhuangjian Gongfu persuaded her today,hot tub wholesale, and the storm was caused by her. Therefore, after the banquet, she ordered people to summon Mrs. Dugu Shi of Zhuangjian Gongfu to the rear of the palace. She put the gift that had been prepared for a long time on the plate and presented it to Dugu Shi. The wife was already more than seventy years old, and her body was still strong. When she was called to the rear by Fu Minghua, she could not hide the tension in her eyes. When she saw the tray in the hands of the palace people and a brocade box in the tray, her face showed a very complicated look. Mrs. Tai was born in a famous family. She was aloof and taught the younger generation well. Fu Minghua naturally saw the embarrassed look on Dugu’s face at this time, but she did not say much, just made people present things to the past, Dugu thanked the gift, holding the box, when he came out of the temple, as if he was frightened. Zi Gen was somewhat puzzled: “Empress, this lady is from a famous family, and she has not experienced the storm. Why did you call her to come and give her something, best whirlpool tub ,jacuzzi swim spa, but she seems to be in great trouble?” In the past years, there was a queen in Zhuangjian Gongfu, but it was many years ago. These years, she was just a rich and idle person in Luoyang. It’s just that the two generations of ladies in charge of the house are very prominent, and Dugu’s family has a long history, and Luoyang is also a very famous person. But at this time, it seems that Dugu is extremely depressed in front of Fu Minghua, as if there is some fear. “A few years ago, at her seventieth birthday banquet, she annoyed the Marquis of Changle and rewarded me with a book of female commandments.” Fu Minghua remembered the scene of that day, as if it was still vivid in his mind. Biyun asked with a smile: “Does the empress remember?” “Why can’t you remember?” Her eyes were a little more gentle. That year, at the seventieth birthday banquet of the Dugu family in Zhuangjian Gongfu, Yan Zhui, who was a teenager, tried to meet her. When he talked to her, he learned that Bai had punished her to copy the female commandments. He was also jealous and “beat up the prince of the Wei Guogong Mansion.” There was no one else in the hall. She recalled the past. Biyun’s eyes widened and she couldn’t believe it. Did the emperor really do this? Yan Zhui in their minds, wise and indifferent, is really not like a person who can do such a thing, but in Fu Minghua’s mouth, but feel a little cordial. Yang Fuzhen listened and wanted to laugh, so Fu Minghua nodded: “Eight or nine is close to ten.”. ” At that time, she was afraid of his burning eyes, and every time she saw him, she always tried to hide. At that time, he always looked at He yuanshen and did not like him. Shortly afterwards, in the mansion of Zhuang Jian Gong, the news came that He yuanshen had been beaten up. In a place like Zhuangjian Gongfu, He yuanshen had a noble family background, and he was gentle and kind to others, so few people disliked him. What’s more, even if he was not pleasing to the eye, few of them dared to be so bold as to attack Zhuangjian Gongfu. Apart from Yan Zhui, Fu Minghua could not think of anyone else who would do such a thing. She thought of the women’s commandments he had copied with his own hands and the poems he had written before his marriage. It would not be uncommon for him to beat He yuanshen for his own sake. In the end, He Fu did not pursue the matter any more, and the matter was not settled. He wanted to know that he was afraid that Wei Guogong Fu would calm things down. No wonder the prince heard afterwards that he was badly hurt, but in the end there was no following. Blue reached out and covered her mouth, laughing so hard that tears were about to flow out: “To this day, there are still people who are guessing who hurt the prince that day.” There are also some people who befriend He yuanshen and shout that if they find out the person who hurt him, they will not forgive him lightly, but they don’t know that the person who makes a move is the one who seems to be the most impossible. Naturally, when it comes to’revenge ‘, nothing will be done. Fu Minghua stretched his soft body and leaned sideways on the armrest of Hu’s chair. “Mrs. Zhuangjian was thinking about what happened that day. I’m afraid she thought I would hold a grudge.” At the beginning, she vented her anger on Bai Shi and humiliated herself with a volume of female commandments. After many years, Dugu Shi must have kept it in mind. Especially after Fu Minghua married Yan Zhui, she was also worried that Fu Minghua would take Zhuangjian Gongfu in the future. So just see that a brocade box,hot tub spa manufacturers, even if is Dugu Shi already an age, but still is heavy in the heart. If she was implicated alone, but there are hundreds of people in Jianzhuang Gongfu.


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