Cleaning & Prevention in farmington

If you clean your teeth on a regular basis and floss regularly, you will reduce your risk of getting plaque forming in your mouth. However, sometimes plaque can become too hard and thick creating a sticky plaque that is brimming with bacteria called calculus (also called tartar). The deposit is not completely eliminated with a toothbrush or dental floss. When the buildup has reached the point of reaching a certain amount and your dentist recommends expert teeth cleaning to eliminate it. When you undergo a routine dentist’s appointment, the dental hygiene professional will make use of special instruments to eliminate plaque and calculus off the teeth’s surface and those spaces that are between your gums and teeth. A dental hygienist can also cleanse teeth and gums. This is typically done with the dental air/water syringe which is a device that sprays air or water to wash away any dirt. Regularly cleaning your teeth helps avoid tooth decay and gum disease, which could impact other areas of your body, too. The oral health issues that can be a problem are often painful and costly to treat and could affect the overall condition of your body. Preventive treatment is the best method to ensure that your smile is gorgeous and healthy for a long time to be! Make an appointment for a dental cleaning to see the Farmington Valley dentist today!




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