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Contact Thermometer quotation Product Introduction
TA611 series digital thermocouple thermometer, is a common contact temperature detection device, which consists of thermocouple temperature sensing probe, measuring meter, potentiometer and connecting wires. It is one of the most commonly used temperature detection instruments in the industry. The digital thermocouple thermometer can measure the surface temperature of liquid, steam, gas medium and solid in various production processes directly; it is suitable for high-temperature objects such as steelmaking furnaces and coke ovens, and can also measure liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen and other low temperature objects.
It supports the measurement range of -200鈩?to 1372鈩? You can choose the appropriate measurement probe for measurement according to your personal needs. During the measurement process, the temperature unit can be switched, the backlight can be turned on and off, and the upper and lower limit alarm value is settable as well.
鈼?Dual-color backlight LCD
鈼?ADJ temp. compensation
鈼?Max/Min/Avg measurement
鈼?Upper/Lower limit red backlight alert
Product Parameter
TypeSinge channelDual channel
RangeK-type: -200鈩?~ +1372鈩?(-328鈩?~ +2501鈩?
J-type: -200鈩?~ +1372鈩?(-328鈩?~ +2501鈩?
Accuracy卤 (0.2% + 0.7鈩?
Resolution-200鈩?~ -100鈩? 1鈩?鈩? ‘-99鈩儈 999.9鈩? 0.1鈩?鈩? 鈮?000掳, 1鈩?鈩?/p>
Ambient temp.range0 ~ 60鈩?/p>–
High limit alarmDefault: 1300鈩?/p>
Low limit alarmDefault: -200鈩?/p>
ADJ compensation-9 鈩儈 +9鈩?/p>
Sampling time1 time/s
Auto power offApprox. 10 min. ( can be canceled manually锛?/p>
Operating temp./hum.-10锝?0掳C, max 80%RH, Iindoor altitude<2000m
Storage temp./hum.-10锝?0掳C, max 70%RH (battery removed)
screen size37脳41mm
Power3 脳 1.5V AA锛圧03/LR03锛塨attery
Size152 脳 55 脳 33mm
WeightApprox. 125g锛坆attery not included锛?/p>
鈼?Perform temperature measurement with the thermocouple probe.
鈼?ADJ temperature compensation
It can be corrected by ADJ compensation when the measurement value is different from the actual standard temperature;
ADJ temperature compensation range: -9鈩儈9鈩?
Packing Information
Quantity: 40PCS/CTN
Carton dimension: 45.5*28*40CM
Net weight: 10KGS
Gross weight: 12KGS
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