Divorce and Family Law Mediation Attorney Orange County



Mediation is an alternative to the traditional process of divorce, where the matter is decided before the court. It’s a voluntary process where both parties meet to arrive at common ground and save time and money rather than go through the lengthy process of litigation.

Jos Family Law firm consists of experienced mediation attorneys Orange County who believe in helping clients to resolve their family law disputes peacefully. We seek to empower you with our legal counsel so that you can make informed decisions. If you’re considering divorce, then our law firm can help avoid the lengthy and arduous process of litigation with mediation services.

Why Choose Jos Family Law for Mediation?
Many people going through divorce think that the only way to resolve the dispute is by taking the matter to court. But this isn’t necessary. With the aid of our mediation attorneys in Orange County, you can overcome complex issues in your divorce by negotiating with your former spouse through mediation. From drawing on a parental plan to ascertaining asset division, everything can be sorted out through the expert guidance of our mediation services.

Even if the relationship between you and your spouse has grown sour, we can guide you through the entire process to resolve the disputes amicably without any bitterness between the parties or stress for your children. Our divorce mediation will protect your rights and emotional state of mind. Jos Family Law specializes exclusively in family law mediation, and we serve clients throughout Orange County and Southern California.

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