Doomsday Paradise

The soul queen and AYU’s eyes swept over the pile of human skin stacked on the ground, as if there was still a little heartache in their expressions. But I didn’t say much. They obediently got into the cloth cover according to Hu Miaomiao’s command-this time, the green worm cloth cover, which had been shortened by more than half, smoothly accommodated two people and one cat, and instantly turned into a soft and slippery insect and swam into the grass. The sign on the road had disappeared when the “green worm” raised his head. Where the cat doctor and a group of spirits were just now. It was still at the beginning of the Bear Road, not far from the gate, and you could see the castle-like gate as soon as you looked back; and not long after the Green Worm had slid rapidly into the amusement park, several other figures came running from the other road and stopped beside the castle gate. Let’s hide up there. Leiwa, who had brown hair and was so thin that she could not pinch out one or two pieces of meat, said to Lin Sanjiu with an expressionless face. When she spoke, the long wrinkles around the corners of her mouth would suddenly deepen, making her look years older for no reason. People who struggle to survive in the doomsday world tend to look older than they are; people like Lin Sanjiu who have a chance to reengineer their genes are not everywhere. Above Lin Sanjiu looked up at the tall, castle-shaped gate. The entrance is so realistic that when you stand in the doorway, you almost really feel like you are in a wall. A piece of green ivy hung down vigorously from the wall,aluminium tile trim profiles, covering most of the wall. That’s the — I don’t know what it’s called — the place where the archer is supposed to hide people. Raeva raised her hand to point out to Lin Sanjiu, and then nodded to the growth-type who followed them. Grabbing the ivy and testing its toughness, Lin Sanjiu and another grown-up named Zagge followed Leiva and climbed up the wall. It was yesterday that I met Akol. After listening to his suggestion, Lin Sanjiu considered it carefully for a night, but never made up his mind, and finally decided to look at the situation first. According to Akol. Santa tricked them out just for the ability to make a wish again,stainless steel edge trim, which she couldn’t say was true at all, but fortunately there was another male growth type besides Lin Sanjiu and the dead Yidong. I lost contact after I entered the amusement park. If there is no accident, the young man will probably leave the park today and go to see Santa Claus as agreed. In this way, following behind him to see what would happen became the best choice for Lin Sanjiu at the moment. After telling her a reason she didn’t remember. Akol also sent a member of the grower’s alliance to come with them. After hiding their figures, several people waited quietly in the sun for more than an hour, and finally saw a figure coming from the “Big Bear Road” far away. The man walked slowly, as if every step weighed a thousand pounds, and in Lin Sanjiu’s anxious eyes, it took a long time before he slowly approached the gate. Although I don’t know his name, his facial features, tile trim manufacturers ,tile trim factory, hairstyle and clothes are all familiar, and he is the fourth growth type who was caught with her in the amusement park. The young man stepped into the gate. At once that figure disappear from the field of vision; a moment later he reappear at the other end of the door. The stone beach outside the gate was still empty. The fourth man looked a little uneasy, turned around several times on the stone beach, and finally stopped in a daze. In a total of four pairs of anxious eyes, the stone beach seemed to be unconsciously calm for most of the day; not to mention Santa Claus, not even a fish jumped out of the water. When Lin Sanjiu finally began to suspect that Santa Claus would not show up again, a whirlwind suddenly rose from the distant sea-the surface of the water suddenly burst open, breaking into a snow-white spray in the air, and then a golden sled car rushed out. It landed heavily on the stone beach. A huge green figure, as if stuck in the lead of the sled car-eyes just fell on Santa Claus, Lin Sanjiu immediately held his breath. In a state of pure touch, she could clearly feel that both of them had stopped breathing at the same time-after all, Santa Claus was unfathomable. It was impossible to say what he was capable of; if he could, both Raeva and Zagge would like to lower their body temperature completely. They can’t do this, but Lin Sanjiu, whose control of the body has reached a new level, can. The flow of her blood, under her deliberate control, gradually slowed down, and in a moment her face was green and white, as if she had been frozen in the open air for too long in winter. The body is obviously cold. Perhaps it was their efforts that paid off. Santa Claus on the distant stone beach quickly got out of the sled and looked around, seemingly unaware that there were three people hiding in the castle gate. Why are you alone? The first roar, through the rich but greasy voice of Santa Claus, echoed loudly on the stone beach. The male evolutionist seemed to say something, but Lin Sanjiu did not hear clearly; he took two steps forward, and Santa Claus immediately twisted his body and slowly tilted his head towards him. Every time he makes this gesture, Santa’s head, behind his fluffy beard, looks as if it’s going to fall off. What are they talking about? Raeva couldn’t help asking in a low, breathless voice, “..” I can’t hear at all. Lin Sanjiu bit his lip and did not answer. At this distance, she could hardly hear anything except a vague human voice-the only thing she could be sure of was that, for some reason, Santa Claus’s voice suddenly became sweet and greasy, and even his voice dropped. Far away,metal trim manufacturers, I saw the male evolution suddenly shook his head, busy back a few steps, from the back as if some panic.


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