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Seeing Tang San, Zhao Wuji’s face showed a trace of embarrassment. I’m not pursuing Xiaowu’s run. With a snort. “All right, let’s get on our way,” he said. Mu Bai. You lead the team. Dai Mubai nodded his head. His expression immediately became serious, and he said to the others, “The Star Forest is not a place for fun. There are many soul beasts in it, and they are very aggressive. They don’t like us humans.”. Everyone must be careful to deal with it. Tang San. You are in the front, Oscar and Ning Rongrong, and you two follow Tang San. Fatty, Xiaowu, you two are on the left and right sides. Zhu Zhuqing and I are at the end of the team. After entering the forest, we should keep such a formation. Stay alert at all times. Let’s go. For Dai Mubai’s arrangement. Tang San secretly admired in his heart. He is the oldest and strongest student, and his arrangement is just right. Put the two soul masters of the auxiliary department in the center of the team to protect them in terms of overall strength. He was second only to him and ranked first. The most powerful Dai Mubai himself is behind. After the break is always more important than the front of the vanguard task, after all, he has the left and right wings of the fat and small dance at any time to reinforce, after the break to Dai Mubai to be vigilant position is bigger. Zhao Wuji just looked on coldly,heavy duty metal racks, and did not join their line-ups, and seven students walked out of the college together, here, of course, is not a carriage, a college. The crowd began to run forward. The journey began soon. The students began to understand the importance of the second lesson given to them by Dean Flanders yesterday. Thanks to yesterday’s experience and Dean Flanders’s reprimand,shuttle rack system, everyone is no longer so disgusted with Oscar’s sausage. With the constant rush, even the strongest Dai Mubai and Tang San, physical strength is constantly consumed. But with Oscar’s sausage as a supply, they were surprised to find out. The consumption of running is nothing at all. Every hour, eating a sausage from Oscar Wuhun, people’s energy can always be kept full, even Ning Rongrong can barely keep up with the pace of the crowd. No real application. Will never understand the importance of auxiliary Wuhun, Oscar also because of the wonderful effect of his sausage, make everyone sit up and take notice. Got the best treatment. Because we haven’t entered the forest yet. Dai Mubai and Tang San, the most powerful, took turns holding Oscar’s arms and sharing part of his weight. It makes it easier for him to restore his soul power and continue his auxiliary role. Ning Rongrong naturally did not have such treatment, wire mesh decking ,shuttle rack system, she appeared very silent, along the way also did not use their own seven treasures glazed pagoda to give everyone an auxiliary effect. The whole person became very silent, neither refusing Oscar’s sausage. Also do not use their own Wuhun, vaguely. Seem to have isolated themselves from the entire clique. The Great Forest of the Stars is located in the southeast of the Kingdom of Barak. A very small part of it is bordered by the Kingdom of Barak. The city of Soto itself was southeast of the Kingdom of Barak. It is not far from the forest of stars. It’s less than five hundred kilometers. Therefore, this is naturally the best choice for Shrek Academy students to get the soul ring. With the help of Oscar’s sausage. It only took one day. When night fell, Shrek Academy and his party had traveled more than 400 kilometers. It is very close to the forest of stars. Seeing that today can not reach the destination, Zhao Wuji issued a rest order, because they just came to a small town. If we continue to move forward, it is hard to say whether there are supplies or not. Entering the town, it is much more lively than Tang San imagined. The size of the town is about three times that of the village where Shrek Academy is located. Except there are no walls. It was like a small city, with many shops on the streets and all kinds of shops. Tang San observed it carefully. The main business scope of the shops here is actually related to the soul division, such as some specialized selling weapons, selling armor, selling detoxification, recovery potions, and even selling clothes are selling some special clothes with more than a dozen pockets, which can hold a lot of sundries and are suitable for the soul division to take risks. Oscar sighed: “As the saying goes, living on a mountain is like living on a mountain; living on water is like living on water.”. I’m afraid that’s the reason. The town apparently depends on the forest of stars for its survival. Around the great forest of stars, there are probably not a few towns like this. “But,” said Tang San in some surprise. It is nearly 100 kilometers away from the Star Forest. Isn’t it a little far? Oscar laughed and said, “You must be used to going to the national captive soul beast forest. Those captive soul beasts are relatively gentle.”. Do not take the initiative to attack humans, such as the Star Forest of the wild soul beast habitat is not the same, the soul beast is not only more ferocious. And some of the soul beasts on the periphery will often go out of the forest. If the town is too close to the forest of stars. I’m afraid that’s not good. Tang San nodded with a smile and said in his heart that it was better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Sure enough, that’s right. If you come out, you can learn a lot. At this time, Zhao Wuji pointed to a hotel in front of him that looked very ordinary. “Let’s live here,” he said. Take a night off. You will leave early tomorrow morning, and you will bear the cost of accommodation and meals. Shrek Academy is not rich. Like Zhao Wuji and Flanders, they have no income. The economic situation is really not good. On the contrary, they all have the subsidies given by the Hall of Martial Soul, and their daily expenses are naturally enough. The hotel is a two-story building, and the lobby on the first floor is a simple restaurant. On the second floor, Zhao Wuji opened a single room for himself and went upstairs directly. After a brief discussion with Dai Mubai and the others. They opened a four-person room for four boys. He also opened a triple room for three girls. Let’s eat first and then go up. I ate sausages all day. I’m going to turn around. Ma Hongjun spoke the voice of the people, even Zhu Zhuqing nodded acquiesced, seven people in the corner to find a table to sit down. Tang San asked Dai Mubai, “Would you like to ask Teacher Zhao to eat together?” Dai Mubai shook his head and said,warehousing storage solutions, “No, the teacher and we will not pay any fees for us, but we will not accept any benefits. This is the rule made by Dean Flanders.” 。


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