Empress’s harem

At night, I lie in Che’s arms and look up at the sky. Yaoer, I heard that you made Ruyue cry today? I smiled. “It’s not a lecture.”. Today, he asked me to intercede for Jiyun. Naturally, I didn’t listen to him. He was crying in a hurry. “Yao, why do you bother?” “Che, you do not persuade me, now I, in any case can no longer accept him.”. Give me more time! Maybe time can really dilute the hatred in my heart. “Yao, you know, all we do is want you to be happy.” “I know..” Lihou (I) The ninth year of Shengyuan. After the busiest day of the year, the court was finally quiet, and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. One morning, I was stopped by Li Rui. Raise one’s eyebrows. Rui? “Sister Huang.” Looking at his embarrassed expression, I can not help but move in my heart, what a familiar expression! Huang Jie, according to the ancestral system, you should set up the queen, Lingxiao has been gone for so long, so the ministers agreed to hold the queen hall in April this year. I said the expression is so familiar, every time Rui son let me accept the imperial concubine is this expression. Rui, why are you like a pimp? “A pimp?”? What is it? I chuckled. “It’s nothing. Shall I be the queen?” “Sister Huang, you know that the queen must be the prince of her own country.” “Well,” I also resigned,Diameter tape measure, “I agree to set up, but there is a request, that is, I choose the queen.” “Good.” With a slight sigh of relief in my heart, I finally got a “democracy” under the “arranged marriage”. Half a month later, all eligible princes of Qifeng gathered in the imperial city. Under the leadership of Li Rui, I went to Changting Garden to choose my future husband. As soon as I entered the garden, the noisy garden immediately quieted down. As far as I could see,tape measure clip, there were more than ten princes in total! I motioned for the crowd to get up and start shooting. First of all, I was attracted by a man in red. Yes, he really looked good in red. Even I was attracted. He was a natural beauty. It was obvious that he was the center of attention. Li Rui said in my ear: “This is the most popular Prince Li Qi.” I nodded slightly and developed my gaze. Li Qi’s eyes flashed a trace of pride, and then he winked at me. I pointed to a man beside Li Qi. “Where is he?” “Li Dao, the younger brother of Prince Li Qi.” Almost at the same time, I saw the haze in Li Qi’s eyes, and I couldn’t help sneering. Even his own brother is not spared, let alone others? Now in the palace Che, red clothes, such as the moon, which is this Li Qi’s opponent? I still want a clean harem! As soon as his eyes fluttered, he saw a man in a blue shirt standing in the shadow, his eyes drooping, as if he did not want to attract attention. Indeed, the cold air from his whole body could make people retreat. But his temperament reminds me of a person-Liu Chuan Feng. I think his character is as interesting as Liu Chuan Feng! I walked over. “What’s your name?” He obviously didn’t expect me to ask his name, but he calmly answered, “Li Xin.” God, fish measuring tape ,Walking tape measure, even the tone of voice is like! All right, I’ll appoint you as my queen. Go back to the palace! With that, I left a group of dull chickens and walked away with a smile. Li Xin, the future palace may be very interesting. The empress candidate has been decided, the harem began to be busy again, Li Xin also entered the palace and began to learn court etiquette, only I am very idle. It is reasonable to say that Li Xin should live in Yongshou Palace, but out of selfishness, I assigned another palace to him-Yongan Palace. As for Li Xin’s election as the next queen, everyone was really surprised. It turned out that Li Xin was the only son of my fourth aunt, but she died when he was thirteen years old, so Li Xin was the one who had the least background among the princes. But for my choice, the crowd was only slightly surprised and did not object. Others try to figure out what I think, the final conclusion is that I don’t want my consorts to interfere. After I heard it, I couldn’t help smiling bitterly. As a witness, one of the reasons I chose Li Xinlong was that he looked like Liu Chuan Feng. Rukawa Maple is the dream of all girls, so I am no exception. Sunshine in March, another year in a twinkling of an eye. He Che strolled in the imperial garden, filled with emotion. I have been in this country for several years. In Qifeng, I met many men who loved me and loved me. I also paid deeply and without regret. However, in the end, Lingxiao left and Han Jiyun was put into the cold palace by me. Although there are still a lot of people around me now, but when I am alone, I will occasionally sigh. Happiness is very short, we need to grasp, do not take everything for granted. Now I set up for the second time, perhaps it is a summary of the past! There is still a long way to go in the future, and if you look into the distance, you will feel that the future is uncertain. But in any case, I will still strive to move forward in the direction of happiness, no longer retreat.. Elegant male voice interrupted my thoughts: “Yao, what are you thinking about?” I looked up and smiled, “Che, will it be a pity that I didn’t make you queen in the end?” “Regret?” Che also smiled, “I have not been interested in the position of queen, this time I can finally unload the burden of commanding the harem!” Hearing this, I gave a bad smile. Anyway, Che, you suddenly changed from the head of the harem to the second child, will you feel a little awkward in your heart? “Yes, but I’m glad I can get rid of the position of commander in chief of the harem, so that I can compete with you for favor like a red dress!” As he spoke, he lifted my chin with a frivolous hand. Oh I pretended to be calm and said, “I’m looking forward to seeing Che fight for favor!” “Yao, you.” Che’s face suddenly turned red, just want to teach me a lesson, but suddenly laughed, “really said Cao came ah!” “Why, are you talking about me?” I looked back and saw a pair of peach blossom eyes, which were red clothes. In the sunshine, he is very dazzling in white. I threw myself into his arms and said, “Red clothes,Adhesive fish ruler, you still look good in red clothes. I haven’t seen you in red clothes for a long time. Can you wear red clothes again for me?” “Yes!” The red dress came to my ear and said, “If you want me to wear it, you can stay in my Yongfu Palace for three days.” 。 tapemeasure.net


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