Family Separation Attorney

Family Law courts address separation agreements if parents are not able to reach agreement on issues that coincide with separation, such as parenting time, child support, etc. Florida does not have laws that recognize separation as a legal status, as such.   A couple desiring legal status recognition of their physical separation will use other state laws to define legal solutions.   Child support, parenting visitation, even alimony, etc., can be legally established in a separation agreement even if divorce does not follow.

There is little difference as to how divorce and marriage separation work under court orders. Financial support for children is established, assets and liabilities divided, etc., under both divorce and separation. Mediation can also be used to settle separation issues, and agreements presented to the courts by the respective attorneys for review. An experienced Family Law Attorney, like Mellany Marquez-Kelly, can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system in reaching a separation agreement that is fair, and will protect your rights.


What they say about us

Before I retained Mellany,  I was getting nowhere with my first lawyer.  My kids were being kept from me,  and every time I went to court,  I would lose.  After I retained Mellany,  we immediately got started on the things I needed to do. When it was over,  I received full custody of my 8 year old and 1 year old. I went from having my kids kept from me to be a father with full custody. Mellany has a great,  confident presence in the courtroom.  She made me not feel nervous and made me feel confident that she would get the judge to see the truth,  and she did. I would definitely recommend Mellany Marquez-Kelly.


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