Founding merit thief

“Your Highness’s words are wonderful!” Wang Gui knew that Li Jiancheng’s character weakness was’more steady than enterprising. ‘At this moment, seeing that he had finally shaken off his depression, he suggested with a smile: “In the present situation, our army’s arrow is already on the string, and we have to.”. But some of the ideas in today’s Mutu deduction still have their merits, and your Highness can consider them carefully! If there is no World War I to lock in the victory, we might as well wield all the greatest strength of our army, like the first half of Mutu’s deduction, to teach Yuchi Jingde a lesson and kill his arrogance. As for the recovery of Taiyuan, don’t be impatient. Anyway, the strength of the Tang Dynasty is far stronger than the opponent, piecemeal, many a little makes a mickle, slowly consumed, can also consume Liu Wuzhou army into exhausted soldiers! “Mmm!”! That’s true! Li Jiancheng nodded gently. Then he turned his eyes to Feng Li. “What does General Feng think?”? How should we fight this battle alone? Feng Li has also experienced hundreds of battles and is very experienced. When the prince asked him for advice, he hesitated a little and replied in a low voice, “At the end of the day, I agree with Wang Changshi.”! At the end of today’s deduction, we will gain a lot. In particular, we summed up our military tactics, on the battlefield if you can display one tenth, also enough to force Wei Chi Gong in a hurry. But Wei Chi Gong may use the trick of turning the tables, our army can ignore. Stop when you see the benefits, and don’t fight for the gains and losses of a city or a place! “Good!” Li Jiancheng nodded with a smile and turned his eyes to Xue Wanche again. “What about you? What does General Xue think?” Xue Wanche was the son of Xue Shixiong, the former general of Marquis Wu on the right. But since his father died of illness because of the frustration of sending troops to fight against thieves, the whole person has become a stuffy gourd, rarely willing to speak. When Li Jiancheng asked him,disc air diffuser, he arched his hand and said in a low voice, “Your Highness said how to fight and where to go at the end.”. Just be careful that Yuchi Jingde is in a hurry! “Watch out for him what?” Li Jiancheng did not understand what Xue Wanche meant and asked with a frown. He is very good at martial arts. Xue Wanche answered briefly again, and then continued to bow his head and play with the wine cup in his hand. How is it better than you? Li Jiancheng understood Xue Wanche’s temperament and disposition, so he did not care about the other party’s impoliteness, smiled and continued to ask questions. Much stronger! Xue Wanche admitted frankly. The last general heard that he was wearing a double layer of heavy armor and could still cross the deer. The armor system in the Tang army followed the Sui Dynasty, and the size and type were almost the same. The so-called heavy armor, without special instructions, is usually made of thick cowhide, and the key parts are equipped with protective plates made of iron. One piece of this armor weighs more than twenty catties, and the two pieces add up to more than forty catties. Carrying a load of more than forty catties, and holding a long sword in his hand, he could still fly over the deer. This physical strength was really amazing. In front of the two armies, it is enough to block ten with one. If you personally lead a group of soldiers to charge, wall penstocks ,Wall Penstocks, I’m afraid it will take three to five times the number of troops to block it. Why didn’t General Xue say that just now? Wang Gui was taken aback and the words of complaint burst out. The end will be arbitration! Xue Wanche rolled his eyelids and responded briefly. I don’t blame General Xue. Wood map deduction, originally also can not count the martial arts level of the two main generals! Smiling, Li Jiancheng stopped Wang Gui from continuing. Then he asked Xue Wanche, “What about others?”? In General Xue’s opinion, is there a general in the Tang Dynasty who is more skilled in martial arts than Yuchi Jingde? “I haven’t seen it!” Xue Wanche shook his head gently. Thirty years back, Luo Yi may beat him by one and a half moves. No one else can do it. Even Li Zhongjian, the general manager of Boling, is tied at most! “Oh, I know.” Li Jiancheng took a long breath and said slowly. He knew that Xue Wanche would not easily praise a person. Since Yuchi Jingde’s bravery has been emphasized again and again today, this person’s martial arts must be enough to have an impact on the situation, and even at the critical moment, he can turn the tide on his own. It was not that he had never seen such a brave general. In those days, on the east bank of the Liaohe River, Li Zhongjian rode a horse and swung a knife, cutting the Koguryo army like cutting melons and vegetables. The brothers who followed him immediately became full of confidence, and they all put one against ten. Now like Li Zhongjian as a brave member of the tough, just block in their own opposite. Can not fight, as Wang Gui just said, the Tang army at this time has been like an arrow in the string, have to. If he still had no achievements in the Hedong battlefield, the princes would only have a heroic king of Qin left in their eyes, and they could not see the prince himself. Prepare a strong crossbow with heavy armor and don’t give him a chance to lead the army to kill! Seeing Li Jiancheng’s gloomy look, General Feng Li said in a low voice. General Wang Junkuo, who volunteered to your Highness today, is also a warrior. Why don’t you take him with you? Wang Gui thought about it and put forward a feasible suggestion. Gu Zheng has this intention! Li Jiancheng nodded with a smile. Then burst out laughing, “give up before the battle, the more I live, the more timid I am!”! Forget it, whether it’s a hero or a bear, you can only see the real chapter on the battlefield. Wang Changshi, tomorrow for Gu to draft a will order, let Wang Junkuo lead the elite to Gu account to listen to. Doesn’t he like to use cavalry? How many war horses and weapons do you need? All of them have been made up for him! “No!” Wang Gui gently handed his hand. According to the end will be observed. Cheng Mingzhen, both civil and military, can be more above Wang Junkuo! Feng Li thought for a moment and reminded him with a smile. He was in command most of the time in today’s Mutu deduction. General Wang Junkuo is only suitable for a warrior to charge into battle, but General Cheng Mingzhen has the style of an ancient famous general. “Is it?” Li Jiancheng did not quite agree with Feng Li’s opinion. For some reason, when he thought of Cheng Mingzhen’s attitude of being neither humble nor arrogant, he felt dispirited. Over the years, he has seen many famous generals and brave generals, none of whom will be like Cheng Mingzhen, who has no desire and no desire, and has a taste of self-admiration from head to foot. Even Luo Yi, the general manager of Youzhou, in terms of reputation, martial arts and ability,lamella clarifer, which one is not stronger than Cheng Mingzhen? In front of oneself, will still kiss a smiling face, although that smiling face is very likely to be faked.


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