Han Hai Xiongfeng

The door has no chance, since every heart is not pure, this thought life, can no longer live in the empty door. All right, you go. I hope you don’t forget. Face, falling dust and mud. “Thank you for your lesson, Master,” said Princess Minghui. She kowtowed to Abbess yuan and went back to her room, where she couldn’t help crying Like rain. Argyle and Carlos hurried over. When Carlos heard the crying, she was shocked. She pushed the door open and asked, “Princess?” What’s the matter with you? Princess Minghui wiped away her tears and said, “Nothing. I want to leave here.”. Will you come back with me? “What, Princess,” said Agai in surprise, “are you going back? Aren’t you afraid Prince Zhenguo will embarrass you? “I don’t care so much,” said Princess Minghui. “Miss Tu is very kind to us, Princess,” said Carlos. “You haven’t cut your hair. You can return to vulgarity at any time. She wanted to say that she could find a suitable husband in the future, but after all, she was a person who knew the princess’s worries and knew her. Life is never forgotten in Li Sinan, so the words to the mouth, and swallow back. “Don’t say anything,” said Princess Minghui. “I know Miss Tu is very kind to me. But I must leave this place. Ah Guy and Carlos said in chorus, “We are brought by the princess, and we will go wherever the princess goes,ceramic bobbin heater core, so are we now?” Now go and say goodbye to Miss Tu? “No, she can’t know,” said Princess Minghui. “Why?” Asked Agage. Carlos is much cleverer, say “Yes,” he said. “If she knows, she won’t let us go.” “I always feel a little sorry,” Agai said. Princess Minghui sighed faintly and said, “I didn’t want to do this. I have left a letter for her to explain that I am here.” It’s a last resort. You don’t need more now. I’ll talk to you on the way. They had been on the mountain for several months, and they were all familiar with the leaders,ceramic bobbin element, big and small. Minghui Bishop Carlos fabricated a lie to patrol the mountain. She said she was going hunting, but Tu Feng was busy, so she didn’t want to disturb her. The patrol believed it and lent them three horses. They were supposed to take the hounds with them, but Agai said, “We Mongolians never use hounds when we hunt.” That’s all for now. On the way, Agai laughed and said, “I never lie.”. Princess, I made an exception and lied for you this time. No. To tell you the truth, I also want to go back to our grassland to hunt. “I will make your wish come true,” said Princess Minghui. But I can’t let you go back to China for the time being. “Aren’t we going back to Mongolia?” Asked Agai. “No,” said Princess Minghui, “we are going to Dadu.” Only then did Princess Minghui tell them the reason. Agai, a straightforward man, said, “Princess, why didn’t you say so earlier?”? Kamaosi and I have received their great kindness. For the sake of Mr. Li and Miss Yang, I have come and gone from the fire and from the water. But Carlos said, ceramic bobbin heater ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, “What if the four princes don’t agree to the princess’s plea?” Princess Minghui frowned and said, “Just no.” Cheng, also have to try, the Han people have a saying, is to do human affairs and listen to destiny, I can only make such a plan now. Chu Yunfeng is also holding the same idea in Dadu. Day by day, Meng Shaogang has not yet arrived, and the deadline for dating with Yang Tianlei is only about ten days. Chu Yunfeng thought to himself, “You have to prepare for the worst in everything. With Master Meng’s martial arts, you shouldn’t have any idea.” Outside. But if there is any accident, it will be too late to try again. With this in mind, he said to Gu Hanxu, “Teacher!” Brother, I want to go to Yang Tianlei’s Guoshi Mansion. Don’t let Master Lu know. “Are you going to find out where Leader Li was imprisoned?” Asked Gu Hanxu. “Yes,” said Chu Yunfeng, “I have a gold medal to go in and out of the Guoshi Mansion, and now I’ve changed my appearance and sneaked in at night. If people find out, they may not recognize who I am for a while. With this gold medal, they can muddle through for a while. ” “It’s too risky for you to go alone,” said Gu Hanxu. “Let’s go together.” Chu Yunfeng said, “You’re not familiar with the situation at the Guoshi Mansion in Yangtianlei. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to go together. That’s auspicious.” You wait for me in a small teahouse near Guoshi Mansion. The small teahouse was closed after midnight. Gu Hanxu agreed and said, “Be careful, Elder Martial Brother.” Chu Yunfeng said, “I have a few people in the mansion to support me.” Friends of the heart, if necessary, can also find them to cover, probably there will be no accident. You wait until after the third watch, if you don’t see it If I come, you can go back to the village and tell Master Lu. It was a dark night, starless and moonless. Approaching the “Guoshifu”, there was a drizzle of sheep in the sky, and Chu Yunfeng was secretly happy. Hi, because this is the most suitable weather for night pedestrians. Chu Yunfeng was familiar with the defense of the mansion, and the back door in the northwest was a place where patrols were rare, and Yunfeng quietly crossed the wall from there. Enter, enter the back garden. Chu Yunfeng snaked, avoided the patrol, crossed the rockery, bypassed the flowers and trees, and saw a stone house with lights in the corner of the garden. Light. Chu Yunfeng thought, “I don’t know if Hei San lives in the same place. I can trust him. Why don’t you go first?” Consult with him. “Black three” is a gardener, surnamed Cen, ranking third, because he was born black, everyone called him black three. There were very few Han people employed in Guoshifu, and almost all the people with higher positions were Jurchens, who only did menial work Only a small number of Han Chinese were used by the people who fought with them. Because Chu Yunfeng was a Han Chinese, when he was in the mansion, these people were more willing to get close to him. After a long time, let’s talk. From the confidant, Chu Yunfeng made several intimate friends, this “black three” is one of them. Chu Yunfeng looked around and flashed into the room. “Third Brother!” He cried in a low voice. Black three is repairing a hoe, hear the sound is very familiar, look up,Ceramic Band Heater, see is a stranger standing in front of him, no! Jue was taken aback and said, “Which brother are you?”? Forgive my clumsy eyes. 。 global-ceramics.com


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