The seed is crystal clear, like a snow-white bottle, with golden spots and green lines on it, shining like stars, which is very mysterious. It is only two inches long. Although its power has already been tested, this is the first time that Chu Feng has used the seeds of Daodao Aquarius to fight the enemy. Chop you! Black exclaim, he used spiritual energy, control dozens of hundreds of black scales, like a black meteor shower, toward the wind of Chu. Each of the snake scales are cold shining, breaking through the sound barrier, like a piece of falling thunder, so that the void here sent out an explosion, power terror! “Kill!” Chu Feng also sent out a loud drink, only one word, the fighting spirit is high, with all his strength to urge the main road Aquarius, toward the opposite onslaught. Boom! After the seed in the shape of a vase was injected with physical energy by him, it was stimulated by spiritual energy. The scene suddenly became horrible. The mouth of the vase spurted a thin and blazing beam of light, and the sword awn was one after another, just like the resonance of the sword array. At the same time, there was thunder. This area is submerged by the interwoven sword light, and the Aquarius is quite horrible. It integrates the physical body of Chu and the spiritual energy, and shows its power heartily. It’s hard to imagine that this is just a seed! Dang Dang Dang. The sword flew out of the mouth of the bottle and hit the black scales one by one. It was so powerful and murderous that it was surprisingly powerful. Poof! Black encountered the impact of the sword, there are many wounds on the body burst, some places are pierced, he was covered with blood, disheveled hair, speed backward. In the distance, all the kings are jumpy, the South China Sea Black Dragon Prince was suppressed?! Someone sent out a message, accompanied by photos,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, to reveal the situation of the war here. The wind of Chu is the enemy of the Black Dragon Prince of the South China Sea, and it will not fall behind! “The Demon King of Chu is likely to defeat the strong dragon clan in the South China Sea!” This caused a huge wave. The man in white, who was paying close attention to the battle, was still calm and refined when he learned about the situation. He looked at the strong man of the sea tribe beside him and said, “Your friend is seriously injured. Will there be an accident?” A handsome man with a vertical eye on his forehead, his face was cold at this time. He did not believe that the Black Dragon Prince of the South China Sea would be defeated. Even if he was not at his peak, he was far from being able to fight against a human who had broken four shackles. Chapter 235 amazing achievements. The two-inch-long vase kept spurting sword gas outward, the rocks were split, the giant tree was cut off, as strong as black, covered with blood,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, with a few more blood holes on its body, and rolled out. South China Sea Black Dragon Prince felt very suffocating, as a strong man who broke the six shackles, but could not play a real strength, so he was hit hard. Boom! The mountain explodes, the road vase sends the power, is urged by the Chu wind, spouts the energy beam more and more gorgeous, hits the boulder to smash, the forest land leaves flutter. Black speed back, a roar, around him emerged more black scales, spinning, black light Zhan Zhan, and finally hit forward together. He was forced to sacrifice his own scales again, which he would never do if he had a choice, because these scales were consumed directly and would eventually explode. As a serpent, if the scales are sparse and the body is bare, it is a joke. If he wants to recover, he needs to evolve again. He needs to break the seventh shackle before he can grow full scales. Hum! The void is trembling, so many scales whistling, beyond the speed of sound, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, cut forward together, the explosion is amazing! In this area, the murderous look is endless, and the scales of the serpent are flying, sharp and bright, invincible. Chu Feng is very serious, he goes all out to urge the seed, the vase is crystal clear and transparent, the golden spots on it shine, and the green lines are gorgeous. On the bottle, it seems that there are suns shining one after another, countless planets rotating, gold and green reflecting each other, and finally the seeds become more and more terrible. Boom! At the mouth of the bottle, the blazing beams of light sprayed thin, hundreds of thousands, effectively intercepting the black scales, but there were also some that penetrated through the curtain of sword gas light and reached the front. Chu Feng offered a red flying sword and chopped it, but his body was still splashed with blood, and some scales penetrated his body. At this moment, both of them were wounded, and the fight was very fierce, and they fought in blood. Especially later, Chu Feng frowned, the power of this seed into a vase is indeed great, but the consumption is also great, and if it goes on like this, he must be exhausted. He stopped and retreated hundreds of meters away, avoiding the last dozens of black scales and wiping a wisp of blood from his face. In the distance, the black wound was more serious than he was. There were ten or twenty blood holes on his body. He was covered with snake blood, bright red with crystal light. Chu Feng doesn’t want to consume the energy in his body any more, and Hei doesn’t want to destroy his scales. They can’t afford it. Black Worm, is it necessary to go on?! Chu Feng asked, extremely provocative, he is really not afraid of this snake now, but he also knows that if he really wants to fight, he will have to pay a heavy price. Chop you! Black cold voice, he can not swallow this tone, anyway, he is a creature who breaks six shackles, today is too suffocating. If this battle is sent back to the South China Sea, he can’t afford to lose face! “Roar!” Black growl, glowing, all the wounds closed, he raised his hands, pinched a strange kind of fist print, and then shot. At this time, although the black is a human form, but anyone who sees it will feel that at this time he is a human dragon, the action is very similar, the fist print is to tear the void, forward. At the same time, his legs are also swinging, like a dragon wagging its tail, pumping to the wind of Chu. I’m afraid you can’t, so let’s fight to the end! With a low roar, Chu Feng suddenly looked up, his eyes shining like two small suns, and his whole body was filled with amazing energy. He mobilized the spirit of his whole body, used his fist seal, and fought with the black body. Boom! Amazing big collision, the light between the two bloomed, destroyed the nearby mountains and forests, so that many millstone-sized stones all flew up, where a big explosion occurred. A dragon sings from the black mouth, just like a real dragon in the world, his fist is even more terrible, behind which the virtual shadow of the dragon emerges, and the breath of terror fills the air. Moo! Mang Niu roared into the sky. After Chu Feng used his powerful Niu Magic Fist,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, in front of him, a big black Mang Niu stepped on the starry sky and emerged, bursting out an unparalleled Mang Qi machine.


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