How to Land a Data Science Position at the Best Companies in 2023

Experience is emphasized as a critical factor in the job market today. Since experienced employees add greater value to the organization, employers view them as better candidates.

Are you curious about becoming a data scientist without any prior experience but need clarification on how to proceed? In this article, you will discover how to land your first data science position. Here’s a little hint to make things simpler for you. You can initially enroll in online data science courses if you want to work in the field without any prior expertise.

Why shouldn’t I learn Data Science skills on my own? You might be asking. Though you can, you shouldn’t. You can surely educate yourself about data science, but you won’t be able to develop the skills required to work as a data scientist professionally.

  • Learn the principles of statistics and machine learning.

  • Recognize the use of R and Python (or another programming language).

  • Make a place where you may practice your new skills.

  • Participate in contests that gauge how well you can apply your knowledge of statistics and machine-learning strategies in real-world settings.

As a result, obtaining a Data Science certification course in Bangalore and joining a reputable platform are requirements for landing a Data Science employment.

How to Get a Data Science Job Without Experience?

Finding your first job in data science is not a simple feat. It can be difficult if you are confused and don’t know where to start. Many IT positions provide trainee opportunities that let people gain experience on the job. Data science is not one of those fields. Teams of data scientists who work on several business problems at once typically adopt a lean methodology. For data scientists, independence is frequently anticipated right away.

Here are some data science competencies you should possess to obtain your first position and how to do so. There will undoubtedly be obstacles in your path, but developing these skills will increase your chances of success. You will when you arrive.

How to Become a Data Scientist in Top Companies? 

How can I become a data scientist? The following factors need to be taken into account to become a data scientist without experience. So let’s get started: 

  1. Build a Solid Data Science Foundation

Build a strong data science foundation if you want to land a job as a data scientist with no prior experience and get hired for data science positions for new graduates. You should concentrate on studying data science principles, their procedures, their working, and their application to give it a good start. However, you must sign up for data science courses to learn this.

  1. Get Relevant Hands-on Experience

You must begin an internship in data science to gain applicable hands-on experience.

Consider taking up an internship in data science if you’re interested in developing your professional skill set and learning more about it. Data science offers a variety of internship programs that give students a chance to undertake duties that professionals must complete daily. This can show prospective employers that you are informed about the position and have experience working in a data science-related environment. Many employment opportunities for new data scientists are available if you pursue an internship in the field.

  1. Build a Data Science Portfolio

Once you understand the data science principles, you must become accustomed to them to advance. Create a data science portfolio to showcase your work and to help you learn from the work of others as you advance.

You should work on portfolio-related initiatives to show off your experience. You don’t necessarily need to create a challenging project to accomplish this. A smaller model, like the one you used to forecast the Titanic dataset, or a larger one, like the one you employed to forecast property prices, can be used.

Another effective strategy is to create a portfolio of outstanding projects as you study data science. You will encounter many real-world problems, which will help you understand topics more effectively than reading through online tutorials or notes. You will be able to distinguish yourself from your rivals as a result.

  1. Network and Find a Mentor 

The known circle of personnel fills many data science posts. Organizations frequently start by asking their present employees for references. As a result, getting to know data scientists might be helpful.

You can still expand your professional network even if you do not know any data scientists. Explore a few of these locations below:

  • Meetups: Join neighborhood meetup groups. If there isn’t a group already, find like-minded individuals in your region and start one.

  • Conferences: Conferences are a great place to network and learn about cutting-edge data science tools. Conferences are a good place to learn how data science benefits the firm.

  • Events: Participating in data science events will enable you to meet a variety of data scientists.

  • Mentor:

Having a mentor will make expanding your network the most effective. Mentors can aid with career development. You can access the professional network of your mentor. An excellent method to learn about data science is to get to know business experts.

  1. Create an Impressive Resume 

An essential component of job hunting is a resume. Application shortlisting is a systematic process for many firms. There is no excuse for not having an engaging resume. Using resume-building software, you may find a tonne of fantastic templates online. A resume can also be made to seem remarkable by following specific guidelines.

  1. Reach Out to Companies for Entry-Level Jobs

Because data science is so broad, past knowledge will likely be retained in this discipline. Data scientist models must be connected to the business impact. Even if your resume and cover letter emphasize your data science background, you should also include information on your MS Excel knowledge and other transferable talents like business, communication, and collaboration.

To highlight their developing data science skills, candidates looking for a job as a data scientist without experience should include a brief description of their shift on their resume with keywords, information on certification courses taken, technical languages learned, and any projects performed.

Data Science Job Needs the Following Skills: 

  • Programming Skills

How can I start a data science career? Many individuals advise mastering numerous programming languages to have a job in data science for new graduates. Do not, however, let the hype get to you. Python and R are the two most significant programming languages in data research. At first, be careful to concentrate just on these two languages. You can advance to the next once you have developed a sufficient amount of confidence (Java is one of them).

A short-term or online data science course in Bangalorecan always be taken to learn to program. Don’t forget to practice what you have learned as you go. As you continue to practice coding, you get better at it.

  • Mathematics Skills

Mathematical abilities are often seen as essential when it comes to data science. The ability to comprehend algorithms deeply is crucial for data scientists since it facilitates the creation of codes and analysis. Additionally, understanding statistics and probability theory are necessary to put algorithms into practice. Make sure to hone your mathematics abilities as much as you can.

  • Data Visualization and Communication

Data scientists must have excellent communication and presentation abilities along with technical expertise. Data storytellers must also be data scientists. What manner? The next stage is to showcase the valuable insights you have discovered in the jumbled data. How can you explain to people what insights are capable of and how they assist them if you lack storytelling abilities?

Companies Hiring Data Science Freshers

List of leading organizations hiring newly graduated data scientists:

  • IBM 

  • Wipro 

  • Cloudera 

  • Splunk 

  • Numerator



How to launch a career in data science as a newcomer has a lot of interesting and challenging parts. So, if you’re ready, you can start putting all of the preceding advice into practice. Enrolling in the IBM-accredited data scientist course in Bangaloreis highly recommended for working professionals wanting to upgrade their skills. 


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