How to protect your eyes from digital device strain

Digital eye strain is a term used to describe the short-term, mild symptoms that occur when eyes are suddenly or continuously exposed to visually stimulating light. It may also occur if we look at the computer screen for too long in dim light.

The digital eye strain is experienced due to the light emitted from digital devices and screens, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. The job of these devices is to provide high-resolution visuals by illuminating screens but they also give off large amounts of blue light which can be potentially harmful for our eyes.

The following are some of the common causes that contribute to digital eye strain:

• Computer screens

• Smartphone displays

• Digital devices

• Headlamps

Blue light

Blue light is the most prevalent type of light in digital devices and screens that is emitted by phones and computer screens.

It has been shown that blue light can be harmful to your eyes and cause digital eye strain.

With eye-tracking software, it also looks like that blue light is more a cause of eyestrain than other types of bright lights.

Digital device eye-strain can be caused by different factors like screen brightness, proximity to the screen, time spent reading or looking at screen content, among others.

The more time you spend looking at a digital device screen, which usually emits blue light, the more likely you are to experience eye-strain symptoms.

Blue light does not only cause eye strain – it also increases your risk for macular degeneration due to its effect on retinal cells in the back of your eyes.

On top of this, there are new studies linking blue light damage with depression and anxiety disorders as well as sleep disorders because it inhibits melatonin production.

What is glare and how it is related to eye strain

Glare is a condition that involves discomfort from bright light. A lot of people are exposed to constant glare from the sun, streetlights, and other sources.

Some experts also say that it is related to eye fatigue because your eyes are constantly trying to focus on something. This can lead to eye strain or even computer vision syndrome.

Glare can be relieved by wearing sunglasses or reducing the amount of time spent in front of screens when an individual is working long hours in bright environments.

Glare is actually a type of eye stress that results from strong contrasts between light sources and dark background, sometimes called contrast glare.

Eye strain caused by glare is also known as visual fatigue. It can cause serious eye damage over time.

Glare can be particularly harmful to younger people or those who spend long periods in front of screens such as computer monitors, TV screens, and smartphones.

Computer vision syndrome

Eye strain is a common problem faced by computer vision syndrome. This can lead to eye fatigue, eye strain, headache, itchy dry eyes and blurred vision, which can be quite uncomfortable.

Best ways to Prevent Computer vision syndrome

Apply Ergonomic equation at sitting position

Use proper eyeglasses

Take regular breaks

Adjust system settings

Book appointment with eye specialist for regular eye tests


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