How to Send Tokens With Metamask Log in?

You might have gone through several articles, blogs, reads, and other content on the internet carrying useful information relating to the basic functioning of crypto wallets. There is a wide range of crypto wallets that has made a significant place in the crypto realm, but among all of them, one such well-recognized, reliable, and secure wallet is the MetaMask.

I’m pretty sure that you are well aware of this wallet. It is often taken as a synonym for the crypto wallet. Whether we talk of a novice investor or an intermediary one, this wallet ranks among the top picks. The articles that you might have gone through have given you a rough idea about the basic tasks of this wallet, but with this read, we will try to draw a clear picture of how to send the token with a MetaMask log in

So, with a drop of a hat, let’s learn the steps of sending tokens from your crypto wallet. 

Milestones to send tokens from the MetaMask 

In this section of the read, we will learn the steps of how to send the tokens with MetaMask log in through its mobile app, and they are as summarized below:

  1. Open the software wallet crypto app on your mobile device
  2. Complete the log in steps carefully
  3. You’ll be then landed on the wallet’s home page
  4. Click on the “Send” circular icon below the “Account” head
  5. On the next page, either provide the address of the account to whom you are sending the tokens
  6. Or, you can even copy and paste the receiver’s address to avoid chances of a mistake
  7. Bang on “Next” at the bottom of the page
  8. On the next page, enter the amount of token that you wish to send
  9. You can even change the token type by clicking on the blue drop-down arrow in the box above the amount section
  10. Bang on “Next” to complete further steps
  11. On the following page, review all the details of the transaction along with the transaction gas fee
  12. Finish the process by clicking on the “Send” blue box

These easy steps will help you to successfully send the tokens from your MetaMask wallet. Just be cautious of certain things to avoid chances of errors.

Thinking of how could you avoid trouble?

Well, no one wants to lose his funds. And you too hold the same opinion. If so, then cross-check the entered information twice before confirming it. Another important thing is that you must provide the recipient’s address very carefully. You can even paste the address to eliminate the probability of having errors.

Winding up!!

MetaMask log in is quite a sensitive process and you should be very careful while performing any of the activities associated with it. As the process carries crucial information which may leave an impact on your funds, so pay heed to avoid any kind of trouble.


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