Ice and Fire Magic Kitchen _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

Nian Bing smiled and said, “I don’t deserve to be an expert. I was attracted by this sign. It seems that the three gold coins are really worth it.”. The three pastries you made, the heat is just right, especially the Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste, this kind of Melaleuca Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste, although I can do it myself, but I’m afraid it’s not as uniform as you. His best cooking skills are knife skills and all kinds of big meals, although he has done hard work on noodles, but Nian Bing asked himself, if not in the noodles combined with his own ice and fire magic, it is difficult to compare with the girl in front of him, it seems that the girl’s age is not older than his own, so young, cooking skills have reached the point of perfection, Nian Bing can not help but secretly admire in his heart, presumably, she is the same as himself. He was also instructed by a famous teacher. The girl smiled. Frankly speaking, her smile was even uglier than ordinary people’s crying. She said, “Every chef has something he is good at. I am good at making noodles. Although the four words of a noodle are exaggerated, I ask myself that what I make is worth the price of a gold coin.” Nian Bing’s heart moved and he said, “I don’t know if you know a senior named Wonderful Chef.”. The other two kinds of pastry have been circulated outside, but not many people know the knack of the Golden Fragrance Circle. There was a flash of surprise in the girl’s eyes. “You can see the origin of my cooking skills at a glance. Who are you?” Nian Shui smiled and said, “I’m just an ordinary chef. I have a friend who is a disciple of the senior chef, so I know a little about the cooking skills of the chef.”. That’s how I recognize your cooking. The girl’s whole body shook. “Do you know Elder Martial Brother Mingyuan?”? But he’s in the ice and snow city! Xuejing’s excited voice came from behind Nian Bing, “Are you Uncle Mingyuan’s sister?” As soon as the young girl looked at Dao Xuejing’s beautiful face, she could not help but feel ashamed and lowered her head. “Yes,Magnesium Sulphate price,” she said, “I am a close disciple of Shifu. Shifu said that Elder Martial Brother has been in the Ice and Snow City.” Xue Jing’s beautiful eyes seemed to think of something. She took the girl’s soft little hand kindly and said, “Come on, let’s sit over there and talk. You call Uncle Mingyuan Elder Martial Brother. It seems that I am a generation lower than you. Hee hee.” Watching the two girls go to one side and sit down, as if they had forgotten themselves, Nian Bing could not help showing a helpless wry smile. However, he was curious about the girl who claimed to be Mingyuan’s younger sister. Judging from her accomplishments in pastry, she was not under Mingyuan who was immersed in this way. Although the master said that he was very talented, but because he had learned almost all the cooking skills in the past eight years, he had very little expertise, but with the help of magic, he could become a top chef. But Nianbing knows that if he wants to make a breakthrough in cooking. You can’t always rely on magic, you have to go through a long time to understand and improve in all aspects. She went to the table and sat down, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, just in time to hear Xuejing ask the girl, “My name is Xuejing. Uncle Mingyuan is the chef of Qingfengzhai. What’s your name?” The girl’s eyes showed excitement. “My name is Ming Hui. Are you Qingfeng Zhai?”? My Shifu once said that I should go to Qingfengzhai to see Elder Martial Brother when I am free. How is my Elder Martial Brother now? Are you all right? Xuejing nodded and said, “Uncle Ming is very good. He doesn’t cook much in person now.”. But I’ve never seen him make that Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste and ginger fork! Won’t he? Minghui nodded and said, “Yes, I don’t think so, Elder Martial Brother.”. These two kinds of noodles were cooked by the chef who took me to exchange my cooking skills when I was traveling outside. Shifu hasn’t seen Elder Martial Brother for many years. When you travel outside, you can gain a lot of knowledge. Like this ginger fork, the local children have a nursery rhyme to praise it, buy a bag, Rao a bag, Qilu fork, ginger pouring, hemp flower, broken fork, ten kinds of brocade flowers, a big bag like crystal, bite into the mouth sweet crisp. Together with the Mahua of the Qilu Empire, they are known as the two famous snacks of Qilu. Hearing this, the Iceman kept asking, “Where is the senior chef now?”? I want to ask him a lot of advice. Minghui smiled. The buckteeth in my mouth looked more prominent. “Shifu is not here. After he left me to work here, we left alone. He said that I should practice here for a few more years.”. I don’t know where he went. “Miss Minghui,” said Nian Bing from the bottom of her heart, “your cooking skills are already very exquisite.” Ming Hui was a little shy. His white face was flushed. He shook his head and said, “Actually, it’s not the ground.”. The master said that although I had a good talent, I had a poor memory, so he didn’t want me to learn all kinds of cooking skills at the same time like my brother. He said that in that case, although I could become a good chef, it would be very difficult for me to become a top cook in the mainland. It would be better to learn only one of the cooking skills. In that case, the hope of becoming a top chef would be very great. So, later I chose the pastry without the smell of blood. My goal is to become a top pastry chef. Just learn pastry? Read ice in the heart can not help but have some doubts, but he is very much agree with the practice of the chef, at the beginning, Cha Ji once said to him, if not because he has two kinds of fire and ice magic, also very much hope that he can learn from one of the cooking skills, so that you can first refine the same, and then continue to develop in other directions, and later because the magic into the kitchen can make food. Zha Jicai decided to let him develop in all aspects at the same time, and gradually improve his cooking skills through long-term practice and self-understanding. With a slight smile, Nian Bing said, “You are already a top pastry chef now. I think even the senior chef, at your age,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, I’m afraid you’re not as good at making pastry as you are now.”. Master Ming’s cooking skills I have experienced, but in addition to the golden incense circle, I am afraid other skills are not as good as you. 。


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