Idle Breakout



Before going in battle with idle breakout, you must first ensure that they have grown in power and that your reputation has improved. When they appear on the screen, the best place to hit them is in the upper region, where you may take advantage of the idle breakout technique’s accuracy. This allows you to substantially diminish their health in far less time than was previously possible.

How do you obtain BB? When you achieve level 100, a specific row of bricks turns dark gray. You will receive not just money but also a bonus for each successful Idle Breakout demolition. They allow players to battle boss blocks while accumulating experience points. You will then be able to use these skill points to achieve considerable advantages against black bricks as well as a variety of other advantageous changes. When the game has finished loading, go to the main menu. When you click the gear symbol, a drop-down menu appears. Select the import option from the drop-down menu. Enter one of the codes supplied to import the save file and use the cheats. Obtaining. The Gold Brick appears every 20 levels and must be conquered in order to obtain gold. This is by far the most prevalent means of collecting gold. You can also obtain this item by finishing the “Skills” menu and fighting its bosses.


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