Birthdays ecards are always special, and when we keep the excitement increasing, there is no special event than that. A lot of people spend their birthdays with their colleagues, as most of our time goes on completing our work, so it’s appropriate if we share our special day with them. After a lot of thought, we figured out that birthday cards are the best present for everyone. 

Since these cards express emotions in the most convenient way, a lot of people prefer them. Joyous events like these require our complete attention, and for this very reason, we have commendable features developed for you. 


If you are looking for the right choice of cards, then we bring to you the best virtual birthday cards. Sing along as the cards have their own unique beats. Add pictures or gifs to represent a personal touch, along with sweet messages that show how much you care for your acquaintances. After the very positive customer testimonies, we feel splendid and strive to make better changes for everyone. 

Think of it as a heaven of beautiful Free birthday cards that offers you all the designer cards with messages and animations free of cost. There is no other place to get the best offers. Stay with us on this journey and make each cake day of your acquaintances worth remembering. Get it signed by people across the globe and simply save it by downloading it as a pdf. 


Birthdays come once a year, and the receiver deserves to celebrate it with love and compassion and some good roasts. One keeps thinking about how to make the day memorable, but I feel the way to create charisma is to speak out one’s mind. Say what you think about the person and pen down all your emotions. After all, greeting cards are designed for this purpose so that you can say anything you like without people judging you. 

We have given you all the required materials; now, it’s your job to make the most likable greeting card ever and create your charm along with lots of happiness for the receiver. 

Here are some splendid messages with a hint of humor and comedy to make the receiver smile instantly. Feel free to discover the best wishes and cheer up the day. 


  • Today, my friend, your birthday has made me realize that I’m not the oldest one here!

  • I hope you get a million wishes on your birthday! It will be appropriate for your age!

  • Today friend, you should have a happy wave! You can paint on canvas and not in a cave!

  • Today, my dear, count your blessings, not your years. You don’t have that kind of time!

  • Happy birthday, darling. May your Mascara and Eyeshadow get no wrinkles to be put on.

  • I was going to send your gift in the mail, but the mail service denied saying that they can’t mail Hippo??? So, I myself got posted for you.

  • I know you’re feeling down about your age this year, but don’t worry—I’ll blow out your candles for you so you can feel like a kid again! Happy Birthday!

  • May your hair dye and eyeliner never run! Happy Birthday!

  • Cheers to a woman who has been sweet 16… six times.

  • I’m wishing you the best today. However, if you ever blackmail me for any reason, remember I still have those childhood photos of you.

  • May your Birthday be filled with sunshine along with some red wine.

  • You appear quite youthful for your age, but remember, we went to the same high school. Best regards!

  • Greetings to an elderly gentleman who still believes he is young! Anyway, call it an “experience” and have a good time on your birthday.

  • Be glad you’re young on your b’day And still look like gold; too bad you’re not a millionaire to put your looks on hold.

  • Though your hair can’t be seen, you get pimples like a teen. Happy Bornday Oldie-Goldie

  • I hope you don’t care that I have bought you a cake to deliver to your mother, congratulate your mother on her work and birth. She was the one who did the whole job, I mean. You cracked out just a little! Happy birthday!

  • Even Facebook didn’t have to tell me that today is your big day! Strong?! Happy birthday to you!

  • I booked a visit to the nearby aided living facility for your big day! You will enjoy a 20 percent discount if your room is now reserved! I hope that you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday, Old fart! Happy Birthday!

  • Happiest birthday to the most handsome, intelligent, and charming person on the plant. Wait!!! Did I just say a good word for you? Sorry for my mistake?

  • This is your birthday my non-dearest friend. You always helped me to do my harm worst. Thank you so much, and have a blast birthday.



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