Kaixin is a cold-hearted president

“It is.” Grandpa turned to Kail and said, “No matter how beautiful your grandmother is, she is my wife. You listen to me clearly. Next time you don’t bring your wife.”. You’re not allowed to come. Don’t always rob his wife with him. My wife, how can you say such a thing! “You are seventy or eighty years old, but you are like a child.” Don’t listen to your grandfather. You’re always welcome here, but it would be great if you could bring a granddaughter-in-law to show Grandma. “Well, there’s no need to tell him any more. It’s so late. Be careful not to catch cold.” Looking at my grandparents who have been married for nearly 60 years and still love each other so much, it is really enviable! At this time, the figure that appeared in the heart of Kail was saying angrily — “My job is in a trading company, not on the street.” Kaixin “Cold President” Chapter 2 At midnight, the telephone rang suddenly, which startled Xia Xinzuan, who was making final preparations. Since the harassment incident, she has become particularly nervous. After taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone. Heart drill! “On the other end of the phone, Li Mengxin’s anxious voice came.” Mummy! It’s so late. Why aren’t you asleep? “How can Mommy sleep when this happens to you?” “Mommy, Yiting must have told you that I wasn’t hurt,75 inch smart board, right?” Yiting must have told Ma Mi. Heart drill, you a girl, run to Canada so far away, if. What do you want Mommy to do if something like last night happens? Or you can wait for Mommy for a few days, wait for Mommy to get the visa, and go with you. “Mommy, are you willing to leave Uncle Chao alone in Taiwan?” Uncle Zhao has been pursuing Li Mengxin for more than five years. In the past two years,65 inch touch screen, Li Mengxin has agreed to associate with his intimate lover. For more than five years, Zhao Jianxin’s thoughtfulness and gentleness have moved Li Mengxin, and made her understand the importance of mutual affection. If the affection is only one-sided, the result will only be heartbreaking. She and Xia Junlang are the best examples. In Zhao Jianxin’s body, she finally found the consummation! Originally, Xia Xinzuan was extremely opposed to their relationship, but later she discovered how lonely it was for her mother to be alone. In addition, Zhao Jianxin took good care of and cherished her mother, so now she sincerely wishes them the best. In Mommy’s mind, your safety is the most important thing. Listen carefully and see if you want to cancel your plan to go to Canada or wait for my visa to be ready and go with you. All right! Then I’ll wait for you to get your visa. 。” Hearing that her mother seemed to have made up her mind, she pretended to compromise first, and then she went on: “Alas..” I wanted to take this opportunity to go abroad to see if I could get a real boyfriend back, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smartboards for business, but now I have to forget it! But in the future, don’t say that I always use Meng Yi as a shield. Refuse the pursuit of other men! If the leave has not been asked, the ticket has not been booked, and everything has not taken shape, the heart drill will also give up or postpone all plans, because it is absolutely deceptive to say that you are not afraid! But now things have been arranged, the arrow is on the string, have to send! Xia Xinzuan and Meng Yi’s agreement, Li Mengxin all know, she really does not agree with their absurd agreement, especially last year Xia Xinzuan in order to get rid of a foreign customer’s entanglement, but also bought a ring, declared that she has been engaged, which makes Li Mengxin a big headache! Although Xia Xin said that because the company is busy, there is no time to fall in love, and those who want to chase her, she has no feeling of electricity, so in order to save trouble, she had to lie. But Li Mengxin knew that the broken marriage between her and Xia Junlang must be the main reason why she refused the pursuit of men. This trip to Canada, no business ties, no Meng Yi as a shield, maybe the heart can fall in love, although the distance is a little far, but if there is a good result, this is a good opportunity. That All right then! Mommy won’t go with you. But you have to promise your mother to take good care of yourself and remember to call home to report that you are safe, do you know? It worked! I knew Mommy was very nervous about her feelings. 。 In order to appease Li Mengxin, the heart drill then put forward a lot of guarantees. Mommy, don’t worry! I will take good care of myself. Go back to the hotel as soon as it gets dark. Never stay outside. Never go to the streets where there are few people. I will go wherever there are many people. I will go out happily and come back safely.. FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 FM1046 Taoyuan Chiang Kai-shek International Airport “If you have any questions, you must come back immediately, or call me, and I will fly to you immediately, but don’t be silent like last time, do you know?” Meng Yi exhorted. Last time, Meng Yi happened to be waiting for her in the rental house of Xinzuan, and he was startled to see her coming back in shock and disheveled. Only after repeated questioning did he know what had happened. Had he not happened to bump into him, he knew that the heart drill would never mention it and face that fear alone! “Yes!”! My brother Yi. Good wordy Yi elder brother! “Heart drills the naughty response.” You girl. Meng Yi dotes on the hair that was cut short yesterday. According to the heart drill is-cut hair to bad luck! Yiting, are you all right? Face is not too good-looking! “The summer heart drills to turn the head to look to the side silent good friend.”. He Yiting usually played with them, but today she was surprisingly quiet and thoughtful, so she couldn’t help wondering. Oh. I It’s all right! “He Yiting managed to squeeze out a smile to hide the jealousy in his heart.” Passengers on Air Canada Flight AC508,digital interactive whiteboard, please go to Gate 7 and prepare to board. “Suddenly, the announcement of boarding sounded.” It’s time for me to go! “The heart drill’s sight shuttled between the two friends.” Be careful and remember to let me know immediately if there is anything. Yu Yi is still not at ease with the exhortation. “Heart drill, you have to be careful!”! Have a nice trip 。” 。 hsdsmartboard.com