Konoha Ghost Market of Hokage

No screams, nothing, as if everything was silenced by a button, the dead were vaporized directly, too late to make a sound, the living were shocked, all opened their mouths wide, unable to say a word. Is everyone shocked? Of course not! Ouyang won’t give up such a good chance! The Art of the Dark Walk! Elemental! The two secret arts were released in an instant, and suddenly darkness enveloped the entire battlefield. Ouyang’s figure disappeared directly in place, only a bright silver light flashed away. Moments later, there were several muffled sounds of heavy objects falling to the ground. Taking this opportunity, Ouyang almost slaughtered all the people who came to explore! But Yun Ren is not a fuel-efficient lamp, after eating a stuffy loss, the ninjas above Zhong Ren instantly formed a swastika formation, back to back, even with Ouyang’s ability, there is no way to quietly continue to obliterate Yun Ren. Ouyang frowned and then smiled. His task was not to destroy these clouds, but to hold them back. This is very good, they dare not act rashly, Ouyang is also happy to relax,outdoor hot tub, slowly sinking into the ground, Ouyang looked at the clouds with a playful smile nervously looking around, a drop of cold sweat gathered into a stream, dripping from the chin. Boom! A loud voice sounded on the other side of Yunren Village, the whole ground seemed to be shaken, and a thunderous roar came, “Rats!”! Come out and die! “It’s Lord Thunder Shadow!” A crowd of cloud endure as if hit the chicken blood general, instant spirit,outdoor whirlpool, all people seriously patrol around, before the tension all disappeared. In their hearts, the appearance of Lord Lei Ying is a reassuring pill, no one can escape the sanctions of Lord Lei Ying! “We can’t be dragged here!” A ninja who seemed to be in the lead suddenly said, “There is only one person here, we must go back to help Lord Thunder Shadow!”! The first team and the second team continued to guard, and the rest of the teams withdrew from the darkness in turn. “Yes!” The cloud endure loudly back to the road, all the cloud endure to maintain the swastika formation slowly to the cloud endure village direction to move. Ouyang raised a bad smile, so easy to want to go? Illusion, the art of the fox’s heart! Illusion, Narakami! Two illusions instantly enveloped in the head of Yunren, through the addition of three hooks of jade writing wheel eyes, these Yunren were directly recruited! Volume II World War II Wind and Cloud Chapter 99 War Thunder Shadow “Tink!” There are countless cremations flashing between the bitter collision! Flowing Cloud Back Chop! “Lei Dun, go!” Countless knife skills and thunder dun flashed in the darkness, 5 person hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub, and Ouyang casually took out an apple that came from nowhere and nibbled it at will. kenwen. Eyes appeared three white hook jade, constantly rotating, “Well, this technique is good, I accepted, hey?”? That swordsmanship looks so awesome! I collected it! Ouyang has a hobby of collecting, whether people or things, as long as he likes, he wants to collect them. So there are all kinds of ninjutsu in his room, and after having the writing wheel eye, Ouyang’s collecting addiction is out of control. This time I came to Yunren Village, if I don’t collect it well, I’m really sorry for my eyes! “Solution!” There was a sound of light Zha, and then someone kept unlocking the illusion. Several ninjas who were proficient in the illusion broke away from the illusion in a moment, and kept parrying all kinds of ninjas and ninjutsu from their own people, and at the same time helping them unlock the illusion. Want not to hurt the other side of the other side of the illusion to unlock, it is very difficult! What’s more, this is an illusion blessed by the eye of the writing wheel. The art of the dark line slowly retreated, all the cloud endure dumbfounded looking at a corpse, at least three teams were destroyed, plus before the death of the ninja, cloud endure this time, hurt! Suddenly, the darkness that had not yet retreated and cleared up filled the air again! Once again, the rest of Yunren is shrouded in it! ***! Cloud can not help but burst out of the foul language, the other side is obviously do not want them to leave this land. The average ninja can’t bear the load of two times of darkness in a row! Ouyang chewed the grain pills in his mouth, grinned grimly, and wanted to go? It’s not that easy! “My Lord, what now!?” A ninja asked loudly. “What to do?”? Just wait! Now random walk is to die, the other side if I am not wrong, should be Konoha’s colorless trick division! To him, we can only see when he mercifully let us go! The leading cloud endured a humiliating look of anger. But where is Lord Thunder Shadow? A ninja asked submissively. Don’t worry about Lord Lei Ying! No one can defeat him! The leader Yun Ren has a confident face. Ouyang sneered and stamped his hands. “Bang!” With a sound, a shadow with 80% Chakra of Ouyang appeared in front of Ouyang. Ouyang nodded to him, “I’ll leave it to you. I’m more worried about the blue. I’ll go and have a look.” Shadow Fen Shen smiled, gave him a reassuring look, and turned to stare at the group of Yunren. Ouyang took out a handful of food pills, stuffed them into his mouth, and fled directly from the ground to the place where the thunder shadow had roared before. Heavy flow explosion! “Konoha Gale!” “Bang!” With a loud noise, two bodies with huge impact collided, and the huge wind pressure stripped off a layer of land around them. That’s an exaggeration! Is this a disaster movie? When Ouyang arrived at this place, he was blown out by the huge wind pressure. The trees around him were uprooted and fell everywhere. The land was covered with cracks and pits made by fists and feet. Ouyang a black line, blue is a battle maniac, thunder shadow is a battle maniac who is not inferior to blue! What happens when two combat maniacs meet? Have a good fight! “Boy, your body skills are good!” The thunder shadow with black skin and white hair said in a gruff voice, “Of course!”! I am Konoha’s master of body art,indoor endless pool, the blue beast! But you’re not bad either, beard! Blue rubbed his nose, and his eyes were filled with the excitement of meeting his opponent! Ouyang covered his face. Blue has made the same mistake again. He won’t stop until he has a good fight with his opponent. monalisa.com


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