Look at the sword with the lamp

Jiang yuan is still static braking, not in a hurry. Looking into the distance, I saw night pedestrians like a group of flying catkins and like a strange bird, just before and after, suddenly left and right, the body of that clever, really can be said to be Jiang yuan’s only seen in his life. Jiang yuan thought to himself, “I must know who he is.” When Jiang yuan thought of this, he couldn’t help looking at the face towel on his face. An idea flashed through his mind like lightning. “Why don’t I take off his face towel?” He wondered? Jiang yuan thought so. Was about to change the palm, suddenly see the night pedestrian a low roar, body like a crossbow, straight over, his arms wide open “singing and dancing to promote peace”, respectively to Jiang yuan’s right shoulder and armpit, ten fingers like a hook to catch. Jiang yuan gave a sneer and said, “What a great palm!” With this sentence, Jiang yuan has pulled up seven feet, he has a big circle in the air, has fallen behind the night pedestrian, two fingers lightly cast, point to the night pedestrian’s “dovetail hole.”. It was the first time that Jiang yuan had jumped up since he started fighting with him. The night pedestrian did not seem to be on guard. He was frightened and twisted forward desperately. Although he had passed the critical acupoint, Jiang yuan’s two fingers still rubbed his hip bone. Night pedestrian only felt a burst of numbness in his thighs, hurriedly relieved the pain,filter nozzle, flashed away, and was already shocked out of a cold sweat. Jiang yuan stood with a smile and said calmly, “If you leave your name behind, I will never embarrass you and let you go.” When Jiang yuan finished speaking, the night pedestrian suddenly cursed: “Fart!”! Your young master can’t beat you if you don’t believe it! Jiang yuan could not help but be furious. He raised his eyebrows high and said in a voice colder than ice, “Boy!”! You don’t know how to live or die! Since you want to tie this knot with me, don’t regret it! Without waiting for a reply, Jiang yuan rubbed his body and went in. This time Jiang yuan was really angry, and the action was different. He was determined to subdue the night pedestrian,lamella tube, and then asked the confession in detail. Night people see Jiang yuan come fiercely, he rise up Yu Yong, two people fight together again. They started this time, compared to just now, the momentum is very different, Jiang yuan also launched a flexible body, advance and retreat huff and puff, naturally higher than the night pedestrian on several chips. That night pedestrian palm strength, heat is not as good as Jiang yuan, originally wanted to win by flying skill, but unexpectedly Jiang yuan’s flying skill is higher, immediately made a mess. The two of them were on fire together, with their palms up and down, their sleeves moving and their clothes shaking, bringing up a large area of yellow dust, which was blown away by the cold wind before it became diffuse. Jiang yuan in recent months, wall penstocks ,Rotating sludge scraper, rarely fight with people, more rarely see such a master, so between the hands, the heart cherishes his kungfu, there are a lot of scruples. Under such circumstances, the Night Pedestrian has the power to fight back. Although he is inferior to Jiang yuan, his kungfu is rare in Jianghu. The two of them had made more than twenty moves, but they still couldn’t tell the winner from the loser. Jiang yuan thought to himself, We’ve been entangled for one more time. Xiaohu is alone in the room. If someone comes again, won’t it be difficult to take care of both? Jiang yuan thought of this and was about to step up his offensive when the night traveler suddenly said, “Luo Jiangyuan, you still have the time to press the bottom of the box. Use it together. Don’t fold it under my palm and be unconvinced!” Jiang yuan was furious and said with a sneer, “I’ve made concessions again and again, but you still dare to provoke me. Humph!”! Can’t I really take you? When Jiang yuan finished, his arms fluttered and he let out a low roar. His palms turned violently, as fast as lightning, and he pressed the chest and lower abdomen of the night pedestrian respectively. The night passerby immediately felt strange and threw himself on his body. He was so shocked that he touched his foot and pulled it up. But Jiang yuan expected him to have this move, almost at the same time, also pulled up. The night traveler just pulled up in the air and suddenly felt the dark shadow pressing on his head. He knew something was wrong. But it was too late for him to dodge. He felt a chill on his mouth. His face towel had already been pulled off by Jiang yuan. Thirteen, suddenly learned to kill the teacher into the enemy on a snowy night. The night pedestrian was shocked and was about to get away with his unique skill when he suddenly felt numb all over his body and fell on the loess ground with a bang! At the same time, Jiang yuan had fallen in front of him. His angry eyes were wide open and his sword eyebrows were high, as if he had returned to his violent nature. He raised his hand to chop down. In the past, many Jianghu people died under his hands in this way. But the light from Jiang yuan’s palm gap, shining on the face of the night pedestrian, can not help but make Jiang yuan heart a shock, high hand, also stopped in the air. He uttered a voice of surprise. “Why, it’s you!” Sleeping on the ground was a handsome and strong young man-he was a trusted man of Bailitong-Zhuoteba! Jiang yuan did not expect that it was a Tibetan youth who had been competing with him for half a day. For a moment, he was stunned and did not know what to do. Although Zhuo Teba was hit by Jiang yuan’s “Qihai Cave” and was paralyzed on the ground, his mind was still clear. There was a look of unconcealed indignation on his face, though he tried to pretend that he did not care, which proved that he was also a strong and arrogant man. Jiang yuan put down his hand slowly and said in an unusual tone, “So it’s you.” Why are you against me? Lying in the street, Zhoteba did not look discomfited, on the contrary, he still showed a kind of heroic spirit, which could not be insulted lightly. He gave a sneer and said, “I didn’t want to be your enemy. You forced me to do it.” Jiang yuan’s eyes were like torches. He glared at him and said in a calm voice, “Zhuo Teba!”! I have a bad temper, you do not use words to provoke me, although Bailitong is my sworn brother, I will hurt you in anger! Jiang yuan’s words were firm and had an irresistible power. Zhuo Teba had a very ugly look on his face. He hesitated for a moment and said, “I was defeated by you. You can’t humiliate me!” Jiang yuan laughed twice in a low voice and said in a deep voice, “I never judge a hero by victory or defeat. If I lose, I will have no great enmity. I will not be ashamed to insult you.” Zhuo Teba couldn’t help admiring Jiang yuan. “What are you going to do to me?” He whispered. Jiang yuan Wen Yan seemed a little embarrassed, he hugged his arms, hesitated for a moment, very calm he said: “I will naturally let you go back, but…” When Jiang yuan said this, he lengthened his voice a little, and Zhuo Teba immediately said, “But what about it?”? Do you have any conditions? Zhuo Teba’s words made Jiang yuan burst out laughing,Mechanical fine screen, reached out and bent down, lifted Zhuo Teba up, and clapped him behind his back. khnwatertreatment.com


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