Love and marriage “belly black boss bully pet escape wife, kiss me” txt complete works

With these words, he looked at her sideways, and with his other big hand, he gently turned her face so that she could turn her face to his side and kiss her. However, when his lips were just about to touch hers, a small thing suddenly appeared beside his leather shoes. A small white dumpling covered with a red sweater, round like a pig! “Wangwang!” The little thing raised his head and shouted warily at Nan Yuling. The kiss was suddenly interrupted, which made Nan Yuling frown! Su Xingyue is stupefied, the secret way is not good. This stupid dog, she didn’t teach it today to hide when she met Nan Yuling. “Hehe..” The dog is a little silly and hasn’t been taught well yet! Then, she hurriedly struggled out of Nan Yuling’s arms, bent down to pick up the soybean milk, and looked at him warily. Looking at her frightened appearance, Nan Yuling was somewhat helpless, could not help but move his thin lips, and explained with some discomfort. I didn’t say kill it! Is he so terrible in her eyes? Chapter 119 of the main text in order to please a woman. Listening to Nan Yuling’s words, Su Xingyue did not put down her vigilance and muttered in a low voice with soybean milk in her arms. I don’t know who said he was looking for a chef to stew it last night. Hearing this, Nan Yuling frowned with some discomfort. Are you questioning me? “I don’t doubt you, I just don’t trust you.” Su Xingyue is not afraid of death to correct him! “……” Nan Yuling’s face turned black. In my mind.. Suddenly remembered, today Gu Zhiyan that guy reminded him! He said that the most effective way to conquer women is to be gentle! The color of the eyes flashed. The next moment, he suddenly opened his long legs and strode towards her. Su Xingyue was startled and took two steps back subconsciously until she reached the door. You said you wouldn’t kill it! She bit her lip,Horse weight lbs, reminding him. The man stopped in front of her and suddenly stretched out his big hand. Just as Su Xingyue clasped the soybean milk warily, the big hand stopped gently on the head of the little thing. The movement was extremely unnatural, and he touched it. The man frowned and his handsome face was full of reluctance. It was his turn to be gentle with a dog in order to please a woman! …… The man’s unnatural and gentle movements in front of him surprised Su Xingyue. However, after the little guy in his arms felt the touch of Nan Yuling, he suddenly became clever, and his little head rubbed against his hand. Seeing this, Su Xingyue could not help showing the color of joy. “He likes you very much!” “……” Nan Yuling pursed his lips and said nothing. He didn’t need a dog to like him! “In fact, the dog is really simple, if you treat it well, it will like you and be loyal to you for a lifetime!” Su Xingyue said with emotion. She has always felt that animals have no fewer emotions than humans. Even more sincere than human beings, because their love is not mixed with any impurities. As long as it’s good? It will like him for a lifetime? After listening to her words, Adhesive fish ruler ,Wheel tape measure, Nan Yuling raised her eyebrows slightly, and the line of sight of her black eyes was fixed on her face. What about you. He suddenly asked with concern. Isn’t he good enough for her?! His words, let Su Xingyue trance for a moment. Then she curled her lips with some disapproval and said. I’m not a puppy. She is a human being, not a dog. How can she be compared with a dog. Or did he feel in his heart that she was the same as soybean milk? Thinking, her heart suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. A hand suddenly raised her chin and made her raise her head to the cold eyes of ink. “I am good to you, and you must love me!” He looked at her in a domineering way and ordered! He has never been so attentive to anyone in his life! “……” Su Xingyue’s heart collapsed. How can anyone command others to love themselves like this? Even if he lacks love, he can’t force others like this. Although this man is a business genius, but she suspects that his brain is sometimes not normal, overbearing too much! No matter what, he will always impose on others according to his own ideas. Whether the other party wants it or not. He even cares whether he loves him or not. “Dinner will be cold if we don’t start.” Su Xingyue gently turned her head, looked at the pile of sumptuous dinner on the table, and changed the subject. OK It was a long time before he looked away from her face. Chapter 120 of the main text why not continue? At night. Although the villa in the lake is very quiet every day, but because today is a Chinese New Year’s Eve, even if it is a quiet place, you can hear the sound of fireworks outside. Su Xingyue was woken up and could not fall asleep for a while. She propped herself up and sat up on the big bed, and the quilt fell down from her body, revealing a piece of skin. The curtains were open, and the moonlight and fireworks came in, so you could see what was going on in the bedroom without turning on the lights. She glanced at the sleeping man beside her, then got out of bed and stepped barefoot on the carpet. He bent down, picked up the long nightdress scattered on the ground, put it on, and went out of the bedroom to get some air. Just out of the bedroom, there was a small hairy dumpling at his feet. Su Xingyue looked down, and sure enough, it was soybean milk. The servants were not there today, and the little thing was probably afraid to be alone on the first floor, so he climbed up. Thinking of Su Xingyue can not help but smile, bend down, reach out and touch its head. After being stroked by her, the soybean milk contented to rub his head against her hand, and then ran away. Seeing this, Su Xingyue was afraid that it would run around and hurriedly followed it. Finally, the little thing stopped at the door of the innermost room on the second floor and began to lick his paws. Su Xingyue smiled helplessly, and when she reached out to pick it up,Walking measuring wheel, she accidentally put her hand on the door and pushed it gently. The door was opened. It was empty, and the moonlight fell on the only one in the room. On a piano made of crystal. In front of the scene, see Su Xingyue some stunned. It was the first time she had seen such a luxurious piano in her life. It’s beautiful..


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