Misleading the Rich and Powerful Family: The Confused Bride of Jue Shao

This was also an idea he hid from the child at that time, but he did not expect that the child could be so tenacious after the injection of devils kiss. Sure enough, it was Mo Nanjue’s seed. The haze gathered between Luo Xiao’s eyebrows. He stood up, took off his coat and shirt, and then turned over and got into bed. He lay on the edge of Tong Ran and began to untie her collar. She was wearing a white dress, which could be pulled open from the side to reveal a tight vest of the same color. A piece of snowy skin with the rise and fall of the chest is very tempting. Luo Xiao’s throat rolled down lightly, and he lowered his head and kissed her neck a few times, leaving a few conspicuous marks, and then rubbed the sheets under his body into wrinkles, making the illusion of entanglement. Luo Xiao put his arm around her shoulder and held her in his arms. He put his chin on top of her head and just held her like he did when he was a child, with his eyes open and sleepless all night. Chapter 1214 blood sliding across the side of the face. (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) Tong Ran just thought he had a dream. The whole body seems to be immersed in the water, how to struggle can not go ashore, she desperately want to breathe, but the mouth and nose are blocked, like a big hand to cover her, even the strength to open her eyes are gone. Tong Ran snorted, her eyelids heavy to desolation, she raised a hand to cover her eyes, a splitting headache. The hot sunshine came in from the window, and the whole room suddenly brightened. Tong Ran tried to sit up with his elbow on the edge, but suddenly found a big hand across his waist. She was stunned, then turned her head and met Luo Xiao’s open eyes. The fundus of the eyes suddenly dispersed in panic. Luo Xiao smiled gently, “Xiao Ran, did you sleep well?” Tong Ran opened her mouth wide. She lowered her head and saw that she was wearing only a tight vest and four-corner shorts. On the ground, her long skirt and Luo Xiao’s shirt overlapped, apparently thrown down. You Tong ran apricot eyes wide open, unable to react for a long time, Luo Xiao also sat up,industrial racking systems, he hugged her waist and held her in his arms, bowed his head to her ear, “Xiao Ran, you are finally my woman.” A word like a thunderbolt split down, Tong Ran all over a shock, even with the pores are clamoring, she was stunned for a long time, reached out to push him away, “get out of the way.” As soon as the man loosened his hand, she rolled onto the bed,Teardrop Pallet Racking, then got up and hit her head against the wall! “Little Dye!” Luo Xiao turned pale with fright. He rushed to hold her shoulders and pulled her away. The man’s pupils were scarlet and full of abnormal jealousy. “If I touch you, you will die, won’t you?”? Can’t you accept being my woman? Get out of here! Get out of here! Tong Ran only felt despondent, she reached out and grabbed her hair, the whole person squatted down, choking between the throat from panic to despair, “ah-ah-” Her shrill cry penetrated the whole villa, and the servants downstairs could not help looking up. What happened? “Small dye, you listen to me,” Luo Xiao pulled her up against the wall, he stared at her face, although it is a lie, but he believed that sooner or later he will really get her body that day, more or less a day does not make a difference, “I said, I want you will marry you, we can get married tomorrow, I will love you well, we will have children..” “I don’t want it, push back racking system ,asrs warehouse, I don’t want it, you go, go away!” Tong Ran was trembling all over. Her voice was hoarse and she couldn’t stop sobbing. “You’re not human, Luo Xiao. I hate you. I’m going to kill you.” As she spoke, she suddenly turned around, reached out and grabbed the vase on the side, and swung it all over Luo Xiao’s head! Bang A huge crash sounded, the vase smashed on the side of the man’s head, Luo Xiao cried out in pain, the whole person knelt down, blood flowed down his head, he was dizzy, stretched out his hand, a palm of blood red. She really wanted to kill him. Luo Xiao knelt on the ground, his hands on the floor, blood sliding across the side of his face, why, why Mo Nanjue’s original force can make her fall in love with him, why she would kill him. Why? He laughed out loud. Did he get what he wanted? Why did he feel so much pain? Tong Ran still holds the edge of the vase in her hand, she keeps shaking her head, her body retreats back, her shoulders tremble, “No, no, nothing happened..” Chapter 1215 you must hate me. (I read the full text of the novel website without a pop-up window) “Small dye,” Luo Xiao raised his head, blurred vision, “you are mine.” “I’m not.” Tong Ran footsteps floating, behind the cold wall, she suddenly threw away the things in her hands, reached for her head and squatted down, “I’m not, I don’t want to, let me go..” Her whole person slid down the wall, but a night, can torture each other into this, Luo Xiao always felt that the atmosphere of getting along with each other would only appear between her and Mo Nanjue, when did they become like this? He propped up his body and walked over. Tong Ran squatted in the corner, pulling his hair with both hands. It was completely painful. Luo Xiao reached out and pulled her up. “Xiao Ran..” Pow! She raised her hand and slapped him. After a slap, she slapped him again. Tong Ran waved her hand. I don’t know how long it took. Her palms were tingling. She cried out, “Luo Xiao, do you hate me?” “I love you.” “No, you don’t love me, you hate me, you must hate me.” Tong Ran reached out and grabbed his collar. “You didn’t touch me, did you?”? Luo Xiao, you tell me, you just played a joke on me, I am still clean, I am still Mo Nanjue a person. “I touched you, you are mine now,” Luo Xiao eyebrows suddenly gathered up the cold, he reached out to press her shoulder, let her look at themselves, “Tong Ran, you are my Luo Xiao woman, your body is mine, the heart will be mine..” “No!”! Get out of here! She roared, raised her hand and grabbed something on the side and hit him on the head, the glass hit him on the head, in the same place,heavy duty cantilever racks, the wound that was gushing blood was hit again, Luo Xiao frowned, and the whole person fell to the side! “Young Master!” 。 jracking.com


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