One apprentice, one pit.

For a long time, Chu Ruo could not stand Chu Yun’s cold reception, but the couple lived worse than strangers. Later, as soon as Chu Ruo changed her former lively and lovely demeanor, she became a mean, vicious and vexatious woman in the boudoir. She killed people several times and brought their affairs to Xiao Yi. Not to mention that Chu Yun is now a baby, it is rumored in his previous life that because of the demons in his heart, his cultivation has been stagnant in the golden elixir period, until. Xiao Yi dealt with the whole family of Weixi Daojun, and Chu Ruo was implicated in this matter. Not only did he not protect his wife, but he even watched Chu Ruo die tragically. He stayed out of the way and looked on coldly. After that, at the end of his life.. Later, the whole person was really out of the world of mortals, detached from things, lightly left the Kunlun Mountains, heard that he lived in a small courtyard full of peach blossoms, and never came out again. Only a thousand years later.. Chu Yun went to the realm of the Supreme Forgetting of Love, and went all the way up, and finally ascended to the Tao. Only then did he leap from a silent elder to another legendary figure in the Kunlun Mountains. Xiao Yi did not understand before, only felt that Chu Yun could not be entrusted, no matter whether the marriage was forced or not, as a man,aluminium edge trim, he did not fight against the marriage and fate he did not want, but after marrying a wife, he could not respect each other, and when his wife died, he just looked on coldly. Xiao Yi once thought that he was afraid of getting into trouble at that time, but later he was open-minded and seemed to untie his heart knot, so that he could soar all the way, as if he was not a person who was afraid of death. In the final analysis, Xiao Yi did not have much to do with Chu Yun in his last life,aluminum tile trim, and what he knew was a smattering of knowledge, not a deep understanding, and not much attention. Now Xiao Yi looked at Ling Yi’s charming smile and confirmed it. Previous life because of her death, became Chu Yun’s heart knot, gave birth to the heart demon. Xiu Wei will stagnate, and as to why after the death of Chu Ruo, he will see through. This is intriguing. Xiao Yi even suspected that when he was laying out the cancer families in the Kunlun Mountains, someone had been helping him in the dark. Eight out of ten? Jiu is Chu Yun. And this life watching Chu Yun and Ling get along, Chu Yun’s mind in Xiao Yi seems to be the most clear, Xiao Yi in charge of the Kunlun Mountains for thousands of years, in a high position, what conspiracy has not seen, the whole thing in the mind a turn, has understood the points. Original So. What was the little old man thinking again? Ling nodded between Xiao Yi’s eyebrows and flicked Xiao Yi’s slightly twisted brows. She couldn’t help sighing, “Why are everyone so concerned about Master’s life?” As soon as Ling pretended to be hurt, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel tile edging, she covered her heart and wailed, “Are you really afraid that I’ll become an old maid and won’t be able to get married?” “Master, don’t talk nonsense.” Xiao Yi couldn’t help laughing. In an instant, spring was warm and flowers were blooming like jade. “Master is so good. If you survive the disaster, you will be blessed.” “That’s what I thought.” Ling Yi patted Xiao Yi on the shoulder happily. “Well, go to sleep. Tomorrow, after I say goodbye to Brother Chu, we’ll go back to Lingyun Valley!”! I miss Master and them. “Then the master will rest early.” Seeing that Ling Yi did not seem to be worried about this matter, Xiao Yi was relieved, but instead of going to sleep, he turned around and went into the small courtyard, shouting several younger martial brothers. The candles in the room were lit all night, and he did not know what he was discussing. The next day, before dawn, Ling was awakened in a daze by the noisy voices of many people. She looked at the sky, but before she was fully awake, she heard someone outside the courtyard shouting and scolding, “Kill for your life. You master and disciples won’t be able to walk out of the Kunlun Mountains today!” Many people clamored to kill for their lives. Ling frowned and finally woke up. She was not in a hurry. She put on her clothes and washed slowly. Then she opened the door and went out. There was an array in the courtyard, and these people were not allowed to enter, so they surrounded the small courtyard. All the people who came were disciples of the Ten Thousand Methods. The crowd was indignant, and all of them were red-eyed and indignant. Xiao Yi several of them also walked out of the yard, to the front of Ling Yi, strange is that several people are not panic, look very calm, and very tacit understanding of one by one row, standing behind Ling Yi, a body momentum is not weak, as if Ling Yi is always the strongest backing behind her, immediately let Ling Yi feel reliable and warm. As soon as Ling withdrew from the formation, the disciples of Wan Fa Men rushed in at the first time. They were about to hit someone when they didn’t agree with each other. Ling held one hand and a strong boundary bounced off her body in an instant. All the people were bounced by the boundary. They immediately retreated and even fell a few times. Is that the rule of the Ten Thousand Dharma? Ling’s eyebrows and eyes were cold, and her eyes swept sharply over the crowd. “If you have anything to say, don’t be like a villager in the mountains. Without saying a word, you only know how to use force.” You.. What’s there to say to a bunch of murderers? Also do not know who shouted a sentence, the crowd became emotional, but in the end lonely Ling Yi’s strength, dare not rush forward, only surrounded them, afraid they ran in general. If you can’t talk, find someone who can talk. Ling is too lazy to talk nonsense with these people, and his voice falls. He saw a path split in the middle of the crowd of disciples of the Ten Thousand Methods. It was Huayuan Zhenjun, who had seen Wan Fa Men take the lead before. He was followed by several disciples, carrying two stretchers on which all the people lying were covered with white cloth. It’s two dead bodies. Ling Yi’s heart sank, and he had already guessed a few minutes. Sure enough, Huayuan Zhenjun came forward, and several disciples put two stretchers on the ground and lifted the white cloth. These two men were the main characters who had a conflict with Chi Mo at the beginning. One is Wu San, who was maimed by blazing ink, and the other. It was the disciple with good aptitude who took the lead in the later period of building the foundation. One of them, who was picked by Xiaoyi with the Seven Star Sword Array, should be a talented disciple who was trained by Wan Fa Men. Both of them should have been recovering in the Kunlun Mountains these days. They haven’t seen each other since then. Now goodbye. It was already two cold corpses, and they died miserably. They all had their hands and feet broken,china tile trim, their eyes gouged out, their tongues pulled out, and their wounds all over their bodies dried up. It was not too much to say that they were Ling Chi.


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