Peerless Myth of Online Games

“Relying on the old and selling the old is not worth mentioning.” Nameless answered casually, but this sentence made the people who had been in the dark angry half to death, roared angrily, and the sword gas all over the sky attacked nameless mercilessly. See this battle, nameless actually produced a trace of fear, because now these sword gas and just that powerful sword gas is exactly the same, if only a few of their own can take, but this sky sword rain, I really have no confidence. The roar of the explosion continued to ring, in the first layer of Xiaoyao feel the whole ground shaking up, those souls are also scared to hide immediately, leaving a face of stupefied Xiaoyao. Although nameless has reached the realm of artistic conception, but in the face of such a powerful attack that he never thought of, he also felt a little tired, he felt that he had reached the limit, I am afraid that in a short time he would not have the strength to resist. Watching, a sword gas is about to hit the nameless, “stop!” “Bang!” With a sound, a sword was inserted into the ground, leaving only a hilt. It turned out that Xiaoyao, who was on the first floor, had rushed in curiously because of the strong explosion. He happened to see the dangerous scene and hurriedly used his swordsmanship against the sword. Ow! But this kind of attack is not Xiaoyao can bear, hard to bring their own is also a huge injury, bright red blood flow out along the corners of the mouth. Swordsmanship? The sword of the knight-errant? Are you a contemporary knight-errant? The man in the dark cried out again in amazement. Chapter 14 of the Main Text: The Crisis of the Opening (Part I) China Library Xiaoyao one is stupefied, ask a way: “How can you know so much?” Remembering the words of the hider,industrial racking systems, it seemed that he was surprised that he was a knight-errant. Of course, I believe no one can know more about the knight-errant than I do! When the man in the dark spoke, his mouth was obviously full of pride. Who the hell are you? Me? You don’t need to know that yet, but I’d like to know why you came to the Soul Tower. “This is actually very simple. My friend and I came here to practice after listening to unintentional words. The strange things outside have no effect on us.” “That’s right, especially your friend has reached the primary stage of artistic conception. The strange practice outside really has no effect. But you are also a contemporary knight-errant. Why is your martial arts so little? It seems that you haven’t practiced well.” “This actually, I also have practice, just ~ ~ just me ~!” Xiaoyao said with a little embarrassment. “You don’t have to say much. Looking at your strength just now, I don’t know what kind of practice you have. I want to make a suggestion now. I don’t know if you are willing to accept it.” “Opinion?”? What opinion? After listening to his opponent’s words, Xiaoyao couldn’t help asking. If you stay here to practice, I can train you and make you stronger. Otherwise, your strength really insults the title of knight-errant. “Practice here?” “Yes, will you accept it?” “Well, I really want to make myself stronger. What about my friends?” “Your friend can’t stay. If it hadn’t been for you, drive in racking system ,warehouse storage racks, he wouldn’t be standing here alive now.” “But ~!” Xiaoyao just wanted to say, but was stopped by nameless, “Xiaoyao, need not say more, I stay here is really delaying your practice, I think I will go out, I am out to relax travel, well, then I go, you can practice well, when the time comes to accompany me to play a good game.” “Nameless said with a smile, the figure gradually disappeared in the dark entrance.” All right, you will stay here to practice in the future. If you have something to do, you should inform your friends first. During the practice, it is impossible to communicate with the outside world. “It’s nothing.” Anyway, the affairs of the guild are handled by Simon, and Xiaoyao thinks that it doesn’t matter even if he lacks himself. …… Gorgeous light dancing in the dark space, like the dance of ghosts, eerie and horrible, “Xiaoyao, your first sword is still too slow, if you enter the third layer at such a slow speed, you will be killed in less than a minute.” “Yes, I know. I will practice hard.” For Xiaoyao’s practice, he was really depressed. He practiced repeatedly every day. When he knew that he had learned the second way to turn around the universe, he increased the degree of practice. But it was a pity that after so many days of practice, he still didn’t know who he was. He didn’t even see his appearance clearly now. “Really, where did Xiaoyao go? He didn’t show up for such a long time, and the message always showed that he couldn’t send it. If it goes on like this, he won’t be able to catch up with tomorrow’s search at all.” In the hall of the chivalrous residence, the complete works of Lu Xiaofeng and Ximen are concentrated here. Is he still on Chivalrous Island? The sky asked with a smile. I don’t think so. If he were on Chivalrous Island, he would have received the news. “That’s strange. Where on earth can he be?” “If he doesn’t come back tomorrow, we’ll have to go by ourselves, so we’ll make sure what to do tomorrow.” Hua Manlou took out a piece of paper and wrote something on it. The official release of this news is obviously to attract more people to participate, but I believe that the participants in this event will not be short of experts. “Well, I wonder what the reward will be now. I hear there are unexpected good things in the dark depths.” The day smiled longingly and seemed to think of the time when he got something good. Who knows, in short, do your best, but since there will be good things, I believe there is also a great danger, things and the degree of danger is absolutely proportional. Xiaolou, you are too worried about pulling,warehouse pallet racks, relying on the strength of a few of us, are you afraid of any danger? Even if there is danger, it is not easy to get through. 。


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