Pool Cage Design and Construction in Ave Maria, Florida

Types of Pool Cage Design and Construction

Pool enclosures save money on repairs, reduce chemicals used and provide protection against fallen derbies and insects.


1. Mansard Design


A popular choice in Ave Maria because of its unique cage design and flat surface with angled edges. Its open design creates a spacious impression while its downward sliding section can be customized to take any geometrical shape – rectangular, square, or triangular.


Gables design

2. Gable Design


The gable design, or A-frame enclosure, consists of two sloping sides that create a triangle. Ave Maria homeowners with swimming pools distanced from the home benefit from its stand-alone feature.


hip design

3. Hip Design


Similar to the mansard design but without a flat midsection, the hip design slopes up from all sides that meet at the top, creating an illusion of increased height. Advantageous for wind resistance during storms.


shed design

4. Shed Design


With soaring beams and a unique construction, this budget-friendly option is designed to be an extension of the main roof of a house.


dome design

5. Dome Design


The most common design in Ave Maria, Florida homes. The Dome Design’s semicircular shape or “dome” structure delivers a sense of openness. In addition to its curbside appeal, this design is highly effective against winds and flying debris during stormy weather.