Qi Tian Lu _ Xiao Qian _ txt Novel Paradise

Zeng Jinghai looked nervous and said, “Senior, I need to practice real skills.” This is what he yearned for, with the method, the three of them have the capital to continue to practice. His eyes were full of expectation. Tang Po-ling nodded and said, “Do you want the most basic skills?”? What realm do you hope to reach? Qin Xiaotian listened curiously to their conversation. He is still very unfamiliar with the promotion of the realm of cultivation, but he understands the eleven realms of cultivation, namely, Xuan Zhao, Kai Guang, Fusion, Heart, Ling Ji, yuan Ying, Out of Body, Distraction, Combination, Crossing Plunder, and Mahayana. Each realm has its own difference. I don’t know what kind of practice Zeng Jinghai needs. From the Xuanzhao period to the Lingji period, the cultivation methods of these five realms are roughly the same,Magnesium Oxide MgO, except for a few special skills, but in the yuanying period, the cultivation methods of each school are very different. The first five realms are the basic cultivation, while the last six realms have their own characteristics. Zeng Jinghai said: “The practice of the heart period and the spiritual silence period.”. Tang Bailing shook his head slightly and said, “I can give you the most basic skills, but the skills you practiced before..” It must be a patchwork. There are subtle differences between the basic skills of each faction. You are not afraid to practice until the period of spiritual silence. Can’t you become yuan Ying? Ceng Jinghai, Xi Feng and Li Ming looked at each other helplessly. Ceng Jinghai sighed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, “Why don’t I know the drawbacks?” “We have no choice,” said Xi Feng. “We are very satisfied if we can get the true skill. How can we be picky?” Her voice was full of bitterness. Among the primary practitioners of Qianjie Star, there are many practitioners like them, who are usually called “wild practitioners”. Everyone knows that true cultivation can change their destiny. As long as there is a chance, no matter what kind of exercises, there are people to try. Tang Bailing, Zhou Xiaoning and Lei Madness discussed for a moment. Zhou Xiaoning took out a blank jade pupil slip, closed his eyes for a moment, and said, “All right.” Tang Bailing took over the milky white jade pupil slips and said, “This is a set of basic exercises from the period of rotation to the period of spiritual silence. You can make appropriate adjustments according to the original exercises. The exercises practiced in the period of yuan Ying..” We can’t provide it. It’s a unique skill of the school. If you can practice to the period of spiritual silence, any school will accept you as a disciple. Zeng Jinghai was overjoyed and almost jumped for joy. He took the jade pupil Jane and thanked him repeatedly, knowing in his heart that this time he was in the light of Qin Xiaotian. A piece of top-grade immortal stone can never be exchanged for this pro’s skill. In order to show that this is a fair exchange, Sanjie gave them the most ideal thing. He carefully put away the jade pupil slips, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the three of them showed a very excited light in their eyes. Qin Xiaotian was quite satisfied with the result and said casually, “yuan Ying Qi Gong Fa..” I have He was going to say, “If you need it, I can provide it.” But Zeng Jinghai didn’t understand what he meant. He said, “Elder Xiaotian, we don’t dare to expect to practice the skills in the period of yuan Ying. We’ll think of a way after we reach the period of spiritual silence.” Maybe we can worship a better school, hehe, then we will have the day to come out, and we can get the practice method of yuan Ying period. He could not imagine that Qin Xiaotian wanted to “send” them the practice method of yuan Ying period, and the whole person was still immersed in the excitement just now. Qin Xiaotian nodded and said, “Congratulations.” “We have other things to do,” Tang said. Xiaotian, can you tell us about your school? I invite you to visit Shadow Castle when you are free. Qin Xiaotian himself did not know what his school was. He said, “My school is not in Qianjie Star. Well, I live in a friend’s house, which is in the Double Sword Gate of Sixiang Town.” Tang Bailing three people looked at each other. Half ring, just say: “You … …” You’re a friend of Uncle yuan. Qin Xiaotian nodded awkwardly and said, “Yes, yuan Weixian is my friend.” He had no idea that everyone was one of his own. Since they were friends of yuan Weixian, what they had just done was too rash. Sanjie is also a face of embarrassment, Lei crazy scratching his head whispered, “your master will not know, ha ha.”. ” “Yes,” said Tang Po-ling with a smile, “who would say.. Xiaotian, you.. Why can’t I understand your realm? Not only is he confused, Zhou Xiaoning and Lei crazy also can not see the realm of Qin Xiaotian. Especially Qin Xiaotian shows the attack power, is lets them be puzzled. “This..” said Qin Xiaotian. I don’t know what level I have reached. Maybe I have a different way of practice from you. He really did not understand how shocking his way of training was, so he felt that there was nothing to brag about; he also did not know how different he was, neither yuan Ying and Zhen yuan Li, nor war armor and flying sword. After all, Zeng Jinghai three people are low-level practitioners, they dare not interrupt, just listen quietly in one side. The three Tang Bailing brothers looked puzzled. Zhou Xiaoning asked, “Do you practice in different ways?”? Are you a descendant of Buddhism? Qin Xiaotian shook his head and said, “What Buddhism?”? Ha ha, my practice method is quite strange, moreover I just started, even the imperial sword flight also cannot. In fact, after he became “Yan Lan Song”, he could fly without a flying sword, but he had not tried it yet. Tang Bailing was the elder brother of the three. He couldn’t figure out what method Qin Xiaotian was practicing. However, there were all kinds of strange methods in the realm of cultivation, and it was impossible to understand each one. He said, “Can’t you fly with the sword?”? Uh. Maybe Xiaotian’s method of practice is quite special? He motioned to Zhou Xiaoning and Lei Crazy not to continue to ask questions. Every cultivator has his own secret,potassium sulphate fertilizer, if Qin Xiaotian is not a friend of yuan Weixian, they will not talk about such a topic. Ceng Jinghai finally waited for an empty space and interjected: “Senior..” This He looked at Tang Bailing and hesitated to say something. “What’s the matter?” Asked Tang Po-ling with a smile. Ceng Jinghai plucked up his courage and said, “Can the elder..” Give us a ‘recommended’ ‘? “. Qin Xiaotian did not understand what Zeng Jinghai meant by recommendation. stargrace-magnesite.com


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