Ravaged, you are also reborn by back killer

At this time, the twins kept silent and looked at Ye Rumeng. Ye Rumeng blinked and looked innocent. Seeing Ye Changfeng staring at herself, she had no choice but to bite the bullet and say, “This one is called Blue Clothes, and this one is called Purple Clothes..” Then she laughed awkwardly. What name could she think of for a while? Purple and blue have seen the master! The twins folded their fists together. These two people call, Ye Changfeng some stunned, looked at Ye Rumeng, Ye Rumeng scratched his head, I do not know how to explain, this is too sudden. Ziyi opened her mouth calmly and said, “The two of us drifted to the capital and saved the girl by chance. Since the girl is willing to take us in, we don’t want money. We just need to take care of food and accommodation. I hope the master won’t dislike us.” “Yes, yes,” said Blue. “We don’t eat much. We only need a bowl of rice for a meal.” “This..” Ye Changfeng asked Ye Rumeng with his eyes. Ye Rumeng could only bite his lips and look up at him. “Dad, can you?” Ye Changfeng is a delicate person, feel that the current situation is somewhat strange, it seems that it is not as simple as it looks on the surface. He took another look at the twins and saw that their faces were magnanimous and generous, and they looked like Jianghu children who did not stick to trifles. However, how could he let two people who did not know the root stay with his daughter. But at a glance he made a decision, gently declined: “The two girls saved my daughter, we should give a reward.”. Uncle Fu! Ye Changfeng called out to the yard,Walking measuring wheel, “take these two girls to the inn to rest.” Uncle Fu had already asked his men to tie up the big fellow who had fainted to death and let them go to the Yamen. When he had finished, he patted the dust on his sleeve and walked out quickly. “Please come with me, two girls.” The two sisters looked at each other. Ziyi stepped forward and said in a low voice, “Uncle Ye, do you remember He Ruman?” When Ye Changfeng heard this, he was taken aback and looked carefully at the twins in front of him. “You are..” The two men in purple knelt down and folded their fists and said, “You have no worries. I want to pay my respects to Uncle Ye. Thank you for saving his life.” “You!” Ye Changfeng is stupefied, hurriedly two people help up,cattle weight tape, “you two people!”! It’s actually.. Relieving and worry-free! “Exactly!” Ziyi said, “When we go back to Beijing this time, we have nothing else to think about. We just want to follow Uncle Ye, serve his wife and protect the girl!” “Where is your elder sister?” Ye Changfeng hurriedly asked, “is she all right?” “Uncle Ye can rest assured that the elder sister is very good, and she is also in Beijing now.” These three people suddenly changed from strangers to long-lost relatives, a look of deep affection, see Ye Rumeng bite his finger, what is the situation? Are the two sisters acting to deceive her father or. She really can’t see it at all. Without saying a word, Ye Changfeng immediately took the two sisters back to the house, walked a few steps, only to remember that his own daughter was still behind, and hurriedly turned back to take her with him. Uncle Fu went out of the alley and drove several people back to the mansion. On the carriage, Ye Rumeng knew the life experience of the two sisters. It turned out that the father of the two sisters, Horse weight lbs ,horse weight tape, He Ruman, was originally a guard in Ye Guogong’s mansion, and was highly valued by Ye Changfeng. When Ye Changfeng left the mansion, he also recommended He Ruman to be the prison history of Dali Temple. He had done a good job, but ten years ago, a felon of Dali Temple fled, but Dali Temple pushed him out to take the blame. He Ruman could not bear the torture to extort a confession in prison and committed suicide by hitting the wall to prove his innocence. Ye Changfeng for this case for a long time, finally why such as full wash away the injustice, but his wife Liu is still depressed and die. Before her death, Liu was afraid that her daughters would be retaliated against in the capital, so she told her eldest daughter to leave the capital with her two younger sisters to seek refuge with her mother’s family. Before leaving, Ye Changfeng gave the three sisters a large sum of money and asked the Escort Agency to escort them. Liu’s mother’s family, in fact, also opened the Escort Agency. After the sisters arrived, they settled down there. After a party of people returned to the mansion, Lin Shi saw the two sisters surprised again and again, and asked Uncle Fu to go to the inn to pick up their elder sister. Their elder sister He Wangyou, Lin Shi watched her grow up, this He Shi husband and wife are both martial arts people, but this He Wangyou does not like to use force, since childhood has developed a knowledgeable and reasonable, gentle and virtuous temperament, won the love of Lin Shi. After the two sisters rested for a while, Ziyi said, “We three sisters have just arrived in the capital today. We never thought that we would be destined to save the girl on our way to the mansion.”. If Uncle Ye doesn’t mind and is willing to take us in, the two of us will stay with the girl to protect her. “Uncle Ye, please rest assured!” Blue Yi then said, “We two grew up in the Escort Agency, and we also played darts with our uncles. My uncle said that our martial arts were superior to those of our parents!” “No,” Ye Changfeng said hurriedly. “Now that you sisters have come to the capital, I’ll take good care of you. You can stay in the mansion.” “I hope Uncle Ye will help me!” The two sisters suddenly got up and knelt down, and Ziyi said, “Thanks to Uncle Ye, we three sisters were able to return to Xuzhou smoothly.”. The elder sister often said that if there is still a chance in this life, we should repay Uncle Ye as cattle and horses. “If Uncle Ye doesn’t want to take him in, we can only go back to Xuzhou to continue escorting darts.” Ye Changfeng frowned and said nothing. Uncle Ye. The two sisters looked up at him with hope in their eyes. You two get up first. Lin Shi can not see the past, to come forward to help two people, Ye Rumeng hurriedly also got up to help each other. What on earth is the situation! These two sisters are not impostors, are they? The two sisters insisted on not getting up. “If Uncle Ye doesn’t agree with us, we’ll leave for Xuzhou tomorrow.” Ye Changfeng sighed lightly, “you get up, I hire you two to protect Mengmeng.” After a pause, he added, “Ten taels of silver a month.” It’s better to keep the sisters in the house than to show their faces outside, and he and his wife will find them a good family. This The two sisters looked at each other. “Ten taels of silver. That’s too much.” Indeed, if they do this, it’s not bad to have a few taels of silver in a month. Ye Changfeng’s cold face,Pi tape measure, “if it’s too much, then go back to Xuzhou.” The two sisters got up hurriedly. “Purple and blue, thank the master!” The two sisters even changed their words to be on the same wavelength. tapemeasure.net


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