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The author has something to say: I like the warm wine of the war of words. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-12-18 17:52:40 to 2019-12-19 17:55:13. Thanks to the little angels who threw the mines: three Cai Chen who loved Nannan; one Yu Yue, one Mu Heng Leo, one 20536393, one Long Zhi Zhi, and one Zhu Lu Qing Ya; Thanks to the little angels who irrigate the nutrient solution: 45 bottles of Lu’an; 30 bottles of Lu Baobai; 10 bottles of book fans; 5 bottles of Panggua Panggua; 1 bottle of Chang’an Na, Nian Qing Ya and Hua Yixuan; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 54. Taixiaozi gazed and looked doubtfully at Sheng Yueji for a moment. Sheng Yueji made him feel uncomfortable. Although Taixiaozi’s eyes were beautiful peach blossom eyes, the look inside was always as cold as an abyss. What are you looking at? Sheng Yueji stepped back and asked. Taixiaozi stood up and put the whisk in his arms. “So I understand why someone sang the Tao Te Ching yesterday and changed the words.” “What do you mean?” Sheng Yueji asked that the song had been sung on the flower music that day, and there was nothing wrong with it. Taixiaozi took another look at Sheng Yueji and explained, “She used the song of Tao Te Ching as bait to lure the poor to the opposite side. She didn’t listen to the white building. She’s a very clever person. Didn’t you think of that?” Sheng Yueji immediately scolded, “What a trick!” Taixiaozi: “…” This is not difficult to understand, right? “Are you indifferent to her wanton tampering with Taoist books?” Sheng Yueji asked again. It’s just a song. It doesn’t hurt. But Taixiaozi said. You Sheng Yueji was so angry that she sneered, “Taixiaozi, do you also think I’m being importunate?”? Wen Ruan set up a trap for me everywhere. Don’t you understand? Taixiaozi did not know what she meant by “setting up a game everywhere”, but he knew that Wen Ruan would make her angry if he could force Sheng Yueji, a person who looked down on rumors, to lose his temper and be jealous. I don’t know what Taixiaozi thought, but he only said, “I will go down the mountain, but I won’t help you kill her.” “Why?!” Taixiaozi did not answer Sheng Yueji’s words, because in Taixiaozi’s opinion, the battle in the limelight was not serious enough to take people’s lives. The more angry Sheng Yueji was, the more mistakes she made. No wonder she heard that there were few guests in the White House yesterday. Let’s go down the hill first. Taixiaozi finally only said. He needs an excuse to go down the mountain and find out the whereabouts of the prince. Sheng Yueji is his best reason at present. When Taixiaozi went down the mountain, it was the time for lunch break in the courtyard. Wen Ruan and Yu Yue were sitting together,medium duty racking, chatting about a hairpin between Yu Yue’s temples. This one is special. Who picked it for you? Wen Ruan asked with a smile. Yesterday, your second brother said that I raised my hand well, and that I had worked hard to help the playboy shout slogans, so he gave me this as a thank-you gift. Isn’t it nice? Yu Yue held the hairpin. Well, it looks good. It suits you. Wen Ruan laughed. Lv Zejin behind him looked up, pursed his lower lip, and poked Yu Yue in the back with a book: “Didn’t you like these things before?” “You want to take care of it?” Yu Yue gave him a white look and continued to talk and laugh with Wen Ruan. Lv Zejin was stunned. Yes, it’s none of her business what she likes. After school, Lv Zejin went straight home, not like before, either to listen to the white building, or drinking outside, metal racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, he came back so early, the adults at home are a little surprised. When he came to the courtyard of Prince Jin, Lu Zejin made a formal salute: “Dad.” “No money to spend again?” Prince Jin, who was over forty years old and in good health, hummed rudely. No, I want to discuss something with you. “If you want to marry Sheng Yueji, unless your father and I die!” “No!” What is that? If you want to move out again, I’ll break your legs! “Father!” “You can’t even call Grandpa!” I want to break off the engagement with Yu Yue. ” Prince Jin turned around and looked at his worthless son. “Break off the engagement so that you can go to Hualou every day,” he shouted. “Father.” Lv Zejin sighs, also do not blame his father to his such manner, really before he makes his father angry not light. He said in a good voice, “Father, neither Yu Yue nor I like this marriage, and she has a good relationship with the second son of the Wen family. I don’t want to ruin the girl’s marriage.” “So?” Asked Prince Jin. Lv Zejin sat on the chair opposite his father and said sincerely, “As long as you solve this marriage, I promise you, I will never go to listen to the white building, not to find Sheng Yueji, what Ji I will not find, I study hard, test a fame, I give you a long face, do you think it’s OK?” Prince Jin’s trust in his son was negative, and when he heard Lu Zejin’s sincere words, he still did not believe them. Touching his beard, he asked, “Are you fooling me again?” Lv Zejin wiped his face and explained again, “No, I’m telling you the truth. You must have known that the garrison in Beijing did not quit the backstage yesterday. Then you should know that I was there yesterday.”. I didn’t go to find Sheng Yueji after listening to Bai Lou Xian Yin Banquet yesterday. Do you think I will go there again? “Dad, I know I used to be a bastard, not like a person, and I gave you a lot of trouble at home, but you have to give me a chance to turn over a new leaf, right?”? I see Yu Yue. I think she likes Mr. Wen very much, and I don’t want to drag her down. Prince Jin looked at Lu Zejin quietly for a long time, as if he was judging the truth of his words. But know the son is not like the father, Lv Zejin a intestines to the end, can not play those roundabout routines, Prince Jin also know. He gave a deep sigh and said, “You told me this a long time ago. What did I tell you then?” “You said don’t even think about it.” Lu Zejin smiled,automated warehouse systems, “but today is different from the past.” “After a few days of reading, I can still drag words.” Prince Jin laughed and said, “Now I still say that. Don’t even think about it.” “Why?” 。


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