How to Treat Wolf Worm in Cats The most common worm in cats is the roundworm. It can be found anywhere in a cat’s body, but it prefers to live and grow inside of a cat’s intestines. Fortunately, several treatment options are available for your pet that will get rid of these nasty little pests! This blog post provides information on what wolf worms are and how they affect cats, as well as tips for preventing them from infecting your feline friend. what is a wolf worm Wolf worms in cats can be pretty rare, but it’s one of the most disgusting things you might ever see when they do occur. Veterinary attention must be sought immediately because these types only grow more prominent and, unless removed quickly enough, will spread throughout other parts giving rise again to even worse symptoms than before! Kayifamilys Cuterebra or wolf parasite in cats   Cuterebra or wolf parasite is a type of fly that usually preys on rabbits and rodents. This fly is also known as the New World Rodent Bot Fly. It has been known to infest several cat breeds such as Siberian, Manx, Persian, Siamese and Norwegian Forest Cats. Wolf flies […] read more