Take the west entrance

Just then, a beggar with disabled legs moved to this side, only to see the disabled beggar holding a half-head brick in one hand, beating his dirty chest with the brick, staring at Taichun and Mongolian gazelle with a pair of horrible eyes: “Sir!”! Have pity on me. … Have pity on me. The disabled beggar’s chest was beaten by a brick with many blood marks. Seeing this, the Mongolian gazelle dragged Taichun and said, “Brother, let’s go.” But the beggar grabbed Taichun’s trouser legs and refused to let them go. During the argument, Zhang Youhe came from the opposite side. He saw the copper coins in the feudal hands and knew that they must have been given by Taichun and Huangyang. So he grabbed the copper coins from the feudal hands and gave them to Taichun: “You can’t sympathize with such people!” Feudal jumped up and hugged Zhang Youhe’s leg: “Shopkeeper Zhang!”! Please do me a favor Have pity on me. Zhang Youhe lifted his feet and kicked the feudalism away: “Roll!” “Why are you doing this?” Taichun advised Zhang Youhe, “He has come to this point. Why do you still have the same experience as him?”? Let’s go. Let’s go. 。” Then Taichun dragged Zhang Youhe forward. They had already walked a long way. They could still hear the feudal shouting and scolding: “Zhang Youhe, you are a poisonous snake. You have a heart of snakes and scorpions. It is you who made me end up like this.” You will die a terrible death. Zhang Youhe said, “Feudalism is called self-inflicted!”! Remembering when he framed me. My heart is still angry. I have to watch him become a real beggar, just like the beggar who beat his chest with a brick just now, bleeding, breaking his ribs and turning into a hungry ghost in the street, lying down and being dragged to the grave to feed wild dogs, so as to relieve my hatred. Mongolian gazelle: “Is this too vicious?”? Brother Youhe 。” Zhang Youhe: Are you saying that I am vicious? Or is feudalism cruel to me? ? If it hadn’t been for you two brothers borrowing money here and there,industrial racking systems, it would have made a hole for me. Saved my urgent, was expelled by Wen Quanbao is not his feudal but I Zhang Youhe, stretched out his hand to beg along the street will also be I Zhang Youhe! Taichun and the Mongolian gazelle looked at each other and said nothing. After walking for a while, the Mongolian gazelle said, “Brother Youhe, we still have something to do to go to the wide lane,pallet rack shelving, so we’re going this way!” Then he dragged Taichun into the wide lane and left Zhang Youhe at the corner of the street. Entering the wide lane, Taichun asked, “What are you doing, Mongolian gazelle?”? What are we doing in the wide alley? ?” Mongolian gazelle: “Zhang Youhe this person …” We might as well hide. “Don’t forget, Mongolian gazelle,” said Taichun with a smile. “He’s our elder brother.” Mongolian gazelle: “Right, you are elder brother, he also is elder brother, but elder brother and elder brother are different!” When the shop is not very busy, Taichun will look through the books at home and sort out the big and small things in the business. This was perhaps the happiest time for the whole family. Yulian sat beside her husband doing needlework. Suisheng was already seven years old. He was lying on the small Kang table, holding his father’s old account book and stumbling to recognize the words on it. Pointing to the words on the account book, Suisheng asked Yulian, push back racking system ,teardrop pallet racking, “Mom, do you recognize these two words?” Yu Lian: “Silly son, where does mom know?” Suisheng: Mom, this is tea. Look, this is brown sugar and this is a folding fan. Yulian said with a smile, “My baby is still promising!”! Your mother has been dealing with tea and brown sugar all day. But I don’t know these words. Hey, Suisheng, you tell mom. Who taught you to read so many words? Suisheng: “I learned from my father.” Yu Lian: “His father, you listen, our son can read.” Taichun: “But I didn’t teach him.” Sui Sheng: “You write on the table every day, and I will watch it.” Taichun: Eh! That’s true You have stolen father’s knowledge. Yulian: “How can you say it’s stolen? This is our baby’s soul.”. Haven’t you heard the saying that you don’t need a hammer to beat a drum. Our baby is the drum. Taichun: “Well, son, your mother is right.”. You write a few words to show your father. Suisheng dipped in the root of the water in the tea bowl and wrote a few more words. Taichun looked at it and wrote “Camel, Horse”. Taichun said happily, “Yes, it’s all right! Seven years old? You must be promising when you grow up tomorrow. ” Yulian: “His father, you also find a foreign teacher for Suisheng, let the foreign teacher teach Suisheng to learn foreign language, in the future will not grow up to be a trader with two tongues?” Taichun: Good, good. This is a great idea! Sui Sheng Would you like to go to school? “Yes,” cried Suisheng. The next morning, Taichun took his son’s hand and came to the gate of Gufeng Academy. Suisheng asked, “Dad, is this the Academy sponsored by the Tongsi Chamber of Commerce?” Taichun: “It’s sponsored by Tongsi Chamber of Commerce …” Hey, why do you know everything? Suisheng: “I heard it from Mr. Lu in Sanyitai.” Tai Chun: “This child, you can hear the words of anyone.” Suisheng: “I heard from Mr. Lu that Sanyitai has also donated to this Academy.” Tai Chun: “I can tell you to listen to your husband honestly after you go in. You dare not say anything like at home.”. What donation is not donation? You, a child, don’t mind your own business. The important thing is to do your own study well. Remember? Suisheng: “Remember.” That evening, when Suisheng came back from school, he put down his schoolbag and took off his cotton-padded robe. He said to his mother, “Mother, I’ll go to the door and play for a while.” Yulian arranged for dinner and ordered, “Don’t go far. I’ll be back after a while.” Suisheng promised and ran away with a monkey in his hand. This monkey is a top, which children smoke and play with, and people outside the mouth are used to calling it a monkey. Yulian sat down on a small stool to choose a dish. She hadn’t seen Suisheng come back for about half a meal. Seeing that it was almost dark, she shouted outside, “Suisheng!” Suisheng! He shouted twice and no one answered. Yulian was a little worried. She put down her business and went out. “This child said she was playing for a while, but I don’t know where she went.” Yulian called Suisheng all the way. From Taichun home is a small alley, along the alley to the west dozens of steps to the street,industrial racking systems, Diwang drugstore in the south of the alley, yuan Hecheng firm in the north. The front of the shop was covered with stone slabs, which were smooth and funny. Suisheng took a small whip to beat the monkey on the stone slab in front of yuan Hecheng’s shop. kingmoreracking.com


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