The Adventure of Picking Up a Mermaid Egg (Spirit God Strange Mermaid Birth) Author: Xie Ye

At that moment, another irrelevant voice suddenly sounded in the sealed room. Just? Aunt, are you sure? “Who?!” “Oh, you two were just discussing me, and you didn’t recognize my voice so soon?” The voice that appeared out of thin air chuckled. Jiang Jinghai? Where are you? Come out quickly, don’t play tricks! The woman began to run back and forth across the room, trying to find the source of the sound. If you want to find me out, my aunt can save some energy. Let’s get down to business first. My aunt and uncle must be familiar with the name’Shelo ‘, right? Just now you were talking about her. I don’t know how she’s doing in Germany now. Do you miss her? The husband and wife inside the room hears speech face to change in succession, the woman is still hard: “We do not understand what you are saying.” “Tut, when my aunt contacted Peng Tong, the killer organization, how much did she spend on my life?”? I wonder how much my life is worth. “What the hell are you talking about?” The woman’s voice was already a little trembling, and it sounded like she was trying to cover it up. We all know what you have done. Do you need me to replay what you just said? Jinghai’s voice is very indifferent, there is no urgent pressure to force them to admit immediately, just indifferent to kill them with facts. Soon, the conversation between Qin Wenqing and her husband Cao Yiqiang sounded again in the room. Strangely, the content of the broadcast was not only the conversation they had just had,fine bubble diffuser, but also the quiet discussion they had had before. Qin Wenqing’s face was pale, and suddenly she went crazy and wandered around the room, searching every corner, even under the bed, but in the end it was in vain, and she couldn’t find out where the sound came from. Eavesdropping on us, vile! Qin Wenqing’s face with delicate makeup was twisted at the moment,fine bubble diffuser, staring bitterly at a certain point in the air, as if Jinghai was standing there accepting her hatred. Ha ha, relative to aunt you instigate relatives to provoke my feelings and friends, send a killer to cooperate with her assassination of my behavior, a little eavesdropping is really nothing. Jinghai tut said, did not expect Qin Wenqing has not yet felt a little bit of guilt or introspection for what she has done. Hum, we are all law-abiding citizens. Do you think you can slander us with a few words? Qin Wenqing still refuses to admit it. Oh? I still have some interesting things on hand, such as the details of your transfer to Peng Tong. I think Grandpa will be curious about your intention to transfer such a large sum of money, right? Next door to Qin Wenqing, Cao Yiqiang looked ashen and said, “Wife, forget it.”. He already knows, so don’t be stubborn. Ahem, lamella clarifer ,rotary vacuum disc filters, that Jinghai? Since you communicate with us in this way, I don’t think you necessarily want to make a big deal. Tell me, what do you want? “Oh, my uncle knows the current affairs.”. Before I tell you why I’m here, I want to ask my aunt why she did it. In fact, Jinghai was also very puzzled. At that time, he had not recognized his grandfather. Why did his aunt attack him? “Why?”? It’s simple, because of your damn grandmother and mother! Speaking of this, Qin Wenqing began to be hysterical again. Jinghai’s voice was cold: “For grandpa’s sake, I respectfully call you aunt.”. Please be respectful. If you insult my grandmother and mother again, don’t blame me for being rude. “Oh, I just want to scold.”. They’re all bitches. There was a sharp snap. Qin Wenqing covered her red and swollen cheeks, as if she had been slapped out of thin air, and she stared at the empty air, so startled that she did not know what to say. Wife, how are you? Cao Yiqiang hurriedly helped his wife, who had been beaten askew, with a nervous face. You! You! If you hit me, I’ll say so! I don’t care if you’re pretending to be a ghost or something, you and your grandmother are not good things. “Bang!” There was a second snap. ” Whoo. If it weren’t for you, my mother and father wouldn’t have quarreled all day because of this. If it weren’t for you, my father and mother would have been happy all the time and would take good care of me and my brothers. All because of you! As a result, my father often does not come home, and every time my father sees me, he thinks that he has a lost daughter! You are the ones who destroyed our happy family! I hate you! I wish you would go to hell and die a terrible death! After listening to Qin Wenqing’s vague but still clear words, Jinghai was silent for a long time. Unexpectedly, the grudges of the previous generation extended to their next generation. Grandma left decisively and simply, and she helped the happy marriage with her own withdrawal. But she never thought that once Grandpa recovered his memory, there would be cracks and shadows in that happy marriage. At present, Qin Wenqing is the best portrayal and proof. Jinghai sighed, and at the same time admired the old lady Qin very much, presumably she had no hard feelings for herself in her heart, right? But she had no negative emotions like disgust in front of herself, and her uncle must have a very complicated heart. Are they hiding too deep, or do they really not care? With a deep sigh, Jinghai suddenly felt tired and did not want to delve into the entanglement. Aunt, you have a reason to hate. However, Grandma did nothing. Grandma would rather lose her husband than destroy the marriage between Grandpa and Grandma Ping. I can tell you for sure that my grandmother and mother did everything wrong. It was only fate that made Grandpa meet them before and after his amnesia. I don’t comment on their generation. If you are determined to put the blame on us, I have no problem with it. I can let go of what you’ve done before, but it’s important that if you do something that hurts my family and friends again, don’t blame me for doing something regardless of Grandpa’s feelings. Cao Yiqiang heard this ecstasy: “Rest assured,rapid sand filters, Jinghai, we will never do such a silly thing again.”. We’re relatives with broken bones and tendons, aren’t we? God knows what kind of relative he is. Qin Wenqing kept her face in her husband’s arms and refused to speak.


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