The best prodigal daughter

In response to Cruise’s aggressive tone, Jolie was not angry and said, “Well, I can give you a few antidotes, and the place where we talk is at the border.”! Antipoison pills. You can. We can test it, so we don’t have to worry about lying to you! Good! If so, I am willing to sign a five-year covenant with the Holy Spirit not to violate each other! Will also help the Holy Spirit to contact the other three countries! Cruise said with a glint in his eyes. Julie said, “There are eighty-one antidote pills here. One is used to test several people. As long as it proves to be effective, the other eighty are tested to see if they are the same.” And Julie took out. Took two bottles, divided the pills, and gave them to Cruise! Cruise nodded and said, “Within three days, I will reply to Lord Huofeng.” “You can contact us from Thunder!” Julie finished and motioned to Hawley to remove the barrier! As soon as the barrier was removed, we received a message. Except for Celia and the Holy Spirit. Other empires have fallen. The following is free: Because today is busy,heavy duty metal racking, so there is only one watch today, at least four watches tomorrow.. Sorry about that ! Chapter one hundred and twenty: the action of the ruling “Now your Majesty can take my word for it?” Julie snorted coldly! Cruise seemed to be ten years older all of a sudden. He said decadently, “It’s no use. The three empires have fallen. These are all designed. Our four empires have been beaten by the Holy Spirit. There are only private soldiers hidden by the royal family and a few ancestors.”. This allowed the ruling to quickly capture the three empires. My Celian Empire is coming soon.. Maybe your Holy Spirit Empire can hold out for a while. But it won’t last long! Then Cruise shook his head and prepared to leave! “It turns out that being a king of an empire is like this!” Julie snorted coldly. What do you know! No king would want to see his empire destroyed in his own hands! I don’t want to, but.. If the five empires had not lost so many troops, A United war can be fought, but.. Now .. Ha-ha .. I’m really wrong. .. Why didn’t I realize that I had been wondering since the beginning of the matter of the Lord of Flying Dragon? .. But in order to expand the territory. In the verdict of this plan to sow dissension! Cruise threw back his head and laughed. Julie shook her head,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and after Cruise said it, she realized what the problem was. Weird from the start. How did the Holy Spirit Empire determine that the Lord of Flying Dragon was related to the Celia Empire, and who was the one who left the Lord of Flying Dragon? After that, there were signs that there was a problem, and the two empires were still so easy to quarrel over unwarranted things. Every emperor wants to extend the boundaries of his empire.. This is the desire of the emperor. 。 That’s why it’s so easy to fall for.. “Your Majesty, in any case, if you haven’t fought, how do you know you will lose?”! It is better to fight than to wait for death. Julie expostulated that the three empires were now controlled by the ruling.. That means there are three fewer threats to the verdict. 。 And they have three less powers! “Cruise, Fire Phoenix is right. I, Celia, heavy duty cantilever racks ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, have no cowards!” Said Hawley. Cruise thought for a moment and said, “Well, I believe that the Lord of Fire Phoenix is also willing to form an alliance with the Holy Spirit. If this disaster can be avoided, as long as the Holy Spirit Empire does not betray the covenant, Celia will always be a friend of the Holy Spirit Empire!” Huofeng nodded his head. Your Majesty, I hope you can stay in Yueyue City! “Why?” Said Hawley. Please don’t misunderstand, the defense of Yueyue City is the safest now! A few can be together in Yueyue City, if separate, I am afraid we can not protect a few! Huofeng explained. Now in the critical period, after several discussions, Hawley agreed to the idea of Huofeng. After all, the three empires really fell, and not by the Holy Spirit, but by mysterious forces. Now the Holy Spirit Empire is the strongest of the five empires, plus this critical period, there is no need to make trouble, there is no need to use this dark means to obtain Celia! In order not to make a big move. Cruise did not bring anyone with him except Hawley. As for the explanation in the palace, Cruise also arranged.. Julie took everyone back to Yueyue City and immediately rang! Ding! The Holy Spirit Empire signed an alliance contract with the Celian Empire! This message is broadcast three times in a row! Not long after the news fell, the system rang again. Ding! The King of the Naran Empire is dead! Ding! The King of the Yarkor Empire is dead! Ding! The King of Caesar is dead! Ding! All the officials and the royal family of the Naran Empire were assassinated! Ding! All the officials and the royal family of the Yakel Empire have been assassinated! Ding! All the officials and the royal family of the Caesar Empire were assassinated! Ding! There are three empires, namely, the Naran Empire, the Yakel Empire and the Caesar Empire, which are ungoverned and unmanaged, and all the cities of the three empires are downgraded to no main cities! Ding! Those who reach, can occupy the city! A series of system messages shocked Julie and others and frightened the two imperial kings. Unexpectedly, only a few days later, the three empires disappeared.. The royal blood has been strangled. .. Not even a chance of revenge. !” Orh said with a slight trill. Julie shook her head and said, “We still don’t know the power of the tribunal.”. They don’t control the three empires! But this is more terrible! Now the three empires have no main cities.. All ambitious players and other small countries 。 Will find a way to get a piece of the cake! Cruise nodded and said, “I’ve been taken in once, but I won’t be taken in again!”! Now both the Celian Empire and the Holy Spirit Empire have problems protecting themselves. If you are greedy and send troops to capture the cities of the three empires.. It is likely that the court will not do it. The Holy Spirit and Celia were breached by countless small nations! But it seems that this time.. The ruling is to destabilize the whole continent. !” Everyone knows what Cruise means! Soon the whole continent will be in turmoil, for the huge territory of the three empires, will be crazy! He stroked his chin and squinted and said, “Actually,shuttle rack system, this is also an opportunity!” Julie looked at it, slapped it for money and said, “Don’t keep me in suspense. Say it quickly!” Others are also curious to watch and ask for money!.


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