The gate of creation

Song Chengbo’s speed is very fast, and the speed of chasing cattle is not slow. In just one day, Song Chengbo stopped. Ningcheng has the empty location of the Fallen Star Temple, and he knows that the periphery of the Fallen Star Temple has arrived. To Ning’s shock, he saw two huge pillars here. Each pillar is very thick, standing in the void, simply do not know where to stretch, at least Ningcheng’s divine consciousness can not sweep the two pillars to where in the end. Brother Song, I have never been to the Fallen Star Temple. Why are there two pillars here? “Ning Cheng was puzzled and asked with folded fists.”. Song Chengbo pointed to the two pillars and said, “I heard that this is the beginning of chaos, the general space between the plane and the interface is extremely chaotic, simply can not survive for a long time.”. At the intersection of the planes of the Eternal Night Domain, the reason why the monks can survive is because of the two pillars here. As for how these two pillars came from, I don’t know. It is impossible for anyone to understand where these two pillars lead to, and no one can follow them to the other end. One thing I can tell you is that the Temple of the Fallen Star is the easiest place to cross the plane because of these two pillars. Ningcheng looked at the endless pillar, and a feeling of insignificance rose in his heart. He had some doubts about whether the two monks who were fighting for Ziyin Shenquan beads had come here to leave the Everlasting Night Land through this place and enter another plane. Brother Song, do you enter the Fallen Star Temple from the middle of these two pillars? Ningcheng asked, pointing to the two huge pillars. You’re right. If you want to enter the Temple of the Fallen Star, you must enter between these two pillars. The space behind these two pillars is so chaotic that when you get in, you have to be careful of your own life. Song Chengbo nodded. So when do we go in? Ningcheng asked. Song Chengbo put away his flying magic weapon and motioned to Ningcheng not to worry. “Don’t worry, we’ll wait for a while.”. I have an appointment with two friends, and they haven’t come yet. Hearing that Song Chengbo had made an appointment with someone, Ningcheng simply put away his pursuit of cattle and stood aside. He heard about the Fallen Star Temple from Duan Gantai. This was indeed his first visit. As for the danger inside the Fallen Star Temple, he did not know anything about it. Stay behind Song Chengbo. At least he doesn’t have to take the lead. Thinking that Song Chengbo was already a strong man in the realm of heaven and must have experienced the process of promotion to the realm of heaven, Ningcheng simply asked,304 stainless steel wire, “Brother Song, I want to be promoted to the realm of Heaven, but it has been a long time since my destiny was fulfilled, and I still feel that it is out of reach.”. Brother Song is already a strong man in the position of Heaven. Ningcheng would like to ask Brother Song how to touch the edge of the position of Heaven? Song Chengbo looked up and down at Ningcheng and said with a smile, “This is my experience.” Ningcheng took out a piece of ore and gave it to Song Chengbo. “Brother Song, this is a refining material I occasionally got, so I gave it to Brother Song.” Song Chengbo didn’t care much about it, but when his divinity swept over the ore, he suddenly exclaimed, “This is Lei Xiaojing.” Do you have such a good thing? Lei Xiaojing is a nine-level refining material for starry sky, which was obtained by Ningcheng on the way to Zhongtian Great Starry Sky. It was not very valuable to him, so he gave it to Song Chengbo. Song Chengbo said a word, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,stainless steel welded pipe, also do not wait for Ning Cheng to answer, quickly put away Lei Xiaojing. Ningcheng has been wandering in the void for so many years, and some good things are not surprising. With short hands, Song Chengbo received Ningcheng’s things, not to say that he felt sorry at all. After a little hesitation, he said, “In fact, it is not very difficult to be promoted to the heavenly realm. As long as you have the chance to cut the dirt or rely on the heavenly realm, or even other starry sky opportunities, you may be promoted to the heavenly realm.”. But there are strong and weak monks in the realm of heaven, which can not be solved by an elixir. At that time, I just didn’t understand that I used the convenience of Dan medicine to be promoted to the heavenly realm, and now it’s too late to regret. Ningcheng hurriedly asked, “is that the promotion of heaven can not use Dan medicine?” Song Chengbo Hei Hei smiled, “without Dan medicine on the promotion of heaven, ha ha, this can not be regarded as a genius, this is simply the genius of genius.”. You don’t understand what I mean when I say that you can’t take advantage of the elixir. It means that if you don’t understand the realm of heaven, or touch the realm of heaven. If you use the elixir to forcibly elevate your cultivation to the realm of heaven, it will be like pulling out seedlings to help them grow, and your future potential will be suppressed indefinitely. If Ningcheng realized something, he said subconsciously, “Is it the right way to use the elixir to promote when he has some insights into the realm of heaven?” “Yes, you can wander in the void with the cultivation of the realm of destiny, and you really have some insight.”. The state of heaven is equivalent to having its own Tao, or the direction of its own Tao. If you can’t even figure out your own way, you will be promoted by force, which is the practice of attending to trifles and neglecting essentials. What Song Chengbo said was not very careful, but Ning Cheng fully understood. His previous feelings were not wrong. The reason why he did not touch the realm of heaven was not that his cultivation was not enough, but that his perception was not enough. He had only a vague idea of his Tao, which was very weak. Now when Song Chengbo mentioned it, he remembered the Gui Yi leather scroll in his ring again. Previously, under the reminder of Zhong Li’s free food, he had a little vague feeling at the beginning, and now as he stays longer in the realm of destiny, this feeling is becoming clearer and clearer. Once he thought that even if he understood the magical power of Gui Yi, Gui Yi was not as powerful as his sunset. Now he suddenly felt that his original understanding was somewhat wrong, Gui Yi can indeed be regarded as a magical power, but Gui Yi is not just a magical power. The things he practices are very complicated, and he has a hammer here and there. If he can completely integrate the things he practices and form his own things by returning to a skin scroll, will this give him a clearer and clearer direction to the realm of heaven? Perhaps this is what Song Chengbo said about the direction of Tao. The more Ningcheng understands,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the closer he feels to the realm of heaven. He even has such an idea, let him continue to feel in this place for half a year to a year, he may really touch the realm of heaven.


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