The legend of the gods in a foreign land

Furnas said with infinite reverence: “Lord God King is the supreme leader of the Dark Party for two thousand years. All the Dark Party members are the most faithful followers of Lord God King. Your doctrine is the beacon guiding our way forward. Your thoughts are the shining sun at the end of the night. You are the helmsman of the ship. You are the lighthouse in the deep sea..” The dark party will always be loyal to the Lord God King, willing to sacrifice everything for the Lord God King, even if they are crushed to pieces. I couldn’t believe that there would be such a cheap good thing in the world. I exchanged opinions with the two women. I pulled up Furnas and said with a smile, “It’s a great comfort for me to have loyal ministers such as Qing. It’s a great comfort for me!”! Eradicating those treacherous villains who seize power still needs the strong support of Qing and others. When I regain the power of heaven, I will not treat the Dark Party members unfairly. Furnasi was filled with righteous indignation and said, “Teosis and the other little gods took advantage of the suffering of the Lord God King to steal their high positions. Their names were not correct and their words were not correct. Most of the gods and angels at all levels in heaven have long been criticized. It’s just that the bloody means of him and the other four people have made everyone feel insecure and dare not show it.”. After Teosis and others ascended the throne, they acted perversely, appointed people by favouritism, massacred meritorious officials, and levied excessive taxes. In order to fight for the ruling power of the three realms, they did not hesitate to launch several wars, causing anger and resentment, and countless casualties. The two Lord Demons were one of the victims, and they should have a deep understanding. Even so, Teosis and others are still unrepentant, even more bullying the gods and all living beings in the three realms, even more unpopular. The three realms are full of complaints, but they dare not rise up for fear of their evil power. He knelt on one knee when he was excited and said humbly, “As long as the Lord God King climbs up and shouts, there will be no one in the world. I,Mechanical fine screen, the Dark Party, am more willing to be a pawn. I will go forward bravely in the sea of fire and the mountain of knives. I will never take half a step back.” I patted Furnas approvingly on the shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “I already know your loyalty. Aiqing will return to the city of the sky immediately. You can report to Teosis truthfully about the destruction of the city of Wangxiang, as long as he doesn’t suspect you.”. Three days later, you, together with other members of the Executive Committee of the Dark Devil Party, will come to the Sinian Sanlian City of Gol Gang. I would like to meet you and discuss matters related to the attack on the Sky City. Durina suddenly interrupted and said, “Our Lord God King has always been fair in rewards and punishments,multi disc screw press, and has never treated a meritorious minister unfairly.”. It seems that these two little devils, Lord God King, have decided to make them the king of the underworld after the war, and each of them will rule a hell. If the executive committee of your Dark Devil Party has made great achievements, we will certainly make you a God. You should also know that only the Supreme God has the right to be a God, otherwise even if you acquire godhood by yourself, you will not be recognized by the divine world. After the destruction of Teosis and others, there will be a large number of gods in the divine world. You can do it yourself! But As soon as she changed her voice, she said coldly, “If anyone tries to betray or deceive us, I don’t care how the God King punishes me. You should have heard about the means of my insect mother Durina. I hope you can take care of yourself.” Kana said, “Tell the words of Lord Worm Mother to the other members of the Executive Committee and the top level of the Dark Party, and tell them to decide how to be loyal to Lord God King.”. Furnas, Bacchus is dead. The godhead of Dionysus and the God of revelry I keep for you. If you don’t like this position, Belt Filter Press ,rapid sand filters, you can choose a suitable godhead after the war. Furnas was ecstatic. The godhood of Dionysus and the God of drinking and joy belonged to the first-level God. Although he had no real power, he had a very prominent position in the divine world. If he could get this godhood, it meant that he would step into the upper level of the ruling circle of the divine world, and even have the possibility of being promoted to the supreme God. Furnas knelt on the ground and said in a trembling voice, “I kneel down to thank the Lord God King, the Lord Worm Mother, and the Lord Dragon King for their grace. I can now pledge my life that none of the Dark Party will betray the Lord God King.”. The will of the three adults, I must tell the truth to the party, I can guarantee that they will be as moved to tears as I am now. ” He added in a respectful voice, “It is the ideal and duty of the lower ministers to serve the three great men. It is also the duty of all the people in the world to seek a peaceful and stable living environment, and to choose a good master in the three realms. It is not for their own splendor and wealth, nor for their high rank and rank. Therefore, the reward of the throne of God also asks the three great men to withdraw their orders. The lower ministers dare not accept it.” Kana said lightly, “Furnas, don’t refuse. This is the reward you deserve.”. All right, you go back now. Remember, three days later, bring the other members of the Executive Committee to the Sinian Sanlian City of Gol Gang. “Well,” said Furnas, “I kneel down once again to thank the Lord God King, the Lord Worm Mother, and the Lord Dragon King for their grace. I will retire.” So he gave obeisance, and worshiped, and went away rejoicing. Durina looked at the disappearing figure of Furnas and said contemptuously, “Bah, a standard politician!” Kana said indifferently, “There were a large number of such gods and angels in heaven at that time. There is no way to govern the world in such an environment. These people are indispensable to governing the world. As long as the Dark Party can be used by me, it will be OK.”. According to what he just said, the Dark Party controls at least half of the Protoss army. If we plan carefully, we can take back everything without bloodshed. I was in a good mood. A pair of colored hands touched the exquisite bodies of the two women and said with a smile, “On Earth, this kind of method is called decapitation. As long as you kill the head, such as Teosis and others, the others will surrender as soon as they draw in and suppress them. Those little soldiers are supposed to work with whoever feeds them.” “Yes,” said Durina with a smile, “there is no one to command. Even the most intrepid army is a sheet of loose sand and is vulnerable to a single blow.” Empsa and Losta came over with a smile and said flatteringly, “Report to Lord God King, Lord Worm Mother, and Lord Dragon King. We two are big and rough. We can’t flatter or flatter. We can’t be politicians.”. Hey hey, does the reward of the ancestor God just count? Durina rolled her eyes and asked, “What, what did I just award?” The two ghosts were in a great hurry, and Empsa cried, “You just said that after the war, you would make us two kings of the underworld,MBR reactor, and each of us would be given a hell to rule.”. “Ancestor God’s words are golden. You can’t say it without counting.” Durina’s pretty face sank and she shouted, “Did I say that?”? I don’t remember. Besides, so what if we say it? We Archaic trolls like to say it best. You’re the first day to be a Demon! 。


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