The most powerful and indifferent prime minister

He looked at his slender but domineering eyebrows with the most attentive and careful eyes, and drew them slightly and carefully with an eyebrow pencil to deepen his pale eyebrows. “Little Rabbit, I haven’t known your name for a long time. Do you want to keep calling me like this?” He asked softly in a playful tone. His eyes were rippling with soft ripples. I.. “From the desert difficult to speak, but turned to think of jade from the destruction of the country, high officials and imperial relatives were all stripped of the royal family and executed, and Yu from the desert has already become a dead soul under the knife, now say this name, it seems inappropriate, but also cause the pursuit of countries.” I’m a dead man now. What’s the harm if a dead man has a name? He bent his lips, and his tone was full of sarcasm and ridicule, such as the mellow and bright eyes of a pearl. Unexpectedly, he was already a dead man. Lan Xiu lightly held the hand of the eyebrow pencil and collected his eyes. He felt distressed because of his words. He pretended to be relaxed and said, “Who says a dead man can’t have a name?” But Li Mo was slightly surprised by his words. His eyes looked a little sad in the bronze mirror. Would this lazy pig who could only sleep and eat all day and pretend to be an elegant fairy also appear sad? Li Mo frowned invisibly, but Lan Xiu shouted, “If you move, your eyebrows will be like a worm!” He used his own funny way to cover up his emotions, slightly hooked his lips, and looked a little more relaxed. Lan Xiu looked out of the window, “it’s better to call you Liu Lu!” He shouted happily, Yu Li Mo raised his eyebrows,Ceramic Bobbin, slightly reluctant to lift his lips, gentle voice like the warm sun, drooping slightly bright eyes, “It’s better to call you pink.” He raised the corners of his mouth slightly. “The willows are green and pink, which is an excellent match!” As soon as he finished, someone immediately gave him a dirty look. He lowered his head slightly, looking like he was trying to think,ceramic igniter electrodes, and looked him up and down! I thought of it! His eyes glowed and bubbled like stars. Have you figured out what to do with me? Li Mo was calm, but Lan Xiu deliberately played dumb. “Ah, what did you say?”? I can’t hear you? Li Mo lifted his long eyelashes. “You’re deaf. You should go to see a doctor.” He exposed his shortcomings without mercy and complained about them. Lan Xiu seems to deliberately ignore, ” ‘Du Wisteria’ is a good name?” He looked at him triumphantly, and his face was expressionless. Then it’s better for you to call it a belly tube. He also retorted rudely. Stomachache, stomachache, just make up a pair of family ah! Lan Xiu said with a smile that he found it more fun to bicker with him than those old people who ate the ancients, and the more he liked to tease him. In that case.. Why don’t you just call me Lanya? 。” He was serious and smiling, but his bright eyes revealed his fox-like cunning mentality. Lan? Ya? It’s orchids and elegance. I don’t want to be a gigolo. Yu Limo’s words had no intention of expressing his determination, which caused Lan Xiu to laugh secretly. “What’s wrong with that?” He pretended to be surprised and sullen, and the childe said, “The childe is willing to give you the name of the same surname, which is the supreme honor, but you refuse to accept it?” He wants to play, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,ceramic welding tape, play with him. “Why don’t I call Lanxu and you call Lanya?” Li Mo turned his eyes and suppressed the smile that was about to come out of his lips. Why He frowned. He felt that the name was more suitable for women. Take your husband’s surname! What a status! Li Mo played tricks on him with a bad heart. He knew that it was a joke, a joke that could not be taken seriously, but he put it deeply into his heart. “Well, in that case, my name will be Lanya, and your name will be Lanxiu.” Although the name is somewhat feminine, it is also a good choice to take the husband’s surname, which means that he is his property and belongs to his wife. This discovery made him pull the corners of his mouth slightly and his eyes slowly soften. There was a thud, the sound of a chair being overturned, and two people falling to the ground. The bamboo hairpin fell off because of the collision, the black hair scattered and spread out, the slender eyebrows like shallow water deepened a lot because of his detailed description, and the temperament became more elegant and gentle. What are you doing? Lan Xiu frowned slightly and tried to struggle to get up, only to find that he was much stronger than he had imagined, and that his hands had not recovered and had no ability at all. Lanya’s delicate and cold fingertips crossed his delicate eyebrows, and there was no trace of his fingers, which seemed to be air-dried. Xiu, has anyone ever said that you are very charming under me at this time? The corner of Lanya’s eyes was filled with banter, and it was about to come out. The ambiguous word called Lan Xiu’s mouth twitched, and he got up without holding his arms. In the middle of getting up, there was a sudden pain in his chest. His hands, which had no consciousness, trembled with force. They swept over Lanya’s wrists and lay down in an instant. They also stared at each other in an instant. The tip of the nose seemed to touch together, and you could feel the hot air coming out, and the four thin lips fit together unexpectedly. Lan Xiu’s long and narrow Danfeng eyes were so big because of his consternation that his eyes, which had always been precise in detail calculation, appeared at a loss. What is it now? Lanya, on the other hand, was breathing and beating faster together, and the heart that had not accelerated for a long time, even since birth, was now beating so fast. Leaving his lips as soft as Yunmian, sweet as the taste of candy, Lanya’s heart flashed a trace of loss, holding her hands, fascinated at the confusion under her body, as lovely as a rabbit and softhearted. You get up quickly. Lan Xiu said nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened just now. Xiu.. “He murmured in a low voice, like the intimacy between lovers. Lan Xiu raised his eyes, and his moist lips seemed to be covered with a layer of brightness, like a freshly peeled lychee, so..”. It makes people feel delicious. 。 Be covered again, looking for the feeling that just makes people move. He’s like, like, something different. Originally just a simple tease,cordierite c520, but everything is off track, and he, do not know.


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