The other world deceives the gods

General of subjugation? Wait In an instant, Ao Tian, who had come over, looked at Marchence with admiration. If he were my servant, I would be his master. As his master, I have the obligation to help him restore the country, the restoration of the country will be war, war will kill many people, 5555. If all the dead people are counted on my head and tens of millions of innocent lives are slaughtered, mom! That’s all right! Although Ao Tian belongs to the God who is not afraid of heaven and earth, but. It doesn’t mean he’s not afraid of the gods. God’s plunder is not to heaven, heaven’s plunder is a test for the true cultivator when he practices to become an immortal, but the plunder of God is different, the appearance of the plunder of God is all caused by God and man, some God and man may not appear in their lifetime, some God and man can appear countless times in their lifetime, in other words, the plough of God and men is all decided by what they do. If the man of God kills too many animals, there will soon be a warning of divine plunder. If he does not listen to the warning of divine plunder and continues to kill animals, the second warning will be twice as strong as the first warning. If the man of God does not listen to the warning and continues to slaughter animals, the subsequent plunder will be multiplied by the previous one. However Ao Tian looked at Marchence a face of righteousness, not like evil people, for a time Ao Tian embarrassed, he did not know is to help Marchence, is not to help. Help, in case all the dead people are counted on their own heads, in the face of the garbage cultivation in the middle of their hearts, they are not dead, do not help, but why do they have a feeling in their hearts that you will regret if you don’t go out. Ao Tian, who couldn’t make up his mind,10g Ozone Generator, decided to test Marchence for a few days first. If Marchence accepted his test, he would help him restore the country. If he couldn’t pass it, he would be sorry and call the small fire to throw him out of the forest of death. Ao Tian took a faint look at Marchence and said, “I can’t believe you now. Xiao Jiu and Xiao Huo should go.” I can’t believe you now? What do you mean? Marchand secretly pondered Ao Tian’s words and looked doubtfully at the back of Ao Tian’s departure. Automatically let the Lord, not to be accepted, this is the greatest shame in the life of the samurai, Marchand wanted to stand up and ask him why he did not accept his Lord, is not his own strength is too poor? Or does he just look down on himself! But sober reason told him that he could not stand up and question him. Without the help of this young man and his pet, the people of his country would always be humble slaves. At this time, only he and his pet could help us restore our country. Only he could make our country strong. Only he could fulfill the wishes of the first emperor. Remember, Marcion, you live for the thousands of people of the Phoenix, not for yourself! This shame is nothing, even if he is insulting, you have to stick to it, you must become his pursuer, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, learn skills, and then fulfill the last wish of the first emperor, to help Princess Moon Dream restore the country. After trying to pass, Marchand knelt motionless in place, looking firmly ahead, without the slightest dissatisfaction on his face. After the invisibility of Aotian, the corners of his mouth leaked a faint smile, looking at the kneeling in place of Marchence, if he did not even have this intelligence, he simply did not deserve to be his servant, because he had just given him too much information. Feeling that Marchans had figured it out, Ao Tian called Xiao Huo to inform the Warcraft around him that it was better not to approach here. If Marchant wants to go, let him go and help him leave the forest of death, because his strength is so weak that even seven levels of Warcraft can eat him at any time. If Marcience chooses to stay, Little Fire will be responsible for his safety. Suddenly, Ao Tian felt that it was good to have a servant in his hand, and that he could do any little thing. In addition There is a local here, and he will go out to play and pick up his sister later. With him leading the way, everything is more convenient than going out alone. I remember his conversation with the killer of the Green Empire. Their princess seemed to be very beautiful, so the prince of the Green Empire took a fancy to her, which led to the final destruction of the country. If she was really as they said, she was a rare peerless beauty in the world, this young master would not hesitate to take her into the harem, ha.. I’m so talented! Think through Ao Tian and leave in a happy mood. Three days later, Ao Tian stood on the head of Xiao Jiu and came to Marchand. Seeing the appearance of Ao Tian and Xiao Jiu, Marchence had a look of excitement in his eyes and said happily, “Master, would you like to accept the younger one and be your servant?” Ao Tian nodded and said, “You have passed my test. You can follow me in the future.”! In addition I don’t like the name of the master. You can call me young master later. Marchand stood up and said respectfully, “Yes!”! Young master! “What’s your name?” Ao Tian asked lightly. “My name is Marcience, young master,” said Marcience. “Die at once?” Ao Tian looked at Marchence doubtfully, how can the people here be like this, the name they take is not artistic at all, and the name they take is so strange, die immediately, I die immediately, die soon! Speechless! Ao Tian says: “Die immediately, I do not like this name, how about I change a name for you?” Change your name? With a hint of doubt in his face, Marcience said, “Please give me a name.” Name it, I like it! Xiao Jiu’s eight heads looked at Ao Tian and said, “Master, why don’t we call him Lai Fu?” “Lai Fu?” Small fire jumps out to object immediately: “Master, I feel prosperous money is a bit more pleasant to hear, come rich too vulgar! Come rich too vulgar!” Xiao Jiu’s eight heads immediately fought back: “Wangcai?”? Xiao Huo, do you think you are choosing a dog name? Wangcai? How interesting “The name of the dog?” Small fire says: “I see your just is dog name?”? Lai Fu? Xiao Jiu said, “Anyway, my Lai Fu sounds better than your Wang Cai.” Xiao Huo said disdainfully,steatite c221, “Xiao Jiu, are you wrong? It should be said that my prosperous wealth sounds better than yours.” “Lai Fu sounds good!” “Wangcai sounds good!” “Lai Fu!” “Prosperous wealth!” …… 5555…… Here we go again! Ao Tian said, “What’s the noise? You all listen to me. He will be called Wangcai in the future.” Flowers! Recommend! Collection! Chapter II 10. Training (Top) 10. Training (Top).


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