The story of Oliver

Just then Steve came back and welcomed in the girl who deserved to be unlucky tonight. Wire-rimmed glasses. The first impression I got was that she wore a pair of round wire-rimmed glasses. And I’m already busy taking off my clothes. She took off her coat-it was all white. Simpson introduced him as his old medical school classmate and pediatrician resident Joanna Stein, MD. At present, they are all working hard in the same hospital. I didn’t take a second look at her, so I can’t say whether she is beautiful or not. I don’t know who said, “Let’s sit together and have a drink,” so we all obeyed. Then we chatted for a long time. I gradually noticed that Joanna Stein, MD, had a soft voice in addition to wearing round wire-rimmed glasses. Then I noticed that the soft voice was not only sharp but also kind in its words. Fortunately, there was never a word about me in the conversation. Simpson, I guess they gave her a preview of my “situation.” “This life is so boring,” I heard Steve Simpson say. “That makes sense,” I said. Then I realized that he and Gwen had just been commiserating over Joanna’s ordeal, and that it was about how hard it was to be a resident. And what do you do for refreshment after work, Joe? I asked. But when the words came out of his mouth, he murmured in his heart,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, “God, I hope she doesn’t misunderstand that I have an overtone and want to invite her out to play.” “I’ll go to sleep,” she answered. Is it? ‘ “What can I do?” She went on. When I got home, I didn’t have any strength. I fell into bed and slept for twenty hours. “Oh.” There was a silence. Who wants to talk at a time like this? The ball was caught in the hand, whether it was passing the ball out, or running with the ball to attack,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, trying to advance ten or twenty yards, it was enough to prick the hand. Everyone sat in silence, and it seemed that they had been sitting for a century. Sit down until Gwen Simpson asks everyone to sit down. All that is said here is that term of American football. Forgive me for telling the truth that the bone is in the throat. Although Gwen is a good man, he is not very talented in cooking skills. Sometimes the boiled water she boiled would have a burning smell. Tonight is no exception. It’s even more than usual. Even better. But I’ll just eat, so I don’t have to talk. Even if I eat something bad, I have to go to the emergency room. Anyway, there are two doctors in front of me. It is in such a scene that everyone is tasting (do you believe it or not?) “Oliver?” Joanna Stein asked me as she began to talk about a charred cheese. I had a lot of experience cross-examining witnesses in court, so I reacted immediately. What can I do for you? “Do you like opera?” Damn, that’s a stupid question! I was chewing in my heart, and I was busy carving mushrooms. She asked what the purpose of this was. Does she want to talk to me about operas like The Artist’s Life or La Traviata? It happened that these plays all ended with the death of the heroine. Maybe she wants me to vent my feelings? No, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, she is not so ignorant of the rules of society. But whether it is or not, the room is silent now, and everyone is waiting for me to answer. The Artist’s Career, also known as The Embroidered Girl, was written by Italian composer Puccini (1858-1924). (2) La Traviata, by Italian composer Verdi (1813-1901). “Oh, opera, I don’t dislike it,” I replied, but I was careful to take care of everything, and then I added, “Only I don’t like Italian, French or German works.” “That’s good.” Look how unhurriedly she promised. Is she going to talk to me about Chinese opera? “Merritt is putting on a production of Purcell on Tuesday night.” ① Henry Purcell (1658? — 1695): English composer. What the hell? I forgot to mention English opera! I’m afraid I’ll have to accompany her to see an English opera. “Sheila Merritt is the hottest soprano of the year,” Stephen Simpson said, “and I got a double whammy.” And the singing is “Dido and Aeneas”, “Gwen followed up to help cavity, this has become a” three against one. Dido, another woman who met a heartbreaker and ended up dead! Dido is the legendary queen of Carthage. Legend has it that Aeneas, the hero of the Trojan War, was blown to Carthage by a strong wind, and Dido fell in love with him. Later, Aeneas secretly left Carthage, and Dido committed suicide because of disappointment. It sounds good to hear you say it. “I have to surrender.”. Although the heart can be Steve and Gwen have scolded enough. But what I scolded the most was the “Landschbargeburg”, because the original French wine had worked, I could not resist and changed my mind, but I wanted to say that I would be sick of any kind of music I listened to. “Oh, that would be wonderful,” said Joanna. I have two tickets. Ha, here it comes! “…… But Steve and I are both on duty. I was wondering if I could invite you and Gwen to see it. “It’s too late for Gwen to see her, Oliver.” The implication in Steve’s voice was that he was too old and really needed a change of life. “All right,” I said, and then I thought I should be more enthusiastic, so I said to Joanna, “Thank you very much.” “I’m glad you’re going,” she said. Please take a message to my parents that you have seen me and that I am alive and well. How do you say that? I can not help but secretly hit a cold China,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the mind immediately thought of the mother sitting next to Joanna Stein, two aggressive eyes: “like my daughter?” “They’re all in the strings section,” she said and hurried off with Steve.


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