The strongest abandons less

“It turned out to be Peng’s housekeeper in Wandan Pavilion, but the shop has just opened and the place is small. If Peng’s housekeeper has anything to do, please say it directly.” Kui did not care about this Peng butler at all, although he intended to gain a foothold in Hezhou City. But I won’t be cheap to please this kind of person. Not to mention a mere housekeeper, even if the Lord of Wandan Pavilion came, he would pretend to be a force in front of him. He won’t talk to him. Elder Brother. Today’s elixir is sold out. Ye Ling quietly came to the front and said in a low voice. He nodded and ignored Peng Shiping next to him. Instead, he went to the door and said loudly, “Dear friends, thank you for your support. Today, the elixir of Huaxia Pharmaceutical has been sold out. Please come back tomorrow.”. I am here to announce one more news, that is, from tomorrow, our shop will make alchemy for people. The news of alchemy on behalf of others was like a stone falling into the calm lake, splashing countless ripples. Alchemy is not a simple job, and the generation of alchemy is the big Dan Pavilion to do things, ‘Huaxia Pharmaceutical’ this small shop, unexpectedly also dare to make alchemy on behalf of others? Peng Shiping was going to have an attack when he left himself to announce that the elixir had been sold out, but when he heard what he said about alchemy, the expression on his face calmed down, but his eyes kept changing, and he didn’t know what he was thinking. Unexpectedly, shopkeeper Ye is still an alchemist. Admire,aluminum tile edge trim, admire. It’s just that since shopkeeper Ye said that he made alchemy on behalf of others, why not point out the grade of the elixir made on behalf of others? If someone takes out the spirit level or the heaven level elixir, can the Ye shopkeeper also refine it? Peng Shiping’s tone unexpectedly changed from aggressive to mild. With a sneer in his heart, he secretly said, “How can a little grasshopper like you understand my stratagem?”. But he laughed and said, “I forgot to mention it just now. But I think someone in Hefeng City wants to make alchemy on behalf of him. At most, it’s just a kind of elixir at the spiritual level.” “How can shopkeeper Ye refine the elixir?” Peng Shiping this just moved up, he can not think of this humble shopkeeper in front of him,stainless tile trim, although the repair is not very good, but it is still a spiritual alchemist. Before he could answer, two more people came to the door. A middle-aged man in his fifties looked handsome. There was also a man with a goatee, but he was the youngest one, looking only about thirty. What shocked him was that the handsome man in his fifties turned out to be a monk in the later period of the golden elixir. The golden elixir man obviously didn’t know that he could see his cultivation. As soon as he came in, he folded his fists and said, “Shopkeeper Ye is so young that he is already a spiritual alchemist. It’s really unexpected.”. I Hezhou Chengcheng advocate riding the wind, specially come to visit, but also ask Ye Danshi not to mind. Kui was surprised, he did not expect the Lord of Hezhou City would come here in person. Hezhou city and other places are different, although also several major forces exist together, but the Lord of Hezhou city is obviously one of the larger forces. Such a character would take the initiative to visit him, but also so put down the posture, even if he knew that Zhang Chengfeng was to’stay in Yan Dan ‘, but he also admired the man’s demeanor. After all, tile profile factory ,stainless steel edging strip, a castellan can send a hand down to buy’in Yan Dan ‘, also do not need to come to ah. But he came just in time, and his plan was just carried out. Without waiting for an answer, Lord Zhang pointed to the goatee beside him and said, “This is Yan Zheng, the steward of Xianbaolou. I met Yan Zheng on the way and came over together.” Yan Zheng hurriedly folded his fists and said, ” ‘Xianbaolou’ Yan Zheng has seen Ye Danshi.” I don’t know how many times more modest the tone is than Peng Shiping just now. Obviously, in their minds, Dan Shi’s identity is much better than his identity as a shopkeeper and a builder. Although he didn’t like goatee very much because of Dongfang Habitat, Yan Zheng’s demeanor was really good. And’Xianbaolou ‘is also known, in Hezhou City,’Xianbaolou’ is the largest Dan Pavilion, much larger than’Wandan Pavilion ‘. However, the difference between Xianbaolou and Wandan Pavilion is that people not only sell elixirs, but also sell magic weapons, spiritual utensils and so on. Kui did not neglect him either. He quickly folded his fists and said, “I didn’t expect Lord Zhang and the housekeeper Yan to come to the cold place in person. Kui was very frightened. Please sit down.”. Ye Ling, hurry to make tea. Peng Shiping’s face was blue and red for a while. When he came in, he didn’t care about him at all. Now Zhang Chengfeng and Yan Zheng came in to see how polite they were, offering their seats and making tea. But although he was angry, he had to say to Zhang Chengfeng, “Peng Shiping has seen Lord Zhang and Brother Yan..” Zhang Chengfeng smiled indifferently, just nodded and did not speak. But Yan Zheng said with a smile, “I didn’t expect housekeeper Peng to be so fast that he had already arrived.” As long as Yan Zheng looked at Peng Shiping’s face, he knew that he had not got good results here, and now where would he not gloat. Peng Shiping, of course, knew the meaning of Yan Zheng’s words, that is, to ridicule him for coming for so long, or to sit down with them. After accompanying several people to sit down, Ye Ling and Song Yingzhu sat beside them, and they felt a little nervous. These people obviously have a lot of background, especially Zhang Chengfeng, who said he was the Lord of the city. This is equivalent to the mayor, you think, when a mayor comes to an ordinary family, of course, the ordinary family is a little nervous. Kui knew, of course, that these people were all here for the sake of’Stationed Yan Dan ‘. Without waiting for a few people to open their mouths, he said directly, “I think Lord Zhang and the two housekeepers must have come for the sake of the’Stationed Yan Dan’ left by the family teacher..” “Yes, yes, Ye Danshi is simply, my wife is not in Hezhou city, she learned that in Hezhou appeared’in Yan Dan ‘, the first time is to let me come to buy.”. Also ask Ye brothers to sell me’stay in Yan Dan ‘,stainless steel tile edge trim, otherwise I can’t explain. Although Zhang Chengfeng is very handsome, his words are crisp and neat, and he does not turn corners.


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