The Whole Process of Goddess Becoming a Man

Xia Chi did not speak. He reached out and grabbed the money and threw it to the ground. Then he grabbed the woman’s shoulder and pushed her out with a slight force. The woman was pushed to stagger. Just as she was about to shout out, she caught a glimpse of the tattoo on her arm and was frightened to stop. Xia Chi’s appearance when he did not speak was very frightening. He was much taller than a woman. He looked down at each other with cold eyes. “You registered the wrong number. It’s none of my business.”. Get in line. Seeing that the woman picked up the money and ran dejectedly to the back of the queue, Xia Chi turned around and smiled gently at the frightened registration clerk: “I have made an appointment, orthopaedic expert number, thank you.” There were still a lot of people in front of the orthopaedic door. Even though it was almost time to get off work, there were still a lot of people sitting on the chairs at the door. Su Wei managed to find three seats and quickly occupied them, reaching out to greet them. Lin Yu pushed Xie Jiayan carefully to avoid the dense crowd in front of him. When he reached Su Wei, both of them breathed a sigh of relief. Xie Jiayan looked at the fine sweat oozing from Lin Yu’s forehead. He took out a tissue from his pocket and handed it over. “Brother, wipe your sweat.” Lin Yu thanked him and sat down on the chair beside him. Xie Jiayan saw Xia Chi staring at himself with a half-smile on his face. He didn’t know why. “Brother Chi, what’s wrong with you?” Xia Chi sighed, “Brother Chi also wants to wipe his sweat.” Lin Yu’s hand gave a quick glance at Xie Jiayan. Xie Jiayan did not feel anything wrong, “you said earlier, just the last one.” Su Wei stood up. “Then I’ll go and buy another pack.” Xia Chi looked at the two equally pure faces in front of him and sighed that birds of a feather flock together. He reached out his hand and pulled Su Wei to sit down. “You sit down obediently. I’ll go.”. Would you like a drink? There was a vending machine outside the hospital, and before Xia Chi came back,lamella tube, it was Xie Jiayan’s turn. The doctor was an old man with white temples. Because of his age, he was thin and bent. His white coat was like a long gown of the last century. He has a long goatee and a pair of presbyopic glasses on the bridge of his nose, which makes people automatically sound “Zhihu” when they look at his ears. Lin Yu and Xie Jiayan had not yet entered the door, he was driven out with a wave of his big hand, with perfect pronunciation,Rotating sludge scraper, “first go to take a picture of the light!” After a round of tossing and turning, they finally entered the room. The old doctor held up the X-ray and looked at it for a long time. “It’s a good recovery.” One side of the assistant came forward to remove the plaster on Xie Jiayan’s arm. Xie Jiayan felt his left arm suddenly loosen. Then he saw a withered hand touch it and pinch it around. Looking at Xie Jiayan, he did not cry out for pain. The old doctor nodded repeatedly, “En En, not bad.” Xie Jiayan looked at the other party sitting back and asked cautiously, “Doctor, how long will it take me to get better?” Old Doctor: “Your this restores calculates quickly, again two months should be able to be good.” Two more months.. That’s the end of October. Xie Jiayan has a sad face. He holds a glimmer of hope. “Will it be all right on the National Day?” Old Doctor: “Go home and dream.” The old doctor was rehired by the hospital, and his medical skills were naturally good. The doctors of the previous generation could see anything wrong with him. By the way, he showed Xie Jiayan his ankle and waist. His waist was already good, filter nozzle ,rotary vacuum disc filters, but his ankle was still almost ready. He could walk on the ground, but he had to be careful. Lin Yu took the medicine bill to pay for the medicine, leaving Xie Jiayan alone in the house to re-plaster. By the time Xie Jiayan limped out, the corridor was empty. He saw Xia Chi and Su Wei sitting on a chair not far away, two people together intently looking at the mobile phone, should be to see what funny content, both of them laughed, and then Xia Chi naturally hugged Su Wei and kissed him. He felt his feet soft and knelt on the ground again. Xia Chi heard the sound and turned his head. “Oh, Xiao Xie, your legs can be used.” Su Wei rushed over to pick up Xie Jiayan. “Be careful. Where is Teacher Lin?” Xie Jiayan looked at Su Wei and did not speak. Su Wei guessed that maybe the other party had seen the scene just now. He helped Xie Jiayan to sit on the chair and said to Xia Chi, “I still want to drink water.” “All right, I’m going to buy it.” Xia Chi also knew that this pair of friends had something to say. Before he left, he waved to Xie Jiayan, “Xiao Xie, have dinner together in the evening.”. ” When Xia Chi completely walked out of their sight, Xie Jiayan also understood the reason why Xia Chi would appear today, he looked at Su Wei, “When did it happen?” I was going to tell you later. The night I went to see you. Xie Jiayan held Su Wei’s forearm tightly. “Have you thought about it?”? Xia Chi that man. Bars are mixed, and people who can manage that kind of chaotic place well will not be too simple. I know all about it! Su did not interrupt Xie Jiayan’s words, and he gazed into Xie Jiayan’s eyes and said earnestly. “Ah Yan, he is very nice.”. And He touched the short hair behind his ear. “I want to come out.” The author has something to say: go back to school tomorrow, these two days can not update, ask for leave. The next day after the start of school. I wish you all success in your study and work. Chapter 16 Lin Yu received a phone call as soon as he left the hospital. He waved his hand to Xie Jiayan to go first and picked up the phone. Xie Jiayan turned around and seemed to catch a female voice in his ear. Even at sunset, the temperature did not drop for half a minute. The car basked outside for half an afternoon, like a mobile steam box. The rhythm of the sauna room was minute by minute. Xia Chi asked Su Wei to wait outside. He went in first and turned on the air conditioner to cool down. Su Wei stood by the car and saw only Xie Jiayan coming. “Where is Teacher Lin?” He asked. “I’m making a phone call over there.” Xie Jiayan stretched out his hand and pointed not far away. Lin Yu put one hand in his pocket and the other hand in his ear holding his cell phone. He bowed his head and said something with a smile on his lips. It’s with a girlfriend. Xia Chi pressed the window and opened his mouth leisurely, “Teacher Lin is also at this age.” Su Wei felt very reasonable. He gossiped, “Yes, Ah Yan, you have a good relationship with Teacher Lin. Does Teacher Lin have a girlfriend?” Xie Jiayan thought about it, then lowered his head and replied, “I don’t know.” Then he opened the car door and sat on it, regardless of the heat inside,Lamella Plate Settler, Su Wei hurried over to help him. Xia Chi tilted his head and looked in the rearview mirror, squinting at Lin Yu not far away, with a playful smile at the corners of his mouth.


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