At Jos Family Law firm, our compassionate and dedicated divorce attorneys Orange County understand that not all marriages can work out. Unfortunately, you may find yourself needing an attorney to protect your rights during a divorce and the allied issues that follow.

Led by the caring divorce attorney Orange County Mr. Binoye Jos, we have a culture of transparency and utmost devotion to deliver the best possible counsel to individuals who are going through a tough phase within their family.

Common Grounds for Divorce in Orange County
Each marriage is unique, and so are the reasons couples decide to separate from each other. Some common causes of divorce include:

● Domestic Violence
● Substance Abuse
● Gambling and other Addictions
● Controlling behavior
● Financial Difficulties or Disagreements
● Extramarital Affairs
● Lack of Emotional Support
● Religious Differences
● Lack of Support from other Family Members

Our Divorce Attorneys in Orange County are Here to Help
Divorce attorneys at Jos Family Law completely understand the complexities of marriage. That is why we offer comfort to our clients and stay with them throughout the process and pursue their rights within the marriage.

Each attorney at our law firm specializes in all aspects of family law. Mr. Binoye Jos will provide one-on-one consultations to help you understand the process and explain the options you have.

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