Walk through the spring with you — Nanzhi

Xiao Ziyi didn’t dare to go on a business trip. He thought about it and said, “I don’t have to go out for this job. It’s the same for me to let my colleagues go.”. Don’t think about me. You can sleep again. If you still feel uncomfortable for a while, we will go to the clinic for infusion. It doesn’t matter if you have an infusion. Yan Ran said worriedly, “Does it really have no effect if you don’t go on a business trip?” Xiao Ziyi bowed his head and kissed his forehead. “Really not.”. If our project can’t go on without me, it’s my dereliction of duty, isn’t it? Yan ran was a little relieved. Xiao Ziyi went to call Xiao Ke. Xiao Ziyi knew Xiao Ke’s thoughts about him, but Xiao Ziyi had a serious “mental and physical cleanliness”. Even if he didn’t like Yan Ran in his life, he could hardly like Xiao Ke, a “sexually open” person. Therefore, he refused Xiao Ke very simply at the beginning. This time he came to S city for a long business trip, he did not let Xiao Ke come with him, but Xiao Ke came again a while ago, Xiao Ke in the end more experienced, the ability to do things is OK, so she also became the highest level of the team under Xiao Ziyi. Xiao Ziyi can’t go on a business trip, so let Xiao Ke be the person in charge of this work. Xiao Ziyi said that he could not go on a business trip, something at home to deal with, he really can not leave, so will send all the information to the airport to Xiao Ke, let Xiao Ke as the person in charge with another colleague in the past. Xiao Ziyi said: “You have long been an independent person,dap diammonium phosphate, and you should be able to do well.” Xiao Ke is very disappointed after all, say: “What thing is in your home?” Xiao Ziyi said: Some family members are sick. If he’s better today, I’ll meet you there tonight or tomorrow. Xiao Ke said, “Oh, can’t someone else take care of your family? Do you have to take care of them?” Xiao Ziyi thought to himself that I had explained so clearly, but you still had to make such a suggestion. He said, “It’s not convenient to do so.” Xiao Ke said,calcium nitrate sol, “I’ll go to your house to get the materials in case you send them to the airport.” Xiao Ziyi didn’t want her to know where she lived, so he said, “No, I live not far from the airport. It’s very fast to drive there.” Xiao Ke said: “But when the time comes, it will be difficult to locate at the airport, and it will be troublesome to find someone.” Yan ran did not know that Xiao Ziyi was on the phone. He became weak and painful all over again. He felt very difficult to get up. He had to call Xiao Ziyi: “Xiao Ziyi!” When Xiao Ziyi heard him calling him, he had to say to Xiao Ke, “OK, I’ll send you the address later. I’ll trouble you.” After hanging up the phone, Xiao Ziyi hurried back to the master bedroom to see Yan Ran. Yan Ran was sitting at the head of the bed, haggard and in poor spirits. Xiao Ziyi went over to hold him and asked, “What’s wrong?”? Would you like some porridge? Yan ran shook his head and leaned on Xiao Ziyi’s arms feebly, saying, “I’d better go to the clinic for an intravenous drip. I’m too uncomfortable.” Xiao Ziyi hugged him, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, “good.”. I’ll change your clothes. Yan ran feebly sat on the sofa in the clinic infusion, the nurse aunt looked at him and then looked at Xiao Ziyi, from her somewhat disappointed eyes can be seen, she is roughly aware of the relationship between Yan ran and Xiao Ziyi. The doctors here are well-informed, and there is nothing that is not clear. Xiao Ziyi took advantage of Yan Ran’s intravenous drip time, took the information of the business trip to Xiao Ke, and the place where Xiao Ke met was a landmark building on the way to the airport. After Xiao Ke received the information and looked through it, she and Xiao Ziyi discussed some of the key points and ideas of this work. Finally, she slightly pouted her mouth, blinked her eyelids with long eyelashes, and said: “Master, you don’t let me go to your residence because you live with a man?” Xiao Ziyi: “… …” Xiao Ke shrugged his shoulders and said, “I heard his voice calling you.” “This is my private affair,” said Xiao Ziyi. Xiao Ke pursed his lips and turned to get into his car. Xiao Ziyi drove home, Yan ran had an intravenous drip, half an hour later the fever subsided, Yan ran felt much better. Because of the fever, Yan ran felt the hunger he had never felt before, so Xiao Ziyi cooked vegetable porridge for him at home and stewed the chicken soup prepared in the refrigerator. Yan ran ate a lot, Xiao Ziyi thought he must be in good health, ready to take the evening plane to go on a business trip, but by four o’clock in the afternoon, Yan ran had a fever again, and diarrhea, the state is worse than last night. Yan ran was ill. Xiao Ziyi was more anxious than Yan ran when he saw that he was ill. He had to cancel the evening flight again. In addition to calling Xiao Ke to inquire about the progress of the business trip, he also called Shen Zong to explain the matter, because he was not in the whole negotiation. Anyway, he had to tell Shen Zong. General Manager Shen didn’t say anything about what happened to Xiao Ziyi this time. He just said it didn’t matter. Xiao Ziyi called the leader of the reception party on the business trip and talked for more than ten minutes before hanging up. After Xiao Ziyi handled the work well, he had to send Yan Ran to the hospital. Yan Ran knew what Xiao Ziyi meant, so he resolutely refused to go. Xiao Ziyi began to coax Yan Ran, but Yan Ran refused to go to the hospital for examination anyway, Xiao Ziyi got angry, “This is your body, don’t you cherish it?”? If you have a fever all the time, you must be injured, infected and inflamed. If you don’t treat the disease from the source, do you want to burn your brain? Yan ran refused to let Xiao Ziyi pull himself out of bed and wrapped himself in the quilt. “I won’t go.”. If it burns out, it burns out. Xiao Ziyi wanted to carry him out with the quilt. Yan ran was already ill. At this time, he had to resist Xiao Ziyi. He began to cry in annoyance. While crying, he sobbed: “I’m not going.” Xiao Ziyi had no choice but to put him back on the bed and let him lie down. The two men confronted each other silently in the room for a long time, and finally Xiao Ziyi had to give in and call his mother to ask Yan Ran what to do with this problem. In fact, he wanted to check the information himself, but he was afraid that the information was not comprehensive, so he had to call Wu Lan. After learning that Yan ran was infected with repeated fever,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Wu Lan scolded Xiao Ziyi, which was probably the most severe scolding Xiao Ziyi had ever received. Xiao Ziyi was depressed and did not explain, but asked Wu Lan what to do to solve Yan ran’s problem. stargrace-magnesite.com


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