What is the National Geographic Channel on Directv?

What is the National Geographic Channel on DirecTV? This is a question every Nature enthusiast and DirecTV customer has in mind. In this blog we will answer this query.


The enthralling image and visual presentation of Nat GEO are one of the things that makes it so popular with the viewers. The suspense of the big adventure, the superb storytelling, and the exploration of hidden natural treasures keep the viewers glued to the screen.


This popular US TV channel, Nat Geo, is available on Apple TV, Xbox One, Android, and NAT GEO TV live stream. But what if someone wanted to experience Nat Geo’s life-like visuals and cinematography on DirecTV?


Well, we’re making it easier for you to find Nat Geo on Directv.


How Can I Watch National Geographic on TV?


You can watch National Geographic on streaming platforms like Hulu TV, Roku TV, DirecTV, YouTube TV, Android TV, etc. 


If you want to watch for Free, go to  NatGeoTV.com  and enjoy its specialized content.


Why Choose DIRECTV?


Founded in 1994,  DirecTV managed to gain 13 Million customers within a decade only. This caught the attention of large conglomerates, and in 2015, AT&T acquired DirecTV for $67 Billion.


DirecTV has been nominated as the Top Television service provider in the U.S. Although Streaming services have disrupted the cable business when it comes to DirecTV, they seem untouchable.


This is due to their high-quality services and, above all, they’re Free extensive; if you are looking to upgrade to 4K resolution or people living in rural areas, you need to consider DirecTV.


To conclude, DirecTV is a great option for those looking for Fast Internet to stream and need great cable internet bundle options. 


Is National Geographic on DirecTV Stream?


Yes, you can watch National Geographic on DirecTV stream through the DirecTV stream choice plan or even their stream entertainment plan that allows you to watch more than 90 + channels.


What Channel is National Geographic on DirecTV?


Channel Name Channel Number
National Geographic 276


Shows on National Geographic:




Releasing Date:  21st April 2023


This is a marvelous documentary from Academy Award Winner James Cameron, and this series will depict the life of Asian, Desert, and Savannah Elephants through the latest camera technology. Remember to grab your popcorn with your family and enjoy the soothing experience of modern camera technology.



Releasing Date:  16th June 2023


A Real Life Bug 2 is an adventurous series focusing on Amazing and Unique little creatures that will be beyond Imagination. If you love exploring new creatures that nature has uniquely created, then do put this series on your favourite list.

  • National Geographic Live “Wild Hope”


Release Date: 20th March 2023


Get ready to learn and explore the beauty of photography with Ami Vitale, an expert photographer who has been to over 100+ countries. This year she will share her best photos and experiences, which are worth watching.


Those of you living in Arizona can experience the live show in Webb Centre by paying a $30 ticket only. Others can watch them Live on Nat Geo.


Final Thoughts:


We hope this article helped you understand what channel National Geographic would be on Direct V. Along with this, we have also added some of your favourite shows that will fascinate you.


If you want to let us know something, comment in the section below.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


Q.1  Can I get the National Geographic Channel on Netflix?


It was available fully but now as the rights are being transferred to Disney +, soon we might see the few shows that are on Netflix being finished and Nat Geo totally making shows for Disney +.


Q.2 Can you use National Geographic without a subscription?


If you are a reader then there are plenty of articles on National Geographic that are FREE to read. Other than this you will need a subscription if you want to watch their content or read their magazines.


Q.3  How Much Is Disney plus with National Geographic?


Disney + packages start from $10.99  which allows you to not only get access to National Geographic original shows and documentaries but also  get your hands on  their website along with a Nat Geo App, where you will get in touch with the same minded community along with some fresh news.


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