What You Need to Know before Buying an Electric Bong

Whether you’re a regular or an occasional flower user, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard about electric bongs, otherwise known as electric dab rigs. If so, you might have wondered what the hype is all about. Well, if you want to know the 411 about electric bongs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on and figure out whether or not buying an electric dab rig is in your immediate future.

The electric bong is a newcomer in the world of flower consumption. It’s one of the newer smoking devices that have gained significant popularity in recent years, alongside the portable dry herb vaporizer and electric-powered desktop vaporizer. Just like its modern counterparts, the electric dab rig combines vaporizer technology with electricity. Unlike traditional glass bongs and butane dab rigs, the electric vaporizer bong produces vapor instead of smoke, which is a byproduct of combustion.

Electric bongs are capable of generating high temperatures that can be controlled with precision to produce vapor from concentrated dry herb products like shatters or wax. This method of dry herb consumption can give you a unique, flavorful, and often intense experience.

Dabbing has become one of the most popular and enjoyable methods of consuming dry herb. In the last several years, we have seen significant advancements in the market when it comes to devices for smoking and consuming different dry herb products, from edibles to your basic vaporizing machine and electric-powered bongs. There are so many technological advancements that it’s starting to feel like there’s a new product with new technology behind it coming out on the market every single day.

With all that said, the electric bong is among the more innovative products that have currently captured the zeitgeist of modern dry herb culture. It’s a dry herb smoke machine that has become more than just a fad or a trend. Everyone is getting curious and eager to try it out. But with a ton of different options available in the market comes great confusion among consumers and enthusiasts. The portable vaporizer smoking device and the electric bong are among the most searched products online.

How traditional dab rigs work

The classic glass bong or dab rig is a water pipe that is utilized for vaporizing concentrated flower extracts referred to as dabs, also known as shatter, budder, honeycomb, wax, or amber. For the rib to function properly, it will require three key components: a glass piece, a butane torch, and a nail.

To get things started, the user must first heat the nail to the appropriate temperature using the butane torch, usually anywhere between 600 and 900°F or 315 and 482°C. This is the optimum temperature for vaporizing dabs without burning them or affecting their flavor and the overall dabbing experience.

Once the optimum temperature has been reached, the user has to simply drop a small amount of dab onto the heated nail using their dabbing tool. The nail superheats the dab and causes it to instantly vaporize and all the user has to do is inhale the vapor through the glass mouthpiece, just like they would on an ordinary electric smoking pipe or a classic glass bong designed for dry herbs.

Traditional dab rigs have quickly become a favorite among dab enthusiasts as these devices enable them to get more out of their dry herb concentrates than any other method, including joint smoking and the conventional dry herb vaporizer bong. Also, traditional dab rigs are relatively cheaper than most devices in the market and are quite easy to use.

The basics of the electric bong/dab rig

The electric bong, also referred to as electric dab rig or e-nail, is a relatively new innovative device made with modern technology. It is used to vaporize dry herb concentrates using electricity instead of the traditional butane torch. You simply attach the e-nail to a controller box, which enables you to set the precise temperature you prefer when vaporizing concentrates.

Most electric bongs in the market are powered by high-drain 18650 cells that are either removable or built right into the device. This makes them highly portable and convenient to use.

All you need to do is figure out the desired amount of dab and then load it onto the quartz nail. You then power up the device by pressing a button and once it heats up evenly across the quarts nail to a certain temperature, you simply use a dabber to place the concentrate onto the heated nail and start inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece. Electric bongs have a built-in temp control that not only prevents overheating but also allows you to set your desired temperature accurately.

Electric bongs are so convenient and easy to use that even if you’re new to dabbing, you don’t have to worry about overcooking your concentrates and getting that awful burnt taste from your dabs. It is also well-suited for seasoned dabbers, since it is portable, easy to clean, and it’s great for multiple sessions with friends. It will surely improve the flavor and the overall experience in every session.

The benefits of using electric bongs/dab rigs

An electric bong is a great alternative to the classic glass bong or dab rig, as well as traditional flower smoking methods. It helps elevate the dab vaping experience to the next level. Electric bongs offer flower enthusiasts, especially dabbing connoisseurs, a clean, flavorful, and potent experience with every session. With adjustable temperature settings, users will certainly catch even the most minute flavor profiles from their concentrates.

The ability to control the temperature that the device puts out is one of the biggest selling points of the electric dab rig, especially since flowers concentrates require the utmost care when it comes to the heating and vaporization process. Another great aspect of being able to control temperature is that you can replicate the experience every single time. Once you’ve figured out the desired heat setting, you can expect to have the same vaping experience every session.

Moreover, electric bongs are very convenient to use since they don’t need an open flame or a butane torch to vaporize your concentrates. For a desktop vaporizer, users only need to plug in the device to start their session, while portable electric bongs only need a full charge and you can take them anywhere for a good dabbing session with friends.

Considering all these benefits, it’s not difficult to see why electric bongs have gained a significant following in just a short period. It’s a solid option for experienced dabbers looking for a more efficient method of consuming their dry herb concentrates. It is also an excellent choice for those who are new to dabbing and just want to get the best experience possible with a minimal learning curve.

What makes a good electric bong/dab rig?

Electric bongs have benefitted from the evolution of power cells and heating technology. Because of this, such devices have undergone significant upgrades for the amount of power they can deliver to the materials and designs, as well as the temperature control and precision. Electric bongs/dab rigs have come a long way since their conception and such factors should make it more compelling for any flower enthusiast to try them out.

One factor to consider when choosing an electric bong is the size. If you’re looking for a truly portable electric bong, then the size of the device is very important. If you’re looking for an electric dab rig that offers optimum performance, again, size is important. You want your electric bong to have just enough space and water to produce potent and flavorful vapor, but not so much that it affects the portability negatively.

The device should not be able to hold too much water that it can potentially damage your e-nail. While certain people prefer their electric dab rigs to be on the smaller side, the larger options can still be ideal for home use. If you don’t plan on taking your electric bong out and would prefer to have your sessions at home, then a larger device is not at all a bad choice so long as it performs as well as expected.

Another key factor in choosing an electric bong is the design. You just can’t ignore the design when investing in an electric dab rig. When it comes to these devices, there are a wide variety of designs to choose from, especially when you conduct your search online. Different designs have their pros and cons that can either be subjective or objective. Some dabbers prefer a smaller device with less volume, while others want a more regular-sized rig. Smaller electric bongs are great for portability and maximum flavor, especially if they are easy to disassemble and put back together.

Structural design and filtration method are two crucial factors for picking the right electric dab rig. The structure and construction of the device play a crucial role in its overall quality and longevity. Electric bongs that are smaller in stature are easier to manage, clean, and carry around compared to larger and heavier rigs. However, larger devices are much more tolerant to high temperatures and therefore can have more longevity, at least in theory.

To be on the safe side, it’s important that you pick an electric bong that is made of high-quality materials such as borosilicate glass and a good filtration system. Opt for a percolator that is simple and singular.


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