White Lotus Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Break Up

Qin Tianming almost lost sleep all night, the next morning just after dawn, he got up to wash, and hid in the corner of the bathroom waiting for Gail the rabbit. When he was almost impatient, the rabbit came late. Gail actually noticed someone inside as early as outside the door, so when Qin Tianming rushed over and put him against the cold wall, the little angel was still very calm. Brother Tianming? He looked doubtfully at Qin Tianming’s eyes, which were peeping out of the gap in the bandage, with monstrous anger. Baby, tell me honestly, do you still love me? Qin Tianming looked at Gail’s blue and pure eyes, and his heart suddenly throbbed. He blinked hard and tried to collect his anger and let the tears come out wantonly. “You betrayed our previous feelings, didn’t you?” Qin Tianming has always known what his weapon is? He even thought that what Gail had seen was his crying eyes, so he would say such a thing as being together. That fake can occupy his body, can learn his gentleness and spoiling, but the other side absolutely can not imitate this, he always believed that Gail was only temporarily confused by the other side’s gentleness, because the baby loves him after all, the real Qin Tianming! Gail’s eyes didn’t even pass by. Without thinking,caustic calcined magnesite, he replied, “Brother Tianming, I have a marriage contract with my little ancestor. I will marry him in six years.” “What about me? Where do you put me?!” Qin Tianming’s voice trembled, and his breath clung unsteadily to Gail’s shoulder. “Baby, didn’t you say you liked brother Tianming best before?” Why, why did you abandon me after I was pushed out of my body for no reason and finally came back in this way? Gail pursed her lips and looked at him in silence. I’m the ***ing victim here! And now you’re going to help that shameless fake to hurt me? Baby, how can you do this!!! Qin Tianming excitedly reached out and grabbed Gail by the collar,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, raised his head and stared at him aggressively. Gail pulled the man’s hand away and pushed him away. “Brother Tianming, all this is too mysterious.” Qin Tianming shouted hysterically, “You don’t believe it, why do you call me brother Tianming, baby?”! Don’t deceive yourself any more. A fake is a fake. It’s really the only one in front of you! What you like is me, Qin Tianming, not the wild duck that jumped out of the garbage dump! Gail seemed annoyed and warned with a cold face, “Qin Tianming, please shut up at once!” ‘What’s The matter? You betray our feelings, and you don’t allow me, the victim, to say a few words for yourself? Gail, when did you get so bossy? Qin Tianming started a sneer at him again. “And your taste is getting worse and worse. I’ve seen the real body of that fake. It’s so ugly that people and gods are angry. It’s greasy and big ears. The muscles of hands and feet are atrophied. The proportion of the whole person’s limbs is extremely deformed. Baby, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, when I saw it, I almost didn’t spit out the overnight meal. You still offer him as an ancestor for such rubbish?” Gail’s fists were clenched and his whole body was shaking. It seemed to take a lot of effort to get his anger under control. Get out of here. I don’t want to see you again. The little angel finally turned his face away, and now he was very disappointed with men. Qin Tianming panicked, the question in his eyes suddenly disappeared, his knees were weak, almost climbed to Gail’s feet, grabbed his hand and cried and begged, “Baby, baby, brother Tianming was wrong, brother Tianming shouldn’t have said that, please, please don’t drive me away, you drive me outside is to let me die, do you have the heart?” Do you have the heart to see your favorite brother Tianming starve to death outside? Gail let him hold his hand, and when he heard the words from the man’s mouth, he seemed to be touched, and his red eyes almost burst into tears. But you are no longer the brother Tianming I know. The little angel slowly but firmly pulled back his hand and walked out of the bathroom with a heavy step. Chapter 41 Edge stars are not like Pan Ruoda flying all over the sky are spaceships, only occasionally there will be one or two flying, basically driving sports cars, walking mostly. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor on this planet. The rich are very rich, but the poor are so poor that they may not be able to afford nutrient solution. It is common to be hungry for two meals every three days, but this is also a minority. Although most people are poor, at least their stomach problems can be solved. Lin was driving a very ordinary black sedan. After putting Nan in the car, he held the door and looked back at Huo Mingchi. “Can you see the doorway of this car?” Huo Mingchi only took one look and laughed without thinking, “There is no way.” Lin laughed. “You are very talented. How about I accept you as an apprentice?” Huo Mingchi shook his head and refused. He said, “I’m just interested in playing.” Lin narrowed his eyes, “a lot of people who have just entered the race circle say that, but then..” He touched his chin, turned his face sideways and motioned for the man to sit in. “Get in the car, newcomer. When you enter the circle, you will regret missing today’s opportunity.” “Is it?” Huo Mingchi smiled. He knew Lin’s character. The more indifferent he was, the more energetic the other side would be. On the contrary, if he promised too easily, the other side would lose interest in teaching. If Lin’s nominal and non-nominal apprentices lined up, it was estimated that they could make a big circle around the Promilan stadium. This car God, who has no moral integrity, often teaches others according to his own mood. Those who are spiritual can make rapid progress by listening to him casually. Those who are not spiritual have been squatting in front of his house and kneeling for guidance. Lin is too wanton, wanton to the point of lawlessness. He himself is the law, and the polar circle of the marginal stars is his heaven. The more such a person, the more he likes to find excitement from new people and things. I believe that in the next few days, without Huo Mingchi’s special request,Magnesium Oxide price, the car God will pull out his precious racing car one by one to show him. What Huo Mingchi wants to seize is this fresh period, gain the trust of the car God, and pave the way for his future days of borrowing venues and vehicles to practice. stargrace-magnesite.com


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