Who is the master of ups and downs (also known as: life lost

Lin Feng was embarrassed to scratch his head and agreed, so the two men rushed to their home in northern Jiangsu like the downwind of passers-by’s frequent looks. On the other side of the emergency scene, the ambulance finally arrived late because of the traffic jam. Several emergency workers jumped out of the car and were surprised to see the injured lying on the ground. Then they were furious: “Don’t you know that unless there is an emergency, such as a car about to explode, it is not allowed to carry the patient at will without a professional?”? If there is a good or bad victim, who will be responsible for it? Seeing that the wounded man was covered with silver needles, he directly thought that it was a smelly doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who thought he was smart enough to show off there. He angrily rebuked: “Who pricked this needle at random? Don’t you know that traditional Chinese medicine is a lie?” As soon as he finished speaking, he wanted to pull out the silver needle on the injured person. At this time, a doctor in a white coat stopped him. Originally, he wanted to see which blind person hindered him from rescuing the patient. As soon as he turned around and saw Wang Tao, the doctor in charge, he immediately put on another face. Of course, because of the mask that covered half of his face, his face did not disgust others. Wang Tao didn’t care about Jiang Jian. He just stared at the needle stuck in the injured person’s body. While sending someone to quickly transport the injured person to the car, he said to the crowd of onlookers: “Where is the master who gave the needle to this injured person?” Someone in the crowd said, “The man has gone, but let us take a message to the emergency personnel,whirlpool hot tub, saying that when the operation is performed, we will ask the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in the hospital to pull out the silver needle.” “Mmm.” Wang Tao noncommittal nodded, heart is a little lost, although he is a doctor of western medicine, but he is really very awe for his motherland’s Chinese medicine, so usually his leisure time is in the Chinese medicine book, have time to listen to the Chinese medicine master’s lecture,whirlpool bathtub, have to say every time let him feel a lot, and in those masters will have a kind of everyone’s noble righteousness, It makes him feel small. So when he first saw the needle on the injured person, there was a faint feeling that the needle was not from the hands of mortals, which made him eager to know the needler. But now is not the time to think about this, now the first thing is to treat the injured. After entering the operating room, Wang Tao’s guess was right. To be exact, Wang Tao also looked down upon this line of needlers. After seeing the silver needle, the old expert in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the hospital turned from anger to doubt at the beginning and finally kept saying: “Absolutely, absolutely, this 12-inch needle in one hand is used to renew life by 12 inches!” Wang Tao murmured, “Renew your life!” Then the eyes under the frame were even bigger. How can you live on ten twelve-inch silver needles alone? I believe no one will not know what this means in first aid. Of course, outdoor spa manufacturers ,China spa factory, it is absolutely impossible for Lin Feng to know what happened in the emergency room. Besides, people don’t have time to take care of this now. He is now facing a more severe test for him than this. Subei originally thought that his father and mother were not at home, but who knew that when he opened the door and looked at each other, it was too late for Lin Feng to escape. In addition, Lin Feng was now naked, and there were suspicious bloodstains on their bodies. It was really a hundred mouths that could not be said clearly. Why don’t you get your ass in here, two little brats? Subei’s father is a very dignified person, this roar scared two people goose bumps immediately drilled out of the skin. But Lin Feng also knew Su’s father’s temper, and he was not a spineless person, so he seemed to have made up his mind, from behind Subei to the front, Subei looked at him worriedly, he returned a soothing smile. Although the parents of both sides know about the two of them, but because both of them are usually at school, it does not hinder the eyes of the parents, and the parents of both sides think that the children are not sensible and do not feel too relieved, but according to today’s situation, it seems that these parents think too well. Subei’s mother looked like a typical housewife. She was obviously more helpless than Su’s father in the face of a sudden situation. But after all, the child was her own child. She also knew that her husband had done nothing, and there was blood on their bodies. She did not know what had happened, so she patted her husband on the back as much as possible. “Hello, uncle and aunt.” Before Lin Feng could say hello, Father Su said angrily again, “What a fart!” Lin Feng could only stand awkwardly in the doorway, but he did not give up. He said, “Uncle, aunt, I am Lin Feng. I am Subei’s boyfriend.” As soon as he said this, the old gentleman didn’t scold anything. Subei turned his eyes and took Lin Feng by the hand and said, “I just like him. If you don’t agree, I’ll..” “Just, just what?”? Ah? Little beast, you were born and raised to talk to your parents like that? Father Su looked angrily at the round stool. Subei was startled and curled his lips and said, “I’m just crying for you!”! Why are you so angry? Besides, I’ve been out of the closet with you before. I haven’t seen your reaction before. Why now? Father Su listened to his words and suddenly stopped talking. After a few minutes, he laughed and said, “Good!”! Since you’re so insistent, I’d like to see what you’re picking up. Lin Feng and Subei did not know why, and even Su’s mother looked at her husband doubtfully. Father Su went on to say, “Didn’t our family plan to have a family trip? Then my colleagues all said they wanted to go together. I was embarrassed to refuse. I thought I would come back and show them the book of tourist attractions in the afternoon when I had nothing to do. Who knew I met these two smelly boys..” Lin Feng and Subei knew that Su’s father’s anger had come out again without looking at the tone. They could only continue to listen to Su’s father’s words: “Now I’ve decided to go with us on this trip. I’d like to open my eyes and take a good look at what abducted my only son. Humph!” The more I thought about Su’s father,jacuzzi bath spa, the more the fire was burning. Su’s mother had been worried about the bloodstains on their bodies. She couldn’t control anything at the moment. She took Subei’s bloodstained hand directly and said, “Beibei, what’s going on?”? Why is there blood all over your body? 。 monalisa.com


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