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The ancestral amulet of ice was suspended in front of Lin Dong. He couldn’t help but take a look at the ancient ancestral amulet, which seemed to be able to freeze even heaven and earth. He immediately turned his eyes to the magic shadow that swelled to the limit, and a sneer appeared at the corners of his mouth. Want to escape? I’m afraid it’s not that easy! rq Chapter 1192 crash. Chapter 1192 as soon as the ancestral amulet of ice arrived, Lin Dong did not hesitate at all. With a flick of his fingers, the ancestral amulet turned into a cold light and was thrown directly into the huge ancient array of heaven and earth in the sky. Hum. And when the ancestral amulet of ice was also thrown into the array, the ancient array of Qiankun suddenly burst into a brilliant light, and the degree of energy was almost doubled and doubled. Ah! And with the help of these three ancestral amulets, I saw that the body of the magic shadow expanding to the limit was actually compressed back, the light shone on his body, the magic gas quickly faded, and the shrill screams were endless. It’s not so easy to kill the king! At this time, the shadow is also aware of the threat of death, immediately angry roar, crazy surge of magic gas, unexpectedly is living to shake open the countless rays of light some. Lin moves the facial expression to be indifferent, the handprint fierce change, immediately has the low shout sound to ring out: “Three extremely exterminate the demon!” ” Whew! Three rays of light, suddenly burst out from the ancient array of heaven and earth, these three rays of light, showing black, silver, blue tricolor luster, seemingly small, but it is the condensation of pure to the extreme power of the ancestral amulet. The light appeared in three directions,endless swimming pool, sweeping down from the shadow, and then the light spread out, which turned out to be a huge triangle of Huawei, blocking the shadow. In the three sides of the triangle light array, there are three ancient runes emerging, and a vast ancient power permeates the air. Hum! Triangle light array, see endless black awn, thunder, cold gush out,endless pool swim spa, that monstrous evil gas quickly faded, and the light triangle, is also shrinking at an alarming rate. And as the light triangle shrinks, the magic shadow sealed in it also begins to shrink rapidly, and the roar of anger resounds crazily. Lin move eyes indifferent, eyes tightly staring at the rapidly shrinking light array, just a dozen familiar, that originally as high as thousands of feet of magic shadow, is only the size of Zhang Xu. Destroy the demons! At this moment, Lin Dong’s fierce eyes suddenly flashed, only to see the triangle of light array, fierce explosion, the surging magic gas, crazy disappearance, desperate screams, is also sounded. Boom! The indescribable shock wave swept away from the air, and the dark space was completely shattered, jacuzzi manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, and the evil spirit that filled the air disappeared at this time. Puff. Lin move is also affected by that kind of impact, immediately throat is a sweet, a mouthful of blood spurted out, the body shot out, immediately behind a soft came, a cold jade hand against his back, to stop it down. Lin moved to wipe the blood from the corners of his mouth and turned his head to look at the pretty face that was close at hand. Both of them breathed as if they were clearly touchable. They looked at each other. On the pretty face that was as white as jade, a touch of red clouds flew on it. Are you all right? Ying Huanhuan whispered. Lin Dong nodded, and then cast his eyes into the distance. The evil spirit of this space had all dissipated. At this time, in the dark space, there was a beam of light coming in, expelling all the darkness. The guy’s dead? Ying Huanhuan’s beautiful eyes were also swept away, but he did not see the existence of the magic shadow. He couldn’t help asking at once. Not dead yet, these demons are really not easy to deal with. Lin shook his head and immediately made a move with his palm, only to see that a beam of light fell down from the ancient array and finally fell into his hands. It was a triangular crystal the size of a palm, but at this time, in that crystal, there was a group of magic gas winding, faintly, those magic gas, seems to have turned into a black bead the size of a longan. What is this Seeing this, Ying Huanhuan said with some surprise. A very good thing. Lin moved to smile, this bead is the product of the previous compression of the true king to the extreme, in which the consciousness of the true king has been erased, and what is left is a violent energy to the extreme. Although this energy can not be absorbed at all, but later if you meet a strong enemy, this energy will be released, that power, hey, even Lin move to think about it all feel a little terrible. Lin moved his palm, put away the beads sealed in the triangular crystal, and then his mind moved, and the ancient array of heaven and earth in the sky slowly dispersed, and finally turned into a ray of light sweeping into his body. At the same time as the light array dispersed, the three rays of light were swept down and turned into three ancient ancestral amulets. Here, your amulet of the ancestor of ice. Lin Dong put the devouring amulet and the thunder amulet into the [body], and then handed the ice amulet to Ying Huanhuan. He looked at the ice amulet more, and his eyes were curious. Among the eight amulets, except for the two amulets in his [body], he had only seen the flame amul and the ice one. When Ying Huanhuan saw Lin Dong’s curious eyes, she held her ice-blue hair in her ear and said with a faint smile, “If you like it, I’ll give it to you.” “You’re so generous that you really think it’s Chinese cabbage.” When Lin Dong heard this, he couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile. He was the only one in the world who could send out this kind of thing. But naturally, he couldn’t accept it. He immediately handed over the Ancestor of Ice and said, “Only you can bring the power of the Ancestor of Ice into full play. I, whether I can subdue it or not is a matter of two words, and it’s too valuable.” I accept it- Ying Huanhuan was noncommittal, and when she saw that Lin Dong didn’t mean to take it, she also reached out and took it. With a light fingertip, the ancestral amulet of ice disappeared in her hand. The evil spirit has disappeared, and the Great Wilderness Monument should be restored, right? Lin moved the line of sight to the bottom, where the original bare land,endless swim spa, at this time is more than a lot of lush color, a faint vitality, began to spread in this space. monalisa.com


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